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TechMission Regional Programs (Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Denver)

TechMission Regional Programs (Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Denver)

The TechMission Regional Hubs is a regional hub of Christian technology programs in the greater Boston area providing services in the following three areas:

  • After school programs serving at-risk children by integrating technology in their after school programs to provide them with a safe environment that encourages academic, social and spiritual development.
  • Teen programs serving at-risk youth by providing academic support, college readiness, technology training and spiritual development.
  • Computer classes for workforce development offering youth and adults in at-risk communities a range of courses from computer basics to specialized
    certifications, enabling them to get computer skills to make a living and a spiritual foundation to make a life.

While each of these sites are independently operated by Christian organizations, TechMission Boston supports their technology programs in the following ways:

  • Providing staffing through funding of program sites and through providing work-study staff to support computer centers.
  • Recruiting and training volunteers to assist with technology programs through tutoring, mentoring, teaching and assisting in computer classes.
    Supplying computer equipment including both new equipment and used donated equipment.
  • Providing program models and curriculum to sites to enable them to effectively integrate technology into their existing programs.

In addition, TechMission Boston sites also receive the training, resources and community benefits of AC4 membership.

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