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A Tale of Two Volunteers: Willy and Sharon's Story

Once upon a time, a couple from Singapore connected with a community center in Uganda through a website based in America—ready to change the lives of hundreds of people in Africa.

Willy and Sharon Ong arrived at Kitega community centre on beautiful Saturday in June 2009.  The young couple spent about a month in the Ugandan village, doing everything from teaching and engineering to social work and organizational assistance.

The center reports that a deep impact was made—While volunteering at Kitega for only a month or so, the Ong's managed to do several things for the community.

  • Water engineering for construction of latrines (Sharon’s specialty)
  • Management training and techniques for organizational advances (Willy’s specialty)
  • Laying a floor to increase attendance in school (poor conditions and jiggers kept children away from school)
  • Aiding the center in construction of a central meeting room for the community
  • Treatment of malaria for Ugandan families
  • Child sponsorship (long term )
  • Donation to make possible an intestinal surgery for one small child
  • Delivery of 100 mosquito nets
  • Teaching and storytelling
  • Arts, crafts and other activities
  • Homevisits and bringing hope to community members

Kitega Community Center could not be happier with the growth and sustainable development now underway through the love of these volunteers.

Staff report that the couple connected to the center for the first time through


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