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Perpetual Help Home


Perpetual Help Home “Christian Women’s Job Corps” (Victoria, TX)

Who They Serve : Un- and under-employed women

What They Do : Provide job and life skills training, mentoring, networking, and support to women in a Christian environment

Brief Description :

Perpetual Help Home and Texas Workforce Solutions have come together in partnership to offer job and life skills training for women who are un- or under-employed. The program provides the training these women need as well as mentoring, transportation, networking, support, and encouragement. Many of the program's clients are ex-offenders, homeless, struggling with substance abuse, and/or victims of domestic violence. In 2004, 93% of the program participants obtained employment, and 25 enrolled in continuing education.

Tip : Both the Florida Jobs Partnership and the Perpetual Help Home are affiliated with national organizations: the National Jobs Partnership and the Christian Women’s Job Corps, respectively. These national groups provide information and training to help local chapters get started.

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CWJC is one of my favorite

CWJC is one of my favorite ministries because it addresses real life need integrated with a vibrant Gospel witness. As I listened to the women give their speeches Saturday afternoon at the graduation ceremony, each of them shared that they had learned so much more than just computer or job interview skills. filtafry , filta fry and filta franchise