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Web Resources for Research and Information Concerning Faith-Based Initiatives and Legal Issues



Web Resources for Research and Information Concerning Faith-Based Initiatives and Legal Issues

(Valerie Munson, Eckert Seamans Cherin & Mellott, LLC, 2004)
Through the internet, practitioners and public administrators can find a wealth of information on government-FBO collaboration.

Links to Governmental Organizations

As a part of his faith-based initiative, President Bush created the White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives and established Centers for Faith-Based and Community Initiatives in several federal cabinet agencies with responsibility for social welfare concerns. Web sites sponsored by these organizations provide up-to-date news about the Administration’s efforts as well as information about grant and contract opportunities and training events.

 White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives

 U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services (HHS) Center for Faith-Based & Community Initiatives

U.S.Dept. of Education Center for Faith-Based & Community Initiatives

U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Center for Faith-Based & Community Initiatives

U.S.Dept. of Justice Task Force for Faith-Based & Community Initiatives

 U.S.Dept. of Agriculture Center for Faith-Based & Community Initiatives

U.S.Dept. of Labor Center for Faith-Based & Community Initiatives

Links to Non-governmental Organizations

Several research-oriented organizations across the country collect and post information on faith-based initiatives, covering such diverse topics as:

·         the implementation of charitable choice,
·         comparative studies of faith-based and secular social service deliverers,
·         legislative developments at the federal and state levels,
·         the faith community’s response to new partnering opportunities,
·         the scope and scale of faith-based social service efforts nationwide, and
·         current legal issues, discussions, and pending court cases, among others.


These organizations represent a diversity of viewpoints about faith-based initiatives; some are enthusiastic about government-faith collaboration while others have concerns about its constitutionality. Some of these organizations serve as neutral clearinghouses of information while others are associated with particular advocacy positions. The list of organizations that follows is not exhaustive, but visits to these websites will provide one with a wealth of data and information as well as links to still other agencies with resources pertaining to faith-based social services.  (Rockefeller Institute’s Roundtable on Religion and Social Policy).  The Roundtable is a comprehensive clearinghouse of information; its mission is to provide a full and balanced assessment of the emerging role of faith-based organizations in America’s social welfare system. It conducts original research; summarizes extant and in-progress research by others; tracks the news of the faith-based initiative; and offers policy and legal commentary on developments at the federal and state levels.  (Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life). The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life seeks to promote a deeper understanding of how religion shapes the ideas and institutions of American society. With regard to faith-based initiatives, the Forum is a source of news, publications, and events notices; the Forum also sponsors symposia on issues of government-FBO relations.  (Welfare Information Network). WIN is a clearinghouse for information, policy analysis and technical assistance related to welfare, workforce development and other human and community services. Its website includes a major section on faith-based organizations involved in social service work. (The Program for Research on Religion and Urban Civil Society). CRRUCS scholars have produced well over a dozen research reports on topics ranging from the first-ever detailed, city-wide dataset on social service delivery by urban African-American congregations, to the first-ever comprehensive and systematic review of scientific “faith factor” studies.  (The Center on Faith in Communities). The Center on Faith in Communities provides practitioners and public administrators a variety of research, publications, information and resources regarding faith-based initiatives.  (Hartford Institute for Religion) The Institute offers and articles and research summaries on charitable choice.  (Center for Public Justice). CPJ’s website includes information about the implementation of charitable choice and other related legislative developments. It offers guidance for practitioners and public administrators on navigating government-faith partnerships and provides a nationwide listing of “faith community liaisons.”  (Faith & Community@Work) This website offers resources for faith-based organizations involved in community economic development. (The PolisCenter’s Project on Religion and Urban Culture). The PolisCenterhas conducted research on local FBOs involved in the social services system and offers analysis on the promises and challenges of government-faith collaboration. (Center for Religion and Civic Culture, University of Southern California). CRCC studies the civic role of religion in Southern Californiaand collaborates with congregations, academics, funders, and faith-based organizations in creative ways. CRCC is a broker for new partnerships, an intermediary for the media and faith-based groups, and a catalyst for innovative programs. (Public/Private Venture’s Community and Faith initiative). P/PV has a longstanding interest in the role of religion in urban social welfare. The organization has sponsored a variety of community- and faith-based demonstration projects around the country, and has particularly rich informational resources regarding public-private partnerships aimed at addressing the needs of high-risk youth.  (Becket Fund for Religious Liberty). This organization is a public interest law center and offers information concerning religious freedom issues and pending cases.  (AmericanCenterfor Law and Justice) ACLJ is a public interest law center offering information concerning religious freedom issues and pending cases.

Links to Sites Providing General Legal Resources  (General legislative information) 


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