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Trafficking in Persons: A Guide for Non-Governmental Organizations


Trafficking in Persons: A Guide for Non-Governmental Organizations

by the Women’s Bureau of the U.S. Department of Labor in collaboration with the U.S. Departments of Justice, Health and Human Services, and State.

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This guide from the U.S. Government offers relevant and practical information for non-governmental organizations seeking to learn more about human trafficking. 

Topics include:

    • What is trafficking in persons?
    • What do we know about human trafficking victims in the United States?
    • Are there federal laws that prohibit trafficking in persons?
    • What are the services and benefits for which victims of trafficking may be eligible?
    • Is there any immigration relief available for victims of trafficking who lack immigration status in the United States?
    • Can victims of trafficking legally work in the United States?
    • What are some sources of help for victims of trafficking?
    • How can the U.S. Government help you assist victims of trafficking?
    • How can victims receive assistance if they are not proficient in English?
    • How can you assist the U.S. Government in working to eliminate human trafficking?

Why does FASTEN recommend this resource?

This booklet is less of an overview and more of a guide for how to deal with specific situations and answer specific questions.  The guide is very thorough and includes the latest statistics and facts from all departments of the government. The sections on victim assistance; the help that different departments of the government can provide; immigration; and additional resources are very practical.


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