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Victory Christian Fellowship



Victory Christian Fellowship (Lynchburg, VA)


Who They Serve:    Victims of disasters such as fire and flood


What They Do:  Provide temporary housing and assistance, referrals to social service agencies, counseling


Brief Description:  Victory Christian Fellowship has created the Victory House to provide housing and relief to families who experience a personal disaster that leaves them homeless.  When a fire or flood hits a family in the Lynchburg area, a volunteer who works with both Victory Christian and the Lynchburg Virginia Fire and EMS Department responds.  He begins immediately working with the family to assess their needs.  He contacts the Red Cross Disaster Team and whatever other agencies are necessary to meet the family’s immediate needs – usually housing, clothing, and food. 


If the family’s needs exceed the resources of the Red Cross, arrangements are made for the family to move into the Victory House.  While the family is living at the Victory House, volunteers from Victory Christian ensure that the family has all their basic needs met, receive any necessary counseling, and connect with other social service agencies.  Victory Christian is on call 24 hours a day for the family to contact. 


Victory House II is being built currently and will soon be ready to provide relief to more families in need. 


Tip:  Check out their website.

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