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1 Corinthians Bible Journal Page

So, I don't love this one, but sometimes just doing the thing is important. Keeping up the journaling habit.


      India. A land with it's own kind of beautiful. India presented some of the toughest moments I've had on the race, with being sick. It also presented us with some wonderful opportunities to share with fellow Christians and non believers. Our team was poured into from Christian locals and a YWAM team that blessed us in so many ways! This video highlights our month in India from our long travel days to playing with kids on the street and hiking trails. Our travel route

Remembering Suzann in Guatemala

Remembering Suzann in Guatemala. Seriously though. This country is incredible. So was El Salvador. At the end of last month I was remembering Suzanne on the anniversary of the day she went to be with her Daddy. I asked God to give me a reminder of her that day. He chose to do that through her favorite color- orange. But because He is such a GOOD GOOD Father, He has continued to give me remembrances of her everywhere I go. The thing about Central America is there are flowers EVERYWHERE. And G


One month from today I will be back in Gainesville GA at World Race Training Camp for the second time. I have so many mixed emotions… On one hand I am really excited, and on the other I am extremely nervous. I am so beyond excited, because at Training Camp is when I will get to meet the rest of my squad face-to-face, see a lot of the staff who were at my last TC and on my training team, and I will even get to see some of the girls from my 1st squad. I am also excited, because Training Ca

roots run deep

We made it to ministry in Ecuador! 31 hour bus ride, 5 days of debrief and another 4 hour bus ride later, we are at IncaLink Ecuador. When we got here on Monday, we found out the ministry we would be working with: Camp Hope, a center for people with special needs. People with special needs have such a sweet spot in my heart. I imagined getting to play with all of the people there, being the hands and feet of Jesus, praying for healing and loving them to the ends of the earth. And then, on our

deepest deep end

It's been one whole week of life here in the Dominican Republic. We managed to get all 43 of us on the plane, dodge Hurricane Irma and safely get to Hope for the DR, our ministry site for the month. To read all about what we are doing here and what our month is like please read Aubrey's blog.  It's great and she's great and it includes all the goodness and details that you won't find here. Which is a pretty accura

Sunday, September 17, 2017: A Day To Remember Forever

So, I’m about to let you into something super personal—my conversation with God this morning. Normally I do my quiet time with God at night, but today I woke up with God ready to have a conversation with me. And this is how it went: Me: I was thinking about what Teresa (our squad mentor that is staying with our squad for this month) asked me yesterday about making my faith my own, and I told her I had prayed the sinner’s prayer two years ago, but I’m not sure if I actual

My Parents are Coming to Africa!

Racers we're given the opportunity to invite their parents out for a week on the missions field and my parents said YES! This is called Parent Vision Trip (PVT). Adventures in Missions believes in intergenerational ministry and this trip "exists to provide an opportunity for Parents and their World Racers to experience missions together, to catch up on what God has been doing, and perhaps provide a space to take steps toward healing and reconciliation where needed." We will be workin

Without Borders!

  Training Camp was the hardest things well as the BEST thing I have ever done. That week was stretching in ways I never thought possible. I went into those weeks thinking I was prepared for what I was going to experience at Training Camp. I was WRONG! I had it in my mind that I was just going to learn about all the cultures I was going to experience over the next year. Well It was that and much more! I didn’t just get pumped full of information on the countries and cultures! The da

Fighting For My "Yes"

The last two weeks have been crazy. My coleader, Teagan, our squad mentor Ashley, and I took a 30+ hour bust ride from Medellin, Colombia to Quito, Ecuador. We had a very successful debrief with the squad in Baños, Ecuador. Now the whole Squad is in Quito having an all squad month, living all together in one house.    The Lord has done some insanely cool things during this time. We have had multiple people on the squad hear the voice of the Lord for the first time. Some ha
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