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Fundamentals of Guidance and Counseling

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  1. This is one of several works which describes counseling in the African setting—citing African research and presenting African case studies.



Dean Borgman cCYS


  1. The youth worker—as well as the school guidance counselor, for whom it is intended—can use this book as a reference and handbook.




Appendices include further case studies.


Additionally, six chapters comprise a section related to "Counseling Theories, Instruments, And Information." The final six chapters of the book conclude with "The Counselor and Typical Encounters."


Among the multitude of topics within this book are discussions on "The Changing Psychology of Infants and Adolescents," "Unrest and Indiscipline in Schools," "The Case for University Students," "The Case for Students Going Overseas," "The Old Schools’ Set-Up," "Guidance and Counseling—Definitions," "Overview of Questions and Problems," "Major Components of Guidance and Counseling: Educational, Vocational, Personal, and Psychological," "Modern Guidance in the USA and in Developing Countries," "Effectiveness of Indigenous Practice," and "Problems of Planning and Implementation in Developing Countries."


Counseling in African schools is highlighted in this basic text covering the fundamentals of guidance and counseling. The book includes summaries of psychological studies in the United States and Africa with suggestions for further reading.


Makinde, O. (1984; Low-cost edition, 1987). Fundamentals of Guidance and Counseling

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