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We <3 Volunteers!!

Volunteering has become somewhat of a phenomenon these days. Of all the fads to come - we say hooray to helping others. Our prayer though is that it transforms from a fad (temporary, fleeting, based on emotions) to a lifestyle (permanent, passion-driven). Here are some fun facts about today's volunteers and benefits of giving a few hours of your time:

-The estimated dollar value of volunteer time in 2006 was $18.77 per hour(Source: National Philanthropic Trust). Imagine how much you're saving that organization/ministry each time you help out - it adds up!!

-Young people volunteered at twice the rate of adults with 55% of young people volunteering, compared with only 29% of adults. (Source: Corp. for National and Community Service)

-Volunteering enhances employability. Volunteering provides the side benefit of a valuable work experience. It is a real opportunity to provide invaluable help while broadening your network of potential references and employers. (

-A youth who has a parent who volunteers is nearly three times more likely to volunteer on a regular basis. (Source: Corp. for National and Community Service)

-Volunteering helps you to discover what color your parachute is. “Discovering the color of your parachute” is the process of exploring your vocational strengths and interests. For those entering the workforce or exploring a career change, volunteering is an excellent opportunity to field-test your interests and discover new abilities. (

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