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When you have an enemy trying to kill, steal and destroy your life, what does it really take to stay in the game? Tommy Nixon speaks about how important it is to not be so busy with the work for Jesus that you miss Jesus at UYWI National Conference 2017.
#impossible2017 #uywiconference #uywiapp

Cast: UYWI

It's a wrap for the #Manhoodcamp tour 2017, but it doesn't end here! We pray God planted a seed in the hearts of young men to grow through #Discipleship. Take the next step with them with the Dkit (a FREE Discipleship resource) Visit -

Cast: UYWI

Tags: Youth ministry, UYWI, Urban Youth Workers Institute, Discipleship, Dkit, San Diego, Los Angeles, S.A.Y. Play Center, Philly, Oakland, Resources, Youth Pastor, Mentor, Student Ministry, Training, Youth Group and Detroit

The Cypher Spot performs at UYWI National Conference 2017.
#impossible2017 #uywiapp #uywiconference

Cast: UYWI

Tags: Urban Youth Workers Institute, Youth Ministry, National Conference, Urban ministry, UYWI, Felix Event Center, IMPOSSIBLE2017, APU and Discipleship