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  • Total population: 1,029,991,145 (Ranked 2nd in the world by the US Census Bureau).
  • Population density: 799 people per square mile.
  • Children 0-14: 30.3%—69,118,581.
  • Teenage 10-19: 19.4%—44,247,544.
  • Youth 15-24: 19.6%—44,744,048.
  • Seniors Over 70: 2.5%—5,787,909.
  • Male to female ratio: 99.7 males per 100 females.
  • Birth rate: 24.79 per 1,000 people.
  • Life expectancy at birth: 62.98 for males and 64.86 for females.



Beginning age, 4

Duration, 2 years


Beginning age, 6

Duration, 5 years


Beginning age, 11

Duration, 7 years

The Ministry of Education is responsible for the administration of education in India. It has three departments which function in this role: the Department of Secondary Education and Higher Education, the Department of Elementary Education and Literacy, and the Department of Women and Child Development.

In 1998, there were 41,788 pre-primary schools, with 2.8 million students; 610,763 primary (junior basic) schools, with 108.8 million students; 185,506 middle (senior basic) schools, with 39.5 million students; and 102,721 high (higher secondary) schools, with 17.9 million students. Boys made up 55% of the students in pre-primary schools, 56% of the students in primary schools, 60% of the students in middle schools, and 63% of the students in high schools.


There is a major emphasis on improving the overall quality of education in India. This will be partially accomplished through the equitable expansion of educational facilities, and by focusing on the education of girls.

India’s vast population (second only to China in the world) is a constant challenge in terms of education. India’s diverse geography, cultures, and languages are also constant challenges. Equal access to education is one of India’s primary goals.

Illiteracy is a major problem in India. The illiteracy rate in India for those over 15 is over 45%.


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Jonathan Ketcham cCYS