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Assessing Your Church's Community Involvement

This exercise helps you assess how your church is engaging the community. An accurate picture of the church's strengths, weaknesses, and goals for outreach is useful in helping the church enlarge its capacity to serve its neighbors (see "Building on Faith in Action: Diagnostic Tool").


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An Introduction to Systemic Theology

Executive Director Andrew Sears outlines a new branch of theology called "Systemic Theology", which provides a systems perspective on the world and God that prioritizes holistic ministry and justice.

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A Beginner's Guide to Understanding Poverty in America

Do you really understand the economic crisis in America?  This webcast by Andrew Sears, TechMission's Executive Director, provides a beginner's guide to understanding poverty in America and what can be done about it. Please forward this to friends who might want to learn about poverty and social justice.

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Facebook Apps Development, How Everyone Makes Money From Facebook Apps?

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Bible Study Guide: War and Peace by Rev. Daniel L. Buttry


(3rd edition)

by Rev. Daniel L. Buttry

Peace Program
National Ministries, ABC/USA, PA


Introduction -  "How to Use This Guide"

Session    1  -  "Jesus:  The Sermon on the Mount" 

Session    2  -  "Jesus:  The Sermon on the Mount" (continued)

Session    3  -  "Jesus:  Cross-bearing"

Session    4 -   "Jesus:  Another Side?" 

Session    5  -  "Apostolic Church:  The Work and Example of Christ" 

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CVC 406 Session 1 An Introduction to “Theology of Work”

CVC 406 Session 1 An Introduction to “Theology of Work” Read more