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M-POWER Ministries



M-POWER Ministries (Birmingham, AL)

Who They Serve : Adults who are illiterate

What They Do : Train volunteer tutors to teach adult learners to read

Brief Description :

M-Power Ministries works with the Literacy Council in their Adult Literacy program, which trains volunteer tutors to teach adult learners to read. M-Power has mobilized the faith community in the Birmingham area to go about the mission of decreasing the incidence of illiteracy among adults. A bible lesson is incorporated and tutors are open with their faith so that students of the program receive both educational and spiritual support. Although 25% of Alabamians are functionally illiterate, 80% of adult learners in this program have progressed at least one grade level in reading.

Tip : In Florida , multiple FBOs and congregations have partnered with local community colleges and government agencies to provide adult literacy services. Click here for a 2-page, downloadable brochure noting several effective programs. 

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