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Race, Class, Gender, Faith & Nonprofit Funding Bias

This presentation examines funding biases of nonprofits across race, class, gender and faith. Research shows that while 52.4% of those in poverty in the USA are people of color, only 16.5% of nonprofits are led by people of color, and only 3% of foundation funding goes toward organizations that are led by people of color. Feel free to share this on your Blog or Website using the embed code link at the bottom right of the presentation. Post any comments or questions below after logging in.

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Research on racial barriers in education

Codginton, A. (1999). Research on racial barriers in education. S. Hamilton, MA: Center for Youth Studies.


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10 Things You Can Do to End Online Segregation

Ending online segregation is about using online tools to leverage your social network and friends in order to advocate for social justice. Every person could help bring thousands of dollars of resources to at-risk communities with just a little effort toward ending online segregation. The following are some important ways you can help end online segregation:


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Five movies currently in theaters with race relations themes

Pastor Mark Driscoll calls movies the new church in America and explains, "there are 'preachers' who are called filmmakers promulgating worldviews, philosophical systems, morals, and values." (listen to the sermon) There is no question that movies are one of the most powerful expressions of culture and values in our country.Read more

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