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Evangel Temple



Evangel Temple Church’s Compassion Center (Wichita Falls, TX)

Who They Serve: Hurricane Katrina evacuees

What They Do: Transportation, temporary shelter, family reunification, food/meals, trauma counseling, medical care, child care, job assistance, referrals to social services agencies, clothing

Brief Description:

In response to Hurricane Katrina, Evangel Temple Church purchased and furnished a 1.1 million dollar building and created the “Compassion Center”, a family housing facility.  The Compassion Center houses forty families and provides meals, transportation, after-school tutoring, and other social services for the residents.  Partnerships with organizations such as Midwestern State University, Texas Workforce Commission, and 90 corporations provide essential supplies, financial assistance, and volunteers.

Tip:  To learn more about the Compassion Center and take a virtual tour click here!

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