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Volunteers and Intern are needed to work with poor children in Uganda

 Victorious Children's Ministries (VCM) is a non-profit organisation and is a registered by the government of Uganda has a communtiy Bassed Organisation (CBO) VCM wants to help children realized and obtian their full potential in life. Vcm wants to give the children the tool and to ensure that they will be able to reintegrate in their community has health,happy,responsible and independent adults.

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Please do pray for our ministry

Welcome, Volunteers!
Medical, educational, and, agricultural volunteer opportunities in India with Christian

organization and Christian ministry.

Are You Interested in using your earned skills and God-given gifts to change lives in

other countries?

If you are a citizen of another country and you are going to visit India and if you

wanted to make your trip valuable please do visit our website at

If you are an American citizens who volunteer overseas and if your are a christian

organization who wants to tie up with another christian ministry in India please do mail

us our email id :, we really wanted to be friends with
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Essay on Intercultural Adoption


For this topic discussion, a personal essay, complemented with helpful expert information, is provided to describe the experience and motivations of one family participating in an intercountry adoption.



Not flesh of my flesh

Nor bone of my bone

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Kibera Evangelical Orphan Group

Kibera Evangelical Orphan Group in Kibera Laini Saba,

Nairobi, Kenya.

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Between 80% and 90%

 The other morning in our Sunday morning worship service a guest speaker provided the following statistic.  He stated that only 14% of Evangelical Christians view outreach to HIV/AIDS victims (including AIDS Orphans) in Africa as something the local (e.g. American neighborhood church) should be actively involved in.  This means that child sponsorships, short-term mission efforts, long-term missionary investment, medical relief and more are considered outside the purview of the Church’s responsibility for the other 86%. 

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Life is Always Better AFTER Christmas

I am so relieved that Christmas is over. The boys had such a hard time coping with the past shooting right to the surface and overtaking their thoughts. They really gave us a run for our money for a while there. Now we are settling into our new routine. The boys are back in public school for the time being, allowing me a much needed break from wearing so many hats in their lives. It is such a relief to be able to be just their mom and not have to be their teacher and their friend and their therapist 24/7. They are enjoying their new schools and are adjusting fairly well. T tested at grade level in writing this week and I couldn't have been prouder. Last year at this time T could hardly write a complete sentence and what he did write, you couldn't read.Read more

Hardest Job in the World...

I don't think I've ever been this tired in my life. It is Christmas Day at 7:30 pm and I am done. Done. Done. Done. Christmas is so hard on these kids. There are so many Christmases past that bring about anything but fond memories of family and friends. My kids are stressed out and wound up. They are acting as though they've forgotten everything we've taught them. Z is new here and is so off course. Sometimes I get so frustrated at their choices and saddened by their lack of concern for others. I feel as though I've reached my limit and I'm so, so tired. The worst part is that most of this truly isn't their fault. Do you remember being able to process emotion and trauma at age 9 or 12? They have so many adult experiences and so little ability to process those experiences.Read more

Standing in the Gap for Foster Children

(The following was originally published in Fall/Winter 2008 "The Children's Corner." A publication of the National Ministries of teh American Baptist Churches USA)

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I Guess Two Is Not Enough For God, Or For Us...

Within the next 45 days Z will be moving into our home and become a regular part of our lives. Yesterday we sat down, all four of us, and discussed our family purpose, otherwise known as a mission statement.

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