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Singing Forgiveness and Hope


Have a listen to the most recent edition of the Voices on Genocide Prevention podcast from the United States Holocost Memorial Museum's Committee on Conscience. The show features an interview with Rose Mapendo and Sasha Chanoff describing Rose's incredible story of survival, forgiveness, and hope. I'd tell you the story but, frankly, I think Rose does a better job, so I'll just ask you to click the above link to the podcast so you can listen for yourself. Bridget Conley-Zilkic of the Committee on Conscience conducts the interview.

Sasha, one of the people who helped Rose flee the Democratic Republic of Congo and come to the United States, has since founded an organization that bears Rose's name. Mapendo International helps refugees who need to permanently resettle.

Arts Engine is producing a documentary about Rose and her daughter Nangabire. A trailer is available on their website.

Rose was a professional singer in Congo before the violence against ethnic Tutsis began in that country. Music has been an important part of her healing process. Both the podcast and the documentary trailer feature some of Rose's beautiful traditional singing.