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Lets Get Creative – Hungering for Creative Experience by Cynthia Julian

In my creative journey recently, I have been traveling down business lane, reviewing options for producing prints of my art work and methods for sharing them with the world. I am aware of the irony involved in this undertaking. As with many aspects of life, opposing forces must be held in tension on the journey.  I make art […]

July 4th Celebrations!

Greetings from the island of Penang, Malaysia!! I'm excited to celebrate the Independence of the USA as well as the fact that I am 100% FULLY FUNDED!

The final donation that made me fully funded was made on June 30th by none other than my loving, supportive parents. They, like so many of you, have given prayers and hard-earned dollars to support the work I'm doing for the Kingdom of God and I cannot say THANK YOU enough!! You all are so incredibly wonderful and I'm grateful to have people l

Beauty from ashes

So this is a blog I wrote month 6 on my race that I never posted. I'm sitting in bed at 12am, two months after the race and God has literally woken me back up to this subject and is having me share it with yall. I don't know why I never posted it, but it means more to me now than it did back when I wrote this. Please, please read the whole thing! The Lord wants to speak to YOU. -I have grown up believing that beauty is in your looks; makeup, clothing, hair, etc. Its as though you are not noticed

Late Night Confusion

So my last blog post was about when God wakes you up, this is the part of that story I didn't tell you though.  The night after I had woken up to pray for the guys, I woke up in the middle of the night again.  I rolled off my sleeping pad, grabbed my phone, journal, Bible, and sleeping bag and headed out into the living room.  I threw all my stuff onto the couch and went to pee. (That's an important detail.) When I got back to the couch, I curled up in my sleeping bag opened my

So today...

So I've decided to give vlogging a shot! It's something I've been thinking about doing for a while, so I thought I might as well get to it since I leave for training camp in 2 days! This video is different from all the ones I plan on doing. This one is a little more serious than I usually am (I'm pretty goofy) but I was just excited about what's going on right now. So if you keep up with me, I'll be posting about how I'm preparing for the Race, what all is gonna be going on with my squad and tra

Entering the Rest of God – A Sabbath Prayer

    This is the last of my series of posts on sleep and rest. It seems appropriate to remind us that the ultimate rest of all is the rest of God – the Sabbath rest – not a rest of exhaustion at the end of a busy week, but the rest of delight and […]

Write Me A Support Letter.

I am carrying this journal with me as I traverse the world on this awesome mission trip.

  In the journal I have a few pages already covered in encouragement and love in the form of notes from some of my awesome friends and family, and people I barely know. I know there will be days that I will feel deeply alone, and obviously really..........far away from home, even though I am traveling in a squad of 60 plus amazing Jesus loving people. So, I would love it if you would write me a goo

Pre Training Camp Thoughts

<> Matthew 6:25-34 <> Well guys, I leave for training camp early Monday morning. The camp is in Georgia and I'll be there for 10 days. WEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's been a week since I officially committed to the World Race. Once I initially committed, I really doubted whether I could get everything together in time. Most other "racers" have known for months that they were going on the mission trip, and here I am, Miss Procrastination, scrambling to get everything together

When i Get Around to it.

  I have procrastinated a lot. For real. I've put things off for days and weeks and months at a time. I've told myself that I would get to it tomorrow. Haha. Whatever. No I won't. The truth is, tomorrow isn't promised. So I'm not gonna do something when I get around to it. I'm going to do work right now. I'm going to bring it to the best of my ability, everyday. I'm not gonna let past defeats continue to drag me down. I'm going to pray hard, and speak life and live like Jesus because peopl

In My Room.

    I'm sitting in my awesome really comfortable chair that I have had since I was probably 15. It's been worn down from use and squeaks a lot, because It's a rocking chair with matching squeaky rocking ottoman.(that sounds like a cool band name, the Squeaky Rocking Ottomans, I would see them.) I love this chair. I remember watching movies and playing video games on my GameCube in this chair. Like I said, I've had it for a while. My room around this chair has changed a lot though. T

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