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Sojourners: Want to know how to choose a president? Read what Jim Wallis has to say:
Sojourners: 81% of young millenials disillusioned about voting
drlizrios: told once "books in your head and on your computer help no one.” Thankfully at last mine is on the way to editor!
drlizrios: “I made a startling discovery. Time spent writing = output of work. Amazing.”
EugeneCho: Enjoyed speaking at Microsoft today. I didn't get a free Surface tablet but did score this beauty! FTW.
HeresLife: RT @pastoremase Just added for the @ThriveInTheCity Summit @MattChandler74 on the "urban Suburban partnerships" panel. Love this dude...
HeresLife: RT @visionnehemiah: Check out the 3 minute video that shares our passion for discipleship in and through the home. …
Sojourners: 13 states have restrictive voting laws - what you can do about it
RELEVANT: Like diving? Like celebrities? Well, you're going to love this new reality show:
HeresLife: "To do justice means to go to places where the fabric of shalom has broken down..." @johnsathercru
RELEVANT: John Cusack joined Peter Gabriel onstage last weekend, holding a boombox over his head. You know what the song was.
Sojourners: Check out @godgrrl blog about her travels in Ethiopia
RELEVANT: Today is the last day to register to vote if you're in CO, FL, OH, NM or PA. Take a few minutes to get your vote on.
HeresLife: Selfish? – Ray Ortlund with a powerful quote via @johnsathercru
HeresLife: RT @impactmove: MEN need MEN:
HeresLife: "The joy of the Lord cannot be contained...the whole earth is full of His glory and this battle’s won" @AnnVoskamp
HeresLife: RT @theResurgence: "'All we know how to do is tell you how to get saved and live right.' That's misrepresenting Jesus." @Lecrae
EugeneCho: @outontour Hang in there, bro. As long as we learn...
HeresLife: Ten Ways to Inhibit Innovation - @HarvardBiz via @johnsathercru
RELEVANT: So "Community" isn't coming back this Friday after all. And nobody knows when it will come back. Streets behind.
LittleLightsDC: CCDA Reconciliation -
RELEVANT: For what may be the first time in centuries, Protestants are no longer the majority of Americans:
EugeneCho: In addition to speaking abt philanthrophy, I will tell these Microsofters: "Get your act together. You're getting served by *oogle & *aple."
RELEVANT: Throughout the Bible, people's names are infused with significance. And what God calls us today matters too.
Sojourners: What percent of US Adults have no religious affiliation?
HeresLife: In general, to 'do justice' means to live in a way that generates a strong community where human beings can flourish--implied by Tim Keller
EugeneCho: Honored to be at Microsoft today to speak at a group charity luncheon. Empire or not...they are one of the most generous companies I know.
HeresLife: 'No Religion' Is Increasingly Popular Choice For Americans: Pew Report via @HuffPostRelig
rudycarrasco: Rudy's notes for October 2012 -
EugeneCho: "Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, give up..." ~ Winston Churchill | #BeTenacious #Persevere #Overcome
ChristineSine: I will share reflections and prayers on this theme during Advent. If you would like to help please let me know.
ChristineSine: Getting ready for Advent, do you want to join? Can We Wait As Children Wait? via @wordpressdotcom
RELEVANT: Mythbusters tackles a question that has plagued us since the '90s: Could Rose have saved Jack at the end of "Titanic?"
EugeneCho: Making mistakes suck. Not learning from mistakes suck the most. Limit the suckitude. Learn. Grow. Move on. Be wiser.
ChristineSine: Lord Jesus Christ Let your peace settle in our hearts, Let your love bind us together, Let your compassion flow...
jeremydelrio: So excited 2 celebrate achievement & honor Alphabet City's A public @NYCSchools @Abounding_Grace inspired @2020schools
jeremydelrio: RT @Abounding_Grace: Celebrating Achievement: Honoring Alphabet City's "A" School
RELEVANT: What's your own personal favorite meal to make at home? #qotd
HeresLife: The LORD upholds all who are falling and raises up all who are bowed down.
HeresLife: Register for Thrive today at ....make sure you're there...
HeresLife: Slavery, Historical Heroes, and “Precious Puritans”
HeresLife: RT @JackieEHill: "We love kudos but we don't like rebuke tho." - @TripLee116
HeresLife: Freedom In Smallness: "smaller we become, the freer we will be" – Tullian Tchividjian
HeresLife: Do Justice. Love Mercy. Walk Humbly.
ChristineSine: O Lord, Into the night of stars I go... Walking the path of silence, to sleep and perchance, to dream. Be...
drlizrios: “Always, everywhere God is present, and always He seeks to discover Himself to each one”― A.W. Tozer, The Pursuit of God
drlizrios: RT @RickWarren Stop listening for a voice and start looking for a verse. He's already spoken. /pow!
drlizrios: RT @RickWarren: Words can be used to complain or to change something.Your choice.
HeresLife: RT @matt_mccomas @ryansather @HeresLife haha! good recruiting. :)
HeresLife: RT @MamaBrown: @EvangelistMatt @SurrenderJoe just gave a shout out to @IgniteLive at The Gathering! Please be praying for this gathering!
HeresLife: RT @impactmove: Be an EARLYBIRD! Register with $75 deposit by 10.11.12 and get the $279.00 rate!
HeresLife: RT @nicklaparra: My buddy @MattPerman writes great posts on productivity. Here's a good one on setting up your desk:
EugeneCho: Love this. -> Benefit show feat. @jennysimmons of Addison Road, @Jonathan_at_ONE, & @KellyRanck at @QCafe on 10/19. -
EugeneCho: Leaders, causes, churches, & organizations should NEVER revel in the trials of other leaders, causes, churches, & organizations. Never.
EugeneCho: RT @worldvisionacts: Name your price for exclusive music AND give water to communities in need. You need to get in on this: ...
HeresLife: @CrumpII @pastoremase @CarlEllisJr @drtonyevans @CrawfordLoritts : cannot wait to get to Philly--join us! @thriveinthecity
HeresLife: When the gospel actually sinks in, we change.....Ray Ortlund
HeresLife: Without the cross as the reference point, we have no hope for lasting, genuine change.
HeresLife: “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me." Mt 25:40