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Volunteer Tutor Recognition Tips



Volunteer Recognition Tips

(Reprinted from KidREACH After-School Academic Mentoring Manual, World Vision, updated June 2003, p. 26. Used with permission.)

Encouraging tutors to remain year after year can be a very challenging part of the site coordinator's job. Returning volunteers add strength to a tutoring program -- not only can they establish long-term relationships with the children they are working with, but tutors who are happy and find their work rewarding are your best recruiters!

Here are a few suggestions of ways you can let your tutors know how important they are to you and your ministry.

1. Smile and greet them by name when they arrive.

2. Leave candy kisses at the volunteer work sites.

3. Send handwritten holiday notes to volunteers.

4. Ask the volunteer's pastor to recognize them in church.

5. Offer "Volunteer of the Month" awards.

6. Keep track of birthdays and send personalized cards.

7. Create a bulletin board that features pictures and accomplishments of specific volunteers.

8. Invite skilled volunteers to help train new volunteers.

9. Acquire special discount coupons form movie theaters, restaurants, etc. and give them to your volunteers.

10. Ask the students to create thank you cards for each tutor.

11. Take pictures of the tutoring teams and frame them.

12. Tell them on a regular basis that you appreciate them and the work they are doing.

13. Call them if they're gone a week and let them know they were missed.

14. Put an article about the volunteer in the local newspaper, their alumni publication, or workplace newsletter. 


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