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Urban Youth Ministry Training Library

K-8 After School Curriculum For Faith Based Organizations

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English and Language Arts




Field Trips/Parties

Emotional Health

Current Events

Black and Cultural History

  • Door of Hope: Black History Month Timeline: A descriptive timeline of the related events of Black History month.
  • Black History Month at El Batey Agenda: An agenda of what happens in El Batey, with the assignments going on.
  • AFRO-Americ@ is an amazing site with 4 main sections: Culture, Information (news reports from all over America and the world), history (Black History Museum with interactive web page exhibits), and Kids Zone (see below). This site is aimed at adults and older teens.
  • The African-American Mosaic: A Library of Congress Resource Guide for the Study of Black History and Culture. This web site, aimed at older youth and adults, takes you through history starting with colonization issues as you click through the exhibits. The site has pictures, but also plenty of advanced reading!
  • Encarta Africana is a multimedia encyclopedia that allows students to research people, events, etc. related to Black History. Its features include a timeline and video clips. It is highly recommended for middle and high school students.
  • Hip Hop Kids has a product, "Not Just a Month" CD, that teaches children about African-American history all year, not just in February.
  • The Asian American Experience Presentation: A PowerPoint presentation on Asian-American History, generally focused on discrimination
  • Perspective Worksheet: 
  • Settlers Plan:

Creative Arts

Christian Lesson Plans

Summer Programs

Chocolate Unit: Kindergarten Through 2nd Grade


Chocolate Unit 3rd and 4th Grade

Chocolate Unit 5th and 6th Grade


Chocolate Unit 7th and 8th Grade 



Homework Center Start Up


Ice Breakers


Physical Education




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About the Encyclopedia of Urban Youth Ministry

The following Encyclopedia of Urban Youth Ministry is provided by the Center for Youth Studies.  These articles, covering topics of interest to youth ministers and youth, may challenge and inspire you.

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