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FASTEN Standards of Excellence for Volunteers


Standards of Excellence for Volunteers                                                        

(Created by a team from The Boston Project Ministries, People Making a Difference, Pine Street Inn, Park Street Church, and the Emmanuel Gospel Center)


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This tip sheet for volunteers offers questions volunteers should ask themselves before, during, and after a volunteer experience. It offers suggestions, based on scriptural teaching, for how to be a well-prepared, properly motivated, and effective servant.


Why does FASTEN recommend this resource?   


To make the best contribution they can, Christian volunteers should seek to not just ?show up? for service, but equip themselves with the right heart attitude and prayerful mindset so that they will be conscientious, caring contributors to the ministries they serve. This article also stressed the importance of reflecting on one?s volunteer experience, which is an important discipline both for personal spiritual benefit and for offering useful feedback to the ministry served.


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