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Have you ever found yourself too busy for anything except for ‘ministry’? Luma Haddad shares that when it comes to soul care we need to be slow, abide and be so that we can clearly hear what God desires for us. Watch now! #uywiapp #uywitraining #trainingtuesdays #soulcare #youthministry #stumin

Cast: UYWI

Tags: National Conference, John Teter, Student Ministry, Youth Ministry and UYWI

Do you believe that students can be leaders? How can you help take students from spectators to leaders in your ministry? Gabriel Zamora shares what it takes to equip young people to do the real work of ministry that God desires for them. Watch now! #uywitraining #uywiapp #trainingtuesdays #leadershipdevelopment #studentleadership

Cast: UYWI

Tags: UYWI, National Conference, Youth Ministry, John Teter and Student Ministry

In a world of contradictions, what is the importance of truly being a disciple of Jesus? Marvin Daniels shares to be a follower of Christ requires a life with Christ as number 1 and an identity that represents Jesus in the world we live in. Watch now! #uywitraining #uywiapp #trainingtuesdays #discipleship

Cast: UYWI