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The Asset Based Community Development Institute - Northwestern University
"The Asset-Based Community Development Institute (ABCD), established in 1995 by the
Community Development Program at Northwestern University's Institute for Policy Research, is built upon research by John Kretzmann and
John L. McKnight. The Institute spreads its findings on capacity-building community development in two ways: (1) through extensive and substantial interactions with community builders, and (2) by producing practical resources and tools for community builders to identify, nurture, and mobilize neighborhood assets."

Centre for Sustainable Community Development
Based out of Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, the Centre's mission is to encourage accountable, sustainable and appropriate community economic development in British Columbia. The CED Centre has accomplished this by provided research, training and advisory services to the CED sector in BC through a team of associates drawn from the University and CED practice.

Chalmers Center for Economic Development

"The Chalmers Center is a research and training initiative of Covenant College that specializes in community economic development. The Center training equips people with practical field-tested strategies that have been carefully developed and refined in cooperation with partnering Christian development agencies and churches worldwide."


CCDA (Christian Community Development Association) 
Large and small intentional communities and community organizations from all over America are brought together in this network for mutual vision and support.

Christians Supporting Community Organizing

CSCO is "a national organization which encourages evangelical, pentecostal and holiness churches to participate in existing local congregation based community organizations."


CLIKS: County-City-Community Level Information on Kids
An initiative of the Annie E. Casey foundation, CLIKS allows users to access state-specific inventories of data from local sources, such as health departments, human services agencies, and schools. CLIKS is e a powerful new tool for community leaders, policymakers, service providers, parents and others who want to take a closer look at the local factors that affect the lives of children and families.




Community Toolbox
One of the most comprehensive websites out there with tools to do community development work well.




Communities by Choice
A great, comprehensive resource on advancing the practice of sustainable development.




The Corporation for National and Community Service  
1100 Vermont Ave. NW, Washington, D.C. 20525 This organization, centerpiece of President Clinton’s national service program, has a mandate to engage Americans of all ages and backgrounds in community-based service. AmeriCorps is one of its programs. The corporation functions as a clearinghouse of information and technical expertise for service initiatives in the U.S. and as a service "venture capitalist," providing funding on a competitive basis for state and national programs.



Emmanuel Gospel Center
A great model organization in Boston, MA. “Dedicated to the vitality of urban churches and communities.”  Check “Ministries and Staff” and “Urban Ministry Resources




Enterprise Development International


EDI works to empower the poor in developing areas by offering business training, providing small loans to poor entrepreneurs with viable business ideas and by mentoring participants through consistant professional and personal encouragement.




A network of faith-based urban organizations—“sharing knowledge, strengthening connections, improving  outcomes." Encourages successful planning, practices, and evaluation of programs. 




Five Talents International
"Based on the parable of the talents (Matthew 25:14-30), Five Talents’ mission is to fight poverty, create jobs and transform lives by empowering the poor in developing countries using innovative savings and credit programs, business training and spiritual development."



National Low Income Housing Coalition

Committed to ending America's affordable housing crisis.



US Department of Housing and Urban Development, Policy Development and Research Information Service

HUD User can be used to obtain research reports about housing and community & economic development, datasets that can be used for original research, HUD income limits and fair market rents, etc.





A valuable resource of CED related links.



Healthy Cities Resource List

Although a bit dated, this online resource of organizations and websites holds numerous valuable links to developing and sustaining healthy communities around the world.



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The Power of New Voices


Faith in Action - The PICO Organizing Model


Christen B. Yates cCYS