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The localization of Japanese music in Asia

Saito, E. (1997, December). Music market: The localization of Japanese music in Asia. Music.


The music industry is growing tremendously; much Western music is venturing into the East. Japan was one of the first countries to adopt music from America and Europe, as Japan became the musical gateway between the East and the West. However, there currently seems to be less of a need for this gateway, for the Japanese are now producing their own music.


Using Japan as a case study, Saito, a music producer, carefully evaluated the trends of the Japanese music industry.


  • Asians want and are gradually making their "own music."
  • The Japanese want their own "original" music.
  • Given the choice people, will choose music of their native tongue.
  • Many singers in Asia are hitting the charts and selling millions.


The international music industry has learned much from the American music business, and many individual countries are producing more of their own music. This explains growing Asian music industry. Music plays a major role in culture: now that many countries are producing their own music, greater native pride may emerge, minimizing musicians’ desires to copy American music.


Youth leaders should become knowledgeable on any ethnic music that appeals to kids within the youth group. Music from many countries will likely grow in popularity across country borders.

Carol Shon cCYS