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Assessing Your Church's Community Involvement

This exercise helps you assess how your church is engaging the community. An accurate picture of the church's strengths, weaknesses, and goals for outreach is useful in helping the church enlarge its capacity to serve its neighbors (see "Building on Faith in Action: Diagnostic Tool").


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Americorps Education Award Instructions

1. Sign into your My AmeriCorps account at
2. Click on My Education Award
3. Click Create Education Award Payment Request
4. This brings up a payment form.
           a. For ‘Payment Type’ choose ‘Education Expenses’.
           b. For ‘Semester or Term’ type the term for which you wish to pay (ex: Spring 1 2010)
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Premium Member Benefits

Recruit More Volunteers through Featured Volunteer Listings

Recruit more volunteers by having your volunteer opportunities featured at the top of volunteer searches. Studies show that only 30% of web users even scroll beyond the first screen, so having your listings featured first on searches could dramatically increase your chances of getting volunteers.

All TechMission Members receive this benefit automatically upon signup.

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Michael Liimatta's Spiritual Journey

I grew up in an alcoholic family. Both my father and my mother came from alcoholic homes, too. Because I grew up in such a very chaotic home, I was running the streets from an early age. My first drinking experience was when I was just twelve years old. I was "turned on" to pot at age fourteen, and went to jail twice for selling marijuana, hashish, and LSD, before I was eighteen years old.

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Vision for the Christian Social Graph

Executive Director Andrew Sears outlines a "Vision for the Christian Social Graph".

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Handout on Networking

Handout on Networking

The attached document provides information on computer networking.

Topics include:

- What is a Network Operating System?

- What is a Topology? (Tree, Linear, Star, etc.)

- Network Cabling

- Networking Hardware

- What is a protocol?

- Glossary of terms


For a PowerPoint presentation of this material, visit:

Accountability Software


Unlike filtering, accountability software simply reports on Internet usage. No blocking occurs. In setting it up, you decide who will receive the detailed report of the computer’s usage. Web sites that are deemed inappropriate, based on the options you’ve chosen, will be red-flagged. Because monitoring software is of value only “after the fact”, we do not recommend this as a solution for families with children. However, it can be an effective aid in personal accountability for adults. There are several available products out there. Here are several:

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Bible Study Guide: War and Peace by Rev. Daniel L. Buttry


(3rd edition)

by Rev. Daniel L. Buttry

Peace Program
National Ministries, ABC/USA, PA


Introduction -  "How to Use This Guide"

Session    1  -  "Jesus:  The Sermon on the Mount" 

Session    2  -  "Jesus:  The Sermon on the Mount" (continued)

Session    3  -  "Jesus:  Cross-bearing"

Session    4 -   "Jesus:  Another Side?" 

Session    5  -  "Apostolic Church:  The Work and Example of Christ" 

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