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Handi Vangelism’s "Handi Camp"


Handi Vangelism’s "Handi Camp" reaches the physical, social, and spiritual needs of the physically and mentally handicapped individual.


Many handicapped persons only view many activities in which they might readily participate. With modified activities and trained personnel, there is no reason why a handicapped person cannot enjoy the real fun of sports, crafts, and other fun activities.



With the help of carefully trained staff workers, Handi Camp provides traditional camp activities, including swimming, softball, crafts, fishing, races, campfires, and one-on-one interaction.



Handi Vangelism runs Handi Camps with paid and volunteer staff at various locations in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. For camp information, call (215) 352-7177.




For most people, summers seem short, but if you ask the parents of a handicapped child, they are very long. Thank you_You’ll never know how much it means to us.
—Handi Camper’s father




Handi Camp offers an innovative approach to relational service with the disabled. Additional staff are always needed; the program is volunteer intensive, requiring nearly a 1:1 camper/counselor ratio.

David Lichius cCYS