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essential oils on the race

After having friends start using essential oils and raving about them I decided to try them out myself.  I was lucky enough to have 4 oils donated, relaxation blend, lavender, peppermint, tea tree, by ESS aromatherapy. I have also bought a starter package from Young Living that comes with 10 oils/blends.  I brought the relaxation blend to training camp, and all I can say is WOW! As many of you racers or family and friends of races know training camp can get a bit overwhelming and str

Learning to Trust

So here we go...FIRST BLOG! **Wooohooo!** Please have patience as I stumble through my first few ;)  I suppose this is as good of a time as any to let you in on where my heart was and how God led me to the World Race. It began after one crazy week this summer working with the youth group. I put in countless hours: organizing, drama-squashing, money collecting, teaching, food-preparing, supplies shopping, teen-sitting, lake jumping, movie watching, question answering, permission fo

The beautiful rollercoaster called life!

Many CSM groups blog about their experience while serving in the city. It serves as a beautiful way to reflect on all that God is doing and teaching. We are grateful for Calvary High School being willing to share their experience at CSM Chicago with us. Does your group have a story to tell? Email us!
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Meditation Monday – Thin Places

For Celtic Christians, God was a key part of all things natural and beautiful. They praised God’s design and creation of all things. All creation was seen as translucent with the glory of God shining through it. The hills, the sky, the sea, the forests were not God, but their spiritual qualities revealed God and […]

The Initial Reality of #after11n11

My clothes are washed, dried, and folded. I slept in my bed, had a shower and three hours of sleep. The fridge is overwhelming.My neighborhood is overwhelming.Being alone is sad.Everything is too quiet and too much.I cry about something every 15 minutes.It feels like a year was just a blink. I miss my squad family.My room was too empty…My thoughts and emotions are foreign to everyone back home. Its comforting that we are all experiencing the same thing…I just wish they were here.

Girl Scout Cookies < God

As a Girl Scout for many years, I have raised financial support for my troop by selling hundreds of girl scout cookies. Many of my neighbors and friends anxiously awaited the sale of cookies and always encouraged me to come back the next year. Some individuals even asked if I had extra boxes that they could buy; seeing as how there already ten boxes of cookies were just not enough! I've been thinking of how best to raise the financial support for this trip and I was thinking: If only people lov

God Doesn't Need Me On The Race

  This month, ministry looked different for my team and I, we were not partnered with an organization or church like we normally would be, instead we had the opportunity to do an “Unsung Heroes” month. This means our ministry was searching for new potential contacts, organizations, and churches for Adventures in Missions to partner with. The hope is that we would make connections with local people in Zimbabwe who are doing incredible things for the kingdom in order to send team

11 Moments in South Africa

11 Moments in South Africa 1-Hiking in the Drakensburg Park: Walking through the valleys between Champagne Castle and Monks Cowl, and hiking to the falls within the park. 2-Fetching firewood and carrying the wood on my head as we walked back to the hut. The ladies were so excited that we could carry it out of the woods, but the teenagers weren’t impressed—and we saw why later, the women carry double the weight when they collect firewood. 3-Learning to sew magnets and birds

Please Don't Make Me!

Every time someone asked me what I wanted to do when I grew up, my answer was always the same... I have wanted to be a teacher for as long as I can remember. I love building relationships with children. I want them to know they are capable of greatness no matter what anyone says... Even me. I guess I always figured it was my way to impact the world. Teaching is in my blood. I was born to do it. When others struggled in my education classes in college, I didn't understand it because the informa
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