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Abortion Changes You


Alan Guttmacher Institute 
111 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10003 -
An independent, nonprofit corporation for research, policy analysis, and public education.


Alternatives Group
1070 S. Santa Fe Avenue, Suite 26, Vista, CA 92084


11235 Southwestern, Chicago, IL 60643


Sterling, VA- Crisis Pregnancy Center-associated


Catholics United for Life
New Hope, Kentucky 40052


Focus on the Family
Colorado Springs, CO 80995-0001


Pearson Foundation
P.O. Box 908, Hardy, AR 72542


Ramah International
A non-profit ministry designed to outline post-abortion sydrome internationally by offering hope of healing to those who had an abortion, minister to those in a crisis pregnancy situation, and educate, equip and encourage those working with post-abortion and crisis pregnancy cases.


Reproductive Service & Adoption Affiliates
109 E. 40th, Austin, TX 78751 - A pro-choice organization.


1480 McGuire Road, Birmingham, Alabama 35216, Phone: (205) 979-0302,
Fax: (205) 979-2270

The National Adoption Information Clearinghouse

 5640 Nicholson Lane, Ste. 300, Rockville, MD 20852. Tel: (301) 231-6512; Fax: (301) 984-8527




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New York, NY: Pilgrim Press. This collection of short articles by various authors addresses issues surrounding abortion.

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. Phillipsburg, NJ: Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing.  Davis discusses important ethical issues from an evangelical perspective.

Fredenburg, Michaelene. (2008). Changed: Making Sense of Your Own or Your Loved One's Abortion Experience

. New York: Perspectives  Many men, women, grandparents, siblings, other family members and friends are seeking to make sense of their own or a loved one's abortion experience. Whether you have personally experienced abortion, someone close to you has, or you are seeking to sensitively and compassionately communicate with others about abortion- this book is a safe place to begin. Changed provides a place that is set apart from politics, from labels, from debate. It seeks to convey the real experiences of real people and offers interactive suggestions to begin the healing process.

Gorman, M.J. (1982). Abortion and the Early Church

. Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity. The book offers detailed accounts of differing views on abortion from varying cultural perspectives.

Hunter, J.D. (1994). Before the Shooting Begins: Searching for Democracy in America’s Culture War

. New York & Toronto: The Free Press of Macmillan.  The author of Culture Wars: The Struggle to Define America (Basic Books, 1991) emphasizes he is not talking merely about conflicts of public opinion, but about "competing moral visions" that shape society and its institutions. He attempts to take us beyond the fire of activism and the barrages of dogmatic critics to real discussion about the moral foundation of pluralistic, urban society. "If the culture war is really a war over first principles of how we will order our lives together, then the only just and democratic way beyond the culture war is through it—by facing up to the hard, tedious, perplexing, messy, and seemingly endless task of working through what kind of people we are and what kind of communities we will live in...(The abortion controversy) not only mirrors the culture war as a whole, it has been a centerpiece of our postmodern politics (the politics of the body) for many years. Abortion remains the knottiest moral and political dilemma of the larger culture war, contested now for more than two decades with little hope of a satisfying resolution...we may discover that the question is not about women versus unborn children, but about what kind of society is it that creates this kind of forced selection to begin with."

Kluger-Bell, K. (1998). Unspeakable Losses: Understanding the Experience of Pregnancy Loss, Miscarriage, and Abortion

. W. W. Norton & Co. This book deals with deep losses that are often minimized.

Kreeft, P. (1983). The Unaborted Socrates

. Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press. The book unites a debate on several major issues surrounding abortion.

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. Washington, D.C.: University Publications of America, Inc. Sponsored by Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Stritch School of Medicine, Loyola University.  In short excerpts from several medical professionals, this book presents scientific information on abortion.

Matthews-Greene, F. (1997). Real Choices: Listening to Women Looking for Alternatives to Abortion

. Conciliar Press. This author attempts a positive approach to the deadlocked debate in helping mothers and babies with compassionate and realistic options.

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Rice, C.E. (1979). Beyond Abortion: The Theory and Practice of the Secular State

. Chicago, IL: Franciscan Herald Press - This work specifically addresses ‘how and why the abortion battle began and the direction it is heading in.’





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