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Winthrop and Munchie Talk About Alcohol


Winthrop and Munchie Talk About Alcohol


by Operation Cork, a program of The Joan B. Kroc Foundation (Hazelden Publishing and Educational Services, 1983)


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When Munchie comes in from playing outside, he asks for “a nice cold beer” to drink.  Winthrop takes that opportunity to explain what alcohol is and some of the ways people drink it: in beer, wine, whiskey, and vodka.  This coloring book lets children know that alcohol is a drug and can change how you feel and act.  It stresses the importance of being able to choose whether or not to drink when you are old enough.  It also touches on situations where alcohol can cause problems in families.


Why does FASTEN recommend this resource?


The characters are age-appropriate (5-8 years old) and the pictures provide plenty of room for coloring.  This coloring book presents the dangers of alcohol in a simple, non-threatening way.  It could be used as part of a prevention curriculum or as a take home activity.

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