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”Fundraising” Bookshelf: An Annotated Bibliography



”Fundraising” Bookshelf: An Annotated Bibliography


(FASTEN, 2007)


Resource Type: brief annotated bibliography


Audience: Church and ministry leaders desiring to sample a few helpful books on fund development




·  Fundraising for Dummies by John Mutz and Katherine Murray (For Dummies, 2000)


This is a great, practical resource for anyone needing to fund-raise for a small-scale nonprofit organization.  It provides lots of straightforward advice and is comprehensive enough to be helpful both to the beginner and to the more seasoned non-profit worker.  As is typical for the series, the book manages to be helpful, accessible, practical, interesting, and even funny.


·  Fundraising Fundamentals by James M. Greenfield (Wiley, 2001)


Fundraising Fundamentals is a lengthy and thorough guide to fundraising for nonprofits.  Greenfield includes the philosophy behind much of the guidance he offers as well as practical advice and sample letters, surveys, lists, and charts.  Topics covered include:

o        Developing annual gifts;

o        Fundraising through mailings;

o        Donor renewal;

o        Membership and membership associations;

o        Activities, benefits and special events;

o        Other ways to raise money; and


o        Managing the annual giving program


·  Gala! The Special Event Planner for Professionals and Volunteers by Patti Coons (Capital Books, 1999)


This is a quick, easy-to-read guide to planning a fund-raising event.  Coons provides all the practical steps and ideas necessary – from choosing a cause and appropriate event all the way to writing thank-you notes to participants and sponsors after the event.  It is written for a company or organization that wants to raise funds for a separate charity.  However, most of the information would be helpful for anyone planning a fundraising event, even if they are a part of the charity or ministry the event is for.  Included are sample press releases, invitations, staging guidelines, presentations, and checklists for planning. 


·  Special Events:  Proven Strategies for NPO Fundraising by Alan L. Wendroff (Wiley and Sons, 1999)


Wendroff provides a very thorough a detailed guide to planning special events for nonprofits.  His guidance is very detailed and structured.  According to Wendroff, a highly structured method is the way to make sure your nonprofit’s time, energy and money are worth it.  A successful special event should raise money, update the organization’s mission, motivate board members and donors, recruit new board members and donors, expand the organization’s network, provide marketing for the organization and solicit endorsements for the organization.  And this book explains how to do it all. 


·  The Ask:  How to Ask Anyone for Any Amount by Laura Fredricks (Jossey-Bass, 2006)


This book is a thorough and practical guide to fundraising through in-person requests, the method author Laura Fredricks believes is the best way for any organization to raise money.  Fredricks includes many details and a large amount of information but manages to organize the book to keep it extremely accessible and easy-to-read. Her passion, energy, and solid advice prepare readers both practically and philosophically to ask for money.  Provided in the text are sample scripts for each stage of “the ask” and each type of “the ask,” often with several different examples so readers can choose the one that suits them best.  Fredricks also includes many common fundraising “myths” along the way, calming potential fears and doubts and correcting oft-made mistakes before they are made. 


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