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He's Romancing Me

Every day, He's captivating my heart a little more.With every breath I breathe, there's something new and exciting He shows me--whether it's another one of His attributes, or it's something beautiful He wants me to see.The other morning, my alarm went off at 6:31, but I wasn't quite ready to get out of bed. So I just laid there, chatting with The Lord about my dreams I had that night. And it was almost as if someone pulled my eyes open a couple minutes later, because there was something I just h

Cambodia Wrap-Up Video!

The first ever 'Unsung Heroes Video' created by my beautiful teammate and dear friend, Ana Maria! Our month in Cambodia was a blast and I could not have asked for a better start to an amazing journey with Jesus. We literally entered the month with a blank page, but the Lord has been faithful in scripting whom we'd meet, whom we'd speak with, and whom we'd invest in for lasting relationships.

Enjoy the video!!! :)


11 things in 111 days.

I missed the “I’ve been on the Race for 100 days” mark, so I decided to make being on the Race for 111 days a big deal and share with you 11 things that I’ve learned so far on this journey... 1. Being on the World Race does not mean that every day is crazy awesome and full of fun adventures, but it can be if you make it that way. Don’t spend so much time waiting for the big moments that you miss out on the small moments. The what seem like small moments are just as

Prayer Request

I just wanted to take a minute to ask you all to be praying some specifiv prayer for me and over me for the next 6 days.   I will be doing 7 days of the Daniel Fast wiith another person on my team.  Fasting is a discipline that I wanted to grow in when I started the World Race.  I have had several opportunities to fast in many areas.  Each time I have fasted I have seen the Lord show up in amazing ways not only in my personal life and journey but with others.   Having

Something New

It says on here that the last time I blogged was September 23rd. Oops!The last few weeks have been significantly different than the ones preceding them. This month we are once again partnering with YWAM. This time we're helping teach Music, English and Computer classes at a local university, "University for the Nations", that YWAM has partnered with the government to run. It is mostly highschool and college age kids. The classes are in the afternoons and evenings, so our days are pretty open. I


Words cannot do these past few days justice. It’s been an all-consuming array of joy, heartbreak, frustration, and love. Joy from the Filipino people, heartbreak for their stories, frustration with God, and His abundant love for me, my team, and these people. When my team learned we would be travelling to a place called Happyland for a feeding, I prayed to see the people there with compassion, the way God looks at us, and He answered my prayer. That day was the most challenging day of thi

By prayer and petition, with THANKSGIVING

Last night, as I was driving home and anxiously praying about a matter that has been weighing heavy on my heart, the guy on the radio quoted Philippians 4:6"Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God."In that moment it hit me: Although I was going to God in prayer over this situation, I was coming to Him in anxiety, rather than in a mindset of thankfulness. And in the last 16 hours, he has reminded just how mu

Confidentiality on the Parent Facebook Group

(This is information that was posted on the Facebook group. We are also posting it here to stress its importance.)   AN IMPORTANT WORD ABOUT CONFIDENTIALITY AND THE  PARENT FACEBOOK GROUP The parent Facebook pages were created to be a place of support, a place to ask questions, share both blessings and prayer requests, and receive official communication from Adventures in Missions.  It’s been wonderful to see the fruit that has come from these connections.  However

This Month I am a Teacher

To all my teachers who have put up with me, sent me to the office for my bad attitude, or just stood by me because you believed in me. This is for you.  

  It was no joke. For the last two months I have been a teacher and it has been really stinkin’ hard. Every day I jump on my bike and pedal 2.5 miles to an orphanage to teach English to the children there. We teach for two hours then pedal back to teach English for two more hours to the children in the village we live in.

Fundraising- $10 Tuesday!

$16,250 is a lot of money! There is no way around that, but I know the Lord will provide wills and ways for the money to come. I’ve currently met my first goal, which sent me to training camp. Let me tell ya, that was life changin’ in more ways than one! I learned to really trust God and to not be prideful. I’m his creation, and his will is way more important than my plans! My next goal is $7,500 by December 19th, which will allow me to launch with my squad and my teammates t

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