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Personality, Vocation, and Calling


Vision for the Christian Social Graph

Executive Director Andrew Sears outlines a "Vision for the Christian Social Graph".

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Shawna's Story: Grateful for City Vision's Real-Life Experiences

Shawna’s Story: Grateful
for City Vision’s Real-Life Experiences

Shawna Fitz received a Certificate in Missions from City Vision College and graduated in 2009. Originally in the Addiction Studies program, she switched to Missions because it conveyed what she wanted to do - charitable work with Christ at the center.
What she loves most about City Vision is the internship requirement. Not only do they provide the knowledge students need to be effective in urban ministry, but they give you the chance to serve people in various organizations and ministries in the US and Canada.

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Black Youth Aspirations

Simons, J. (1997, March 24). Impossible Dreams.U.S. News and World Report

, pp. 46-52.

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CVC 406 Session 1 An Introduction to “Theology of Work”

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Year End Letter from the Dean of City Vision College


 Written by:                                Fletcher L. Tink, Academic Dean

City Vision College: New Face, New Opportunities”

On January 1st, 2008,  Rescue College died!

No, not really!   It merely went through a transformation, a metamorphosis much like a caterpillar that emerges from the cocoon as a butterfly, awkwardly stretching its wings for new life under the altered identity of City Vision College.

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Pastors, Porn, and the Blazing Grace Seminary

 Pastors, Porn, and the Blazing Grace Seminary

by Mike Genung

“But I know you, that you do not have the love of God in yourselves.”
John 5:42

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