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The Top Ten Business Tech Trends for the 21st Century

One of the greatest pieces of advice I ever received was to “follow the trends”. Following the trends helps one not to get caught up in our immediate circumstances, but carefully and prayerfully consider the future. Below are the Top 10 trends for the 21st Century according to the Institute for Global Futures. I think these trends will affect the church and ministry as a whole. If we fail to see what is coming ahead, we will not be able to serve our congregations, clients and/or customers. In our zeal to hold onto tradition, we may be making organization obsolete. If Jesus was on earth today, he would not have used the metaphor “Fishers of Men”. Frankly, He would have been called us to develop “Facebook Friends of Many” or called us to have over a million followers on Twitter. From the trends below the most critical one is #10. We in ministry must be able and willing to “renew our minds”. I have found that not only do we in the Church NOT celebrate innovations in technology…we revolt against it. Our orthodoxy can change without diluting the message that Christ Lord. The challenge sounds daunting, but we “can do all things through Christ”. I suggest that you go over the trends below and then get together with your staff, friends and congregation. Just think of the possibilities your ministry if you used, for instance, the convergence of TV, computer and the net in your ministry or meet the needs of the community with “Real-time agility”? The Top Ten Business Tech Trends for the 21st Century 1. Managing the convergence of 21st-century Power Tools-computers, networks, biotech, and nanotech-will create the highest yield market opportunities for future business. 2. Shaping customer relationships and enhancing customer satisfaction through the use of technology innovation will be business-critical for every enterprise. 3. Every business that wants to survive in the future must learn to evolve into an E-business: communicating, servicing, distributing, and marketing on the Net. 4. The convergence of the TV, computer, Net, and telephone will result in new business models, markets, and electronic channels that will revolutionize business. 5. The social impact of leading-edge technology on a longer-living, digitally savvy, globally connected marketplace will provide many new opportunities. 6. Real-time agility-how fast an enterprise can embrace leading-edge technology-will determine the efficiency, speed, and cost-effectiveness of its operations. 7. High-performance education about leading-edge technology solutions will become a central strategy for all companies. 8. Managing rapidly emerging technological change within an organization will be one of the central capabilities for everyone across the enterprise. 9. Technology-enabled products and services that incorporate deep customer contact, on-demand choices, and intuitive interaction will drive business success. 10. Learning to celebrate technology innovation, risk taking, and out-of-the-box thinking will be business-critical for the 21st-century enterprise. Resource: Institute for Global Futures -