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Handi Vangelism’s "Handi Camp"


Handi Vangelism’s "Handi Camp" reaches the physical, social, and spiritual needs of the physically and mentally handicapped individual.


Many handicapped persons only view many activities in which they might readily participate. With modified activities and trained personnel, there is no reason why a handicapped person cannot enjoy the real fun of sports, crafts, and other fun activities.

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Between 80% and 90%

 The other morning in our Sunday morning worship service a guest speaker provided the following statistic.  He stated that only 14% of Evangelical Christians view outreach to HIV/AIDS victims (including AIDS Orphans) in Africa as something the local (e.g. American neighborhood church) should be actively involved in.  This means that child sponsorships, short-term mission efforts, long-term missionary investment, medical relief and more are considered outside the purview of the Church’s responsibility for the other 86%. 

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Getting Started

 As a follow-up to some of my previous posts I have attempted to provide a few concrete steps for starting/developing a disability ministry. Below are guides from The Evangelical Covenant Church of Chicago and the North American Mission Board. Many of the steps will repeat and others might contradict. The point is that you walk away with a sense of direction from these resources. Following the two above-mentioned guides is a list of web resources for you to explore in your ministry efforts (check the recommended books on this page).



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Do Handicapped People Go To Hell?

(The author understands that South Park does not, on a whole, promote values consistent with a Christian worldview. However, the author also understands that the Church doesn’t always promote values consistent with a Christian worldview. The point of this piece is to bring to light issues the Church should be addressing, yet allows a show such as South Park to address. This seems incongruous with the role of the Church in our society)

This is the question posed by the creators of South Park eight years ago during the show’s 4th season. Before I get into South Park’s answer, let’s look at what the Church says. The question of how one receives Salvation and subsequently ends up in Heaven or Hell is fraught with debate and speculation. While many strict Protestants will chant faith alone and grace alone few denominations actually maintain that as truth. How would either Catholic or Protestant dogma damn a person with a disability. Let’s look at a few denominational approaches to salvation.

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Reaching Out

Too often people are afraid to touch people out in the margins. Physical touch by people in the margins is considered dirty or unhealthy. I often wonder what Jesus’ disciples thought about His habit of touching the “unclean.” My friend Frank has cerebral palsy and, as a result, drools uncontrollably. Frank doesn’t feel the drool coming out of his mouth so his aid or I will prompt him to wipe his mouth. Frank carries a small towel for just this purpose. Even with a little assistance Frank still ends up with a large drool spot on his shirt and with his hands covered in drool. Everyday that Frank enters my class he does his best to smile (which is difficult as a result of the CP and missing his front teeth) and then offers his twisted drool covered hand for me to shake.

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The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, Titles I and V

This document has information on disabilities and what employers need to know when they hire new employees.

Readings on the Americans with Disabilities Act

The author of this document uses examples to give ideas to employers so that employees with disabilities have an easier time adjusting to their work.