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Toolkit for Government-FBO Collaboration


Toolkit for Government-FBO Collaboration

This toolkit features informative resources to orient faith-based practitioners to the issues involved in financial collaboration with government agencies. It includes guidance on fashioning partnerships with government that are fruitful and healthy.


Project Development Tools

“Considering Charitable Choice” (permission pending)
by Eileen Linder (NCC)

This short article provides a helpful orientation to Charitable Choice and briefly references various studies—and differing opinions—on its promise and pitfalls.

“2003 Report on the State of the Law on Government Partnerships with Faith-Based Service Providers”
by Ira C. Lupu and Robert Tuttle

This report provides information that will introduce you to the legal landscape of government-faith collaboration. It includes description and analysis of the key issues, the current Administration’s policies, and the legal and constitutional battles underway.

Web Resources for Research and Information Concerning Faith-Based Initiatives and Legal Issues
by Valerie Munson

Use this directory of website links to connect you to governmental and nongovernmental organizations that offer up-to-date information on faith-based initiatives.

Self Assessment:  10 Questions to Determine Whether your Congregation is Ready to Compete for Public Funding
by David Mills

If your faith-based organization considering whether to seek public funding for your social service program? Use these questions to help you assess whether your organization is ready, and the service is appropriate, for potential government funding.


Project Implementation Tools

Five Keys to Successful Government-Faith Collaboration”
by Amy L. Sherman

These key tips have emerged from assessments of hundreds of government-faith collaborations around the country.

“Q&A on Legal Issues in FBO-Government Collaboration”
by Valerie Munson

In this document, find answers to some of the frequently asked questions about how to navigate the waters of government-faith collaboration.

“Defining Permissible Uses of Government Funds by Faith-Based Service Providers” (from 2003 Roundtable Annual Research Conference Plenary Discussion)
by Ira C. Lupu and Robert Tuttle

This essay helps FBOs to know what they can, and can’t, do with government funds.

“Due Diligence Tips”
by Amy L. Sherman

So you got that government contract. Now what do you do? Here are steps to take to ensure your relationship with government stays healthy.

“Religion-Based Employment Discrimination in Charitable Choice: A Guide for the Perplexed
by John Orr

This article is good background information on applying the Charitable Choice rules to your organization.


Project Evaluation Tools

“In Good Faith: A Dialogue on Government Funding of Faith-Based Social Services”

Based on months of dialogue among a diverse group of policy analysts and practitioners from several different faith traditions, this report includes a listing of points of agreement within the group about principles and effective practices of financial and nonfinancial collaboration. How does your organization’s working relationship with government measure up against these practices?

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