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African Studies Center - University of Pennsylvania
School of Arts & Sciences, 255 South 36th Street, 647 Williams Hall, Philadelphia, PA 19104-6305
Tel: (215) 898-6971; Fax (215) 573-7379; E-mail:  
Languages of Malawi 

Friends of Malawi (FOM)
Formed by returned Peace Corps Volunteers in 1987, FOM is a registered non-profit organization whose mission is to support projects and organizations in Malawi in the fields of education, health/human services, agriculture, environment, small business development, etc. FOM also seeks to promote cultural and commercial relations between the people of Malawi and the United States.

Government of the Republic of Malawi 

site features ministries and departments, and official publications.

National Statistical Office of Malawi   
P.O. Box 333, Zomba, Malawi. 
Tel:+265 1524377; Fax: +265 1525130; E-mail:

Nyumba Ya Thanzi

Nyumba Ya Thanzi is a charitable trust that supports Malawian led development initiatives. They hold parties in the UK to raise money for the work their partners are doing in Malawi.


The Nation   
A newspaper in Malawi. Daily news, business and sports from Malawi.

UNDP Malawi  (United Nations Development Programme)   
The Organization aims to promote "democratic governance, poverty reduction, environmental sustainability, gender equity, and mitigating the impact of HIV/AIDS."  


US Central Intelligence Agency World Fact Book 


US Department of State 


World News Network 
News from WN Network about Malawi.