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TechMission Real Impact Stories

Jeff Kolsch's Story: Loving the Poor


Jeff Kolsch knew he wanted to work in Christian ministry helping the poor, like at a rescue mission. After becoming the director of Donor Relations at the NYC Rescue Mission he found out City Vision College was part of AGRM. He thought it’d be helpful to enroll in order to further his education and continue his work in a field he loves. Like most people who enroll, he was attracted to CVC’s course material on rescue missions, it was affordable, and it was online. He graduated with a B.A. in Missions, Administration, and Operations.

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Jonathan Musgrove's Story: Hands-On Training Was 'Essential'


Two years ago, in the beginning of 2010, Jonathan Musgrove was abusing drugs and alcohol on a daily basis. He remembers, “I sacrificed everything to stay high.” His unstable lifestyle brought him to isolation: “My fiancé and son required too much of me, so I left. My parents couldn’t handle my deceitfulness, and they kicked me out.” Basically homeless, six months into the year, he stepped into Scranton Rescue Mission for a meal. Here, he encountered God’s love and faithfulness, and, after speaking with a chaplain, heard about the Mission’s residential recovery program. Since joining the program, Jonathan says, “God has radically transformed my life. He snapped my addictions, restored family relationships, and forgave all of my sins.” Then a year later in 2011, he felt God’s call to join City Vision’s internship program, where he’d be interning at Keystone Rescue Mission Alliance.

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Michelle Smith's Story: Internship Has Been 'Amazing'


If there was one thing Michelle Smith really needed, it was more time. Before her internship at City Vision, she worked full-time as a Collections Officer while at the same time raising a son. Her job required her to commute long miles and work late nights and weekends. She said, “It was very difficult for me being a mother, wife, and working full-time with part-time pay, having to commute on a daily basis driving over 50 miles one way to work and back home.”

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Angie Estevez's Story: City Vision Degree Gave Her Confidence


Angie Estevez first heard about City Vision’s Bachelor’s degree program as she was finishing up her Associate’s degree. After working 11 years in law enforcement, she wanted new direction in life, but she wasn’t sure what to major in – but she knew she was passionate about urban ministry.  Her ultimate goal was to obtain a Master’s degree, and the online format and cost-effectiveness of City Vision’s program would enable her to receive a Bachelor’s degree at a faster pace.

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Tamiko Cuellar's Story: Business- and Ministry-Minded


Tamiko Cuellar previously worked in the financial planning industry where she advised people about their finances, investments, and insurance. She admits she is “business-minded” and she knows she is called “to impact the business arena for the Kingdom of God.” At the same time, she wanted to continue to learn more about ministry. This led her to her decision to enroll at City Vision College.

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Brian Ostertag's Story: From Homeless to Helper


Brian Ostertag graduated with a B.A. in Addiction Studies from City Vision College (CVC). Not long before, he was homeless and lived near an Association of Gospel Rescue Missions (AGRM). One morning, he went in to the AGRM for breakfast and the man at the door told him about one of its programs. That night, at a chapel service, an invitation to join the program was announced. He entered the program that night.

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Francisco's Story

I was born in Santiago, Dominican Republic. Community was a very important value in that life there. When I was seven, my mother, sister, aunts and uncles came to live in New York City. I learned English fairly easy and was student of the month every month. When I was 11 we moved to Lynn, MA for an easier life. Lynn was anything but that.

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Emma's Story

One life changing experience I had as an AmeriCorps member came one day as I was hanging out in the art classroom after school. I was working on an i-Movie project for the art students and talking to some of the kids who came to hang out. Around 4 PM, one of the students who was in the gallery space came over and said he had something to show me. He led me into the gallery space and I was greeted by a group of 4-5 male students who were gathered together in a circle. Their faces were somber, two of them still had tears in their eyes.

The boys were gathered as part of a group of artists, rappers, and creative dreamers who wanted to make a pact to change their school. They had a vision for creating a studio, having mass concerts, and promoting

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Sarah's Story: Transformed by Urban Ministry


Sarah Park graduated from City Vision College in 2010 with a degree in Addiction Studies. The knowledge and experience she gained from City Vision applies to her work today at Lemuel Shattuck Hospital, located in Boston, MA where she's currently a Case Manager. Many of the hospital's patients are from under-served populations, especially the homeless and drug addicts.

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Corey's Story: Better Equipped to Serve the Inner City

Before Corey Hicks' enrolled in City Vision College, he received an Associates degree in Biblical Studies from the School of Urban Missions. He eventually heard from a friend about City Vision, and he was attracted to the college's practicality and hands-on experience that was necessary for him to become an effective urban minister. He later graduated from City Vision and received a degree in Missions in 2008.

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Shawna's Story: Grateful for City Vision's Real-Life Experiences

Shawna’s Story: Grateful
for City Vision’s Real-Life Experiences

Shawna Fitz received a Certificate in Missions from City Vision College and graduated in 2009. Originally in the Addiction Studies program, she switched to Missions because it conveyed what she wanted to do - charitable work with Christ at the center.
What she loves most about City Vision is the internship requirement. Not only do they provide the knowledge students need to be effective in urban ministry, but they give you the chance to serve people in various organizations and ministries in the US and Canada.

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