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Jeremiah Journey Wk 3

If a man divorces his wife
    and she goes from him
and becomes another man’s wife,
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The Jeremiah Journey Continues with Week 2

Follow the Jeremiah Journey as we enter Week #2 and a study of chapter 2.  


Last week we started with chapter 1 and learning about Jeremiah being called "whom Jehovah has appointed."




Jeremiah Journey 2018: How It Works

How the Jeremiah Journey Works

  • Read a chapter of the Book of Jeremiah week by week during 2018
  • Check the midweek Bible study questions to further explore each week's chapter
  • Sign up for our weekly e-newsletter for inspiration on reading
  • Visit this blog week by week to get insights and reflections on the weekly reading, even comments on the journey

What we can expect through such a Bible reading and study program:

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Bible Study Guide: War and Peace by Rev. Daniel L. Buttry


(3rd edition)

by Rev. Daniel L. Buttry

Peace Program
National Ministries, ABC/USA, PA


Introduction -  "How to Use This Guide"

Session    1  -  "Jesus:  The Sermon on the Mount" 

Session    2  -  "Jesus:  The Sermon on the Mount" (continued)

Session    3  -  "Jesus:  Cross-bearing"

Session    4 -   "Jesus:  Another Side?" 

Session    5  -  "Apostolic Church:  The Work and Example of Christ" 

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Theology of Christian Recovery


The primary distinctives that differentiate Christian Recovery from other approaches to life change lie in our approach to spirituality. Here are some of the major theological tenants of the Christian approach to recovery.

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