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Grant Writing Internship

AmeriCorps logo Now accepting resumes for one year internship through AmeriCorps with national Urban Ministry based in Boston.

Other positions include Volunteer Coordinator & Graphic Designer.

Grant Writing Intern Job Description

The Grant Writer is a full time position which is responsible for writing grants, managing existing grants, and assisting with development work with the following duties:

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Why should addicts avoid new relationships with members of the opposite sex in the first year of recovery?

For addicts, real lasting change occurs only after a long and often painful process of self discovery.  Becoming involved in a romantic relationship too early is a sure fire way to short-circuit the process.  It is actually one of the most frequent causes of relapse.

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7 Asian American Christian Philanthropy Examples

Generosity and philanthropy looks different in various cultures. In the USA, we see the prominence of institutional philanthropy through perennial organizations that are staffed for strategic effectiveness. We hear of them mentioned in the news, e.g. Gates Foundation, Pew Charitable Trust, or celebrities making large donations publicly. And they’re acknowledged at the start of PBS […]

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What does Asian American Christian spirituality look like?

Pastor John Shin recently recorded this Facebook Live video about Asian American Culture and Gospel Culture. FB LIVE DISCUSSIONAsian American Culture and Gospel CultureDJ Chuang, Stephen Brown, Jeff Liou, Ben Pun, Caleb AuYoung, Michael Kyung-Tae Kim, Rand Cho, Joe Suh, Wilson Wang, Clarence Chiu, Jacob Cho, Mark Kim, Samuel H. Chung, Tim Pak, Daniel Yang, […]

The post What does Asian American Christian spirituality look like? appeared first on @djchuang.

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The Social Media Transformation of César Sayoc: I disagree

In today’s New York Times, I find an article tracing the evolution of the Trump Supporter’s campaign to kill Democrats from his “normal” Facebook posts, to his “extremist” Twitter account. The article begins:

Until 2016, Cesar Altieri Sayoc Jr.’s life on social media looked unremarkable. On his Facebook page, he posted photos of decadent meals, gym workouts, scantily clad women and sports games — the stereotypical trappings of middle-age masculinity.

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