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Get Teens to Rethink Sex & AIDS

Get teens to rethink sex & AIDS.


Use any of the following ideas to prepare your program:

  • Obtain a current video documentary on AIDS. (Several celebrities have hosted such shows; these may be more effective with your group.) Acquire a VCR and television to show the video. Preview the video and develop some questions to ask the group.
  • Prepare songs, a game, a role play, and/or questions.
  • Coordinate a guest speaker with AIDS to speak and answer questions.


  • Lead some fun songs to relax the atmosphere. Some ideas include the following: "Gilligan’s Island" theme, "Brady Bunch" theme, "Jesus Loves Me", "Jesus is the Rock", and "The All Day Song".
  • An opening game that could be tied into the theme is "telephone". Line up the group. The first person whispers something to the next person; the message is passed one-by-one until all have heard it. The last person repeats aloud what they heard. The message most likely gets twisted through the "telephone" line. Tell the group that if they rely on the grapevine about sex and AIDS, the facts will be distorted.


Use any of the following suggestions for your group’s presentation:

  • Watch the video and discuss it (use the questions you developed when previewing the show). Ask the kids what they thought, and find out what they know or want to know about AlDS.
  • Listen to a guest speaker for a short talk and then allow time for questions and answers.
  • Role play discussing sex and AIDS in different situations such as at school or with family or peers.


Ask the following questions. Be prepared for lively discussion.

  • How could you be better educated about AIDS?
  • Should condoms be given to junior high school students? High school students? College students?
  • Whose job should it be to teach you about sex and AIDS?

Suggest that everyone privately answer the following questions:

  • What stance am I going to take on having sexual intercourse before marriage?
  • How far am I going to go in a physical relationship?
  • If I am already involved in a relationship, how will this session affect my activity?
  • How should I treat my body?
  • How do I move beyond past mistakes?



Remind them that they are loved. Encourage the group that sex is the most intimate, wonderful expression of love between two people. Ask them to reflect on the private questions posed and to seek strength and wisdom in their future decisions.