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The Blazing Grace Radio Show

The Blazing Grace Radio Show

        The Blazing Grace Radio show is Jayson Graves of Healing for the Soul and Taff Wennik of Legend Counseling taking on the topic of sex and porn addiction with brutal honesty, a little bit of humor and tons of blazing grace. Jayson and Taff are Christian therapists who specialize in helping those who struggle with sex addiction and/or unwanted Same-Gender Attractions.

       You can listen to the program by podcast via iTunes® here. (iTunes software is required.) The show is listed as "Blazing Grace Radio Show" under
Religion & Spirituality/Christianity. 

        All shows are also available for download in the MP3 format. First click on the name of the show you would like to download. Then click on the link on the upper-right hand corner of the screen to log in to the site. Finally, right click the download link, then "save target as", and save it to your hard drive. The file for each program is approximately 13 megabytes.

     You're welcome to partner up with us and sponsor the Blazing Grace radio show in your city, whether in the U.S. or abroad. The show is now broadcast in South Africa on Impact Radio 103FM (

                Feel free to use this banner to promote the show on your website

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April 28, 2009  - Objectifying
April 28, 2009  - Skimas
April 27, 2009  - Interview with Jayson Graves and Taff Wennik
April 27, 2009  - Interview with Michael Genung
March 26, 2009  - This is Your Brain on Joy: Dr. Earl Henslen Interview Pt1
March 26, 2009  - This is Your Brain on Joy: Dr. Earl Henslen Interview Pt2
February 13, 2009  - Stupid About Men: An Interview with Deborah Dunn Pt1
February 13, 2009  - Stupid About Men: An Interview with Deborah Dunn Pt2
January 06, 2009  - Marriage: What Really is It?
January 06, 2009  - Healing that Father Wound: Empathy & Reconciliation


  ©Copyright 2005 Mike Genung 
  All material in this website may be reprinted for personal, church or ministry use.     
  No reprints for commercial use without written permission.
  Blazing Grace Ministries, Colorado Springs, CO 80920 

Adolescents in theatre: Subculture infiltration

Dagley, K. (1997, Spring). "Adolescents in theatre: Subculture infiltration." S. Hamilton, MA: Center for Youth Studies.


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How To Build A Studio (Sean McDonald 09-10)

Member Name: Sean McDonald aka StRo "The New Jack"

Service Site: Salvation Army

Site Location: Compton, CA

Project Description:

Sean McDonald spent his first service year with the Salvation Army in Compton, California.  At the Salvation Army, Sean initiated the construction of a music studio as a tool for teaching youth about music.

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Community arts

Community arts

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