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Student attacking other students in order to steal their Pokemon cards

Fury over pokémon cards has some ready to fold. (1999, December 11). The Boston Globe, p. A20.


This article summarized the craze by noting the arrests of four children from one Philadelphia middle school for attacking other students in order to steal their Pokémon cards. Although schools have banned it from their campuses, attacks are still occurring and cards are still being stolen.

One parent, whose son and some of his friends were robbed of $60 worth of cards, wishes his son wouldn’t trade the cards anymore. " ‘But he insists on having them,’ " the father concedes.


  1. What has led kids to behave in this way?
  2. What can adults do to help them?


  1. Parents are at a loss as to what to do for their children in light of the latest must-have craze.
  2. Further education will help but solid foundations in right and wrong will help kids understand the impact of their actions.

Lee Fletcher cCYS