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Toolkit for Social Service Organizations

Toolkit for Social Service Organizations


by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (Rescue and Restore Campaign)

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Some social service providers are a first point of contact for victims of human trafficking.  The Department of Health and Human Services has assembled relevant fact sheets, presentations, and print materials specifically for people working in the social service industry who might come in contact with these victims. 


The toolkit includes:

    • Tips for Identifying and Helping Victims of Human Trafficking
    • Screening Questions to Assess Whether a Person is a Trafficking Victim
    • Understanding the Mindset of a Trafficking Victim
    • Communicating with Victims of Human Trafficking
    • PowerPoint Presentation for Social Service Providers
    • Social Service Provider Posters (2)
    • Social Service Provider Brochure
    • Social Service Provider Pocket Card

Why does FASTEN recommend this resource?

This is a unique resource specifically targeted to the social service profession.  The tips for identifying and helping trafficking victims, as well as the explanation of the mindset of a victim, provide a quick introduction to human trafficking.  The posters, brochure and pocket card are useful and the PowerPoint presentation is easily adaptable. 

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