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Spring Update from Nashville

One of our ministry sites is Feed the Children. It is a food bank where our groups go to fill and prepare hygiene and food boxes. It's a great work project for the groups, and they usually have a great time working and goofing off together and feeling like they have impacted someone's life...where ever they may be. Sometimes, when you're used to working in a relational ministry, not getting to see the people impacted by your service is a little bit of a bummer. That's why we jumped at the chance to be volunteers at Feed the Children's Big Event. Not only was it an honor to be called and asked to provide the volunteers, it was an awesome chance to get all the churches participating with CSM that week to work together; something we don't really get the chance to do. So, we gathered all our groups at Titan's Stadium lined up ready to deliver the boxes that other groups worked so hard to put together. The groups walked along with the people and carried the boxes for them as well as incredibly heavy 12 packs of Gatorade. They worked non-stop all day with a sunburn to show for it and several sore muscles. These students gave everything they had working the line that wrapped around the stadium packing people's vehicles. One of the coolest things that I saw during that day was when a mother of 3 children with one on the way had her car break down. The kicker was that she didn't speak any English. It just so happened that 2 of our students were very fluent in Spanish and not only did they check on her, entertain her children, and find her a mechanic, they stayed there with her the whole time to make sure that she felt comfortable. It was great to see God working in these kids. Just a little idea of how the set up of the event went. This is a small piece of the all day line of Nashville people we had the chance to meet and hang out with. Heck yes this is me with one of the Oak Ridge Boys. We're Nashville! When we have events, we have them big. We bring out the stars!!

Elvira My Heart's on Fire Elvira

-Kristin Quarles, CSM Nashville Associate City Director