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Sports coordinator

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Location: Short-term Missions / Volunteer Internship
P.O. Box 1265
Limpopo, 0530
South Africa

Great For: Great for Seniors, Great for Christians
Service Area(s): Sports and Recreation, Legal, Indirectly Serving People, Event Planning, Directly Serving People, Children and Youth Ministry
Hourly Commitment:
Commitment is per:
Number of Positions:


We currently have 32 children in our care. We would love to have someone to organize sports for the children. We have a netball court, a soccer field, cricket equipment and a lot of other things. We want the children to more active, but with supervision and we just don't have the staff to get it done. We even have children that are chosen for sports in the local school, but no one has the time to take them to these events.

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Organizational Statement of Faith:


Short Term Mission Trip Details

Additional Details:

Must have a driver's license. We are looking for single individuals, not necessarily seniors. Must be an active individual who loves children. Length of service is up to you.


Middle Africa, Africa

This cost includes:

We can offer you a room, but you must provide your own food, plus any other personal expenses you have. This is your pocket money, not to be paid to us. We also offer local transportation. You must pay for your own airfare.