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Insert mind explosion here

So God has done some amazing things the past few days. My goal would be to get a video together and show you really how excited I am about everything.  First, we had team changes yesterday and I hope to tell you about my new team very soon. I'm so beyond excited about my new team, the members and also ready to embrace the new role of being a treasurer for my new team.    YAY RESPONSIBLITY!!!!!   Second, last night something I've been praying for finally happened. I was b

You only have Juan chance to live!

GUYS! GUYS! GUYS! All of this is finally coming true! This 9 month mission trip is just the start to an eternity next to God! The world race has given me an opportunity to pursue my passion of evangelizing to the world and in effect live my life out to the fullest. God has been so good to me I just want to show the world how awesome he is. So blessed and so ready for this trip. Love you all and subscribe for updates! Catch ya on the flip side  Matthew 10:39 //Whoever finds their life will

My Refugee Friends

Families risked it all -- many lost everything -- and they are now stuck at a border where they do not want to be. I am no expert in political science, so I will refrain from commenting on politics other than saying it’s a very difficult situation and I don’t know how it can best be resolved. But I can still love the people affected by the decisions from the EU and Balkan countries. There are some small refugee camps set up outside of gas stations and hotels, where the needs are pr

Please Don't Pass Me By

“Homeless and Hungry, Please Help.” That was the cardboard sign I saw every other day from a man I would pass by in my daily commute home from work. I saw him In the heat, in the cold, and even sometimes in the rain. He would pace back and forth from the light to the end of the car line with his lifeless hat held out. I couldn’t begin to imagine how many times he would do that in a day only to do it all over again the next day and the day after.As cars passed by I would noti

How to Change a Heart

I've met more people this year than I can count. I've also had more conversations than I can actually remember. A lot of their stories are impossible for me to relate to - like growing up begging for food on the streets of South Africa or being persecuted for believing in Jesus in India. But other stories hit a little closer to home. That's my favorite part about this journey around the world. Connecting and relating to people that you would never expect to. The other day I spent the afternoon

Are you ready to let go yet ?

Often I'm asked to share my story and the more I share it the more I realize just how far I've come . How much fear used to rule my life, how every decision I would make would be battle against the voice in my head telling me to stay in bed or that I couldn't do it . Before the race I knew fear was part of my story but I hadn't realized to what extent. The past few months have been spent reflecting on who I was , who I am and who I want to be . This has made me question many ways of thinking t

I Can't do Everything

I was sitting in Wendy's in La Ceiba, Honduras trying to get some wifi. I was eating a frosty and trying to call my grandparents on Whatsapp with no luck when this little boy walked up. He was heavy set. He wasn't fat but he was husky. He had the build of a future linemen. He had tan olive tented skin. He was wearing a burgondy tshirt and a pair of cargo shorts. He had the most stunning blueish green eyes and his light brown hair was buzzed. This little boy was maybe in 5th or 6th grade and he

Meet Mustapha and family

I want to say it was early week one of ministry when Alexis and Talia introduced Amanda and I to Mustapha and his wife and precious baby girl. (He asked me not to share their names so I’ll keep calling them that throughout this).  We were very new at the refugee camp in Idomeni (see previous blog). We were waiting to help at the food prep area, and just decided to walk around the camp and see everything. We came across Alexis and Talia working to pass out a shipment from the Czech Rep

Scandalous: The Decision That Changed My Life

The wind blows through the trees. You can smell whats coming next. Rain. Long awaited rain. Moments later big, wet drops fall from the sky. They hit my nose, head, and the dusty ground my feet stand on. Cries. Shouts. Laughter fills the night sky. It is not supposed to rain here in Nicaragua for another month, yet last night it down poured. Scandalous. Unnecessary. Un required . A gift we didn't deserve, yet a gift freely given. Recently, I've become aware of all the scandalous decisions God ma

My New Home

Da Nang. I'm going to miss you. I'm going to miss walking down the street and see all the smiling faces. I'm going to miss trying to communicate with your people. I'm going to miss seeing the kitty tied on a leash outside the store where we bought water. I'm going to miss the crashing waves at the beach. I'm going to miss Banh Mi Op La and a pineapple for breakfast. I'm going to miss holding hands with the students. I'm going to miss the students. I'm going to miss how friendly they are and how
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