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An educating and exhorting ministry for Christian families considering adoption. FamilyLife does not operate as an adoption agency, but rather as a "connecting resource" for families… with information regarding agencies, children, and pre- and post-adoptive support services (medical, financial, and counseling).

Orphan's Hope 
6009 Penn Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN 55419. Tel: 612-270-8878; Toll Free:
1-888-251-2871; Fax: 240-358-2448;

Caring for orphans critical needs on a daily basis.

SOS-KINDERDORF International     
SOS Children's Villages revolve around the effort to give children who have lost their parents or who are no longer able to live with them a permanent home and a stable environment.

Warm Blankets Orphan Care International   
A non-profit Christian mission, dedicated to the rescue of orphans and widows through third world church planting and orphan rescue and care.  




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