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Grant Proposal for JCLM Industrial Services ministry trip to Africa!14915&authkey=!AEqdwNcJyAgxruI

Grant Proposal for JCLM Industrial Services ministry trip to Africa!14915&authkey=!AEqdwNcJyAgxruI

A Beginner's Guide to Understanding Poverty in America

Do you really understand the economic crisis in America?  This webcast by Andrew Sears, TechMission's Executive Director, provides a beginner's guide to understanding poverty in America and what can be done about it. Please forward this to friends who might want to learn about poverty and social justice.

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Please do pray for our ministry

Welcome, Volunteers!
Medical, educational, and, agricultural volunteer opportunities in India with Christian

organization and Christian ministry.

Are You Interested in using your earned skills and God-given gifts to change lives in

other countries?

If you are a citizen of another country and you are going to visit India and if you

wanted to make your trip valuable please do visit our website at

If you are an American citizens who volunteer overseas and if your are a christian

organization who wants to tie up with another christian ministry in India please do mail

us our email id :, we really wanted to be friends with
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A Tale of Two Volunteers: Willy and Sharon's Story

Once upon a time, a couple from Singapore connected with a community center in Uganda through a website based in America—ready to change the lives of hundreds of people in Africa.

Willy and Sharon Ong arrived at Kitega community centre on beautiful Saturday in June 2009.  The young couple spent about a month in the Ugandan village, doing everything from teaching and engineering to social work and organizational assistance.

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"Give" is a four letter word."

Perhaps one of the hardest things for which to raise money is humanity.

People love to save whales, trees, spotted owls and an entire host of variables. Yet you tell them about people who are starving and so many times you will hear. "that's a shame".

Now of course I am plugging my own cause of which I am very interested in seeing succeed but this really does apply to all such causes.
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Nacional de Personas sin Hogar de noviembre es el Mes de Concientización de la Juventud!

The RE * Generation, una iniciativa de Virgin Mobile, está dando a conocer a la pobreza de los jóvenes, un problema que aqueja a más de 1.000.000 niños de hoy en todo el país. Por favor visite el sitio web de RE * Generación de información sobre cómo puede ayudar a la pobreza juvenil fin.

Para obtener más información sobre cómo la pobreza que afectan a la juventud es su estado, y cómo usted puede ayudar, haga clic aquí .

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Curso 406 - Teología de trabajo


Curso 406 - Teología de trabajo ( 3 créditos) Este curso se verá en la teología del trabajo y cómo el trabajo se inscribe en el ministerio y el Reino de Dios. < / p>

Profesor: TBA

Semana Uno

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