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T R U J I L L O - A Photo Blog

It’s been a beautiful month in Trujillo, Peru! Here’s a peek at what life has looked like for us! We’ve been working with Savage Ministries with Joel and Maria Savage; a missionary couple here in Peru! They have two churches and a school that offers free schooling to the children who live in the nearby barrios (neighborhoods). We live in one of the poorest parts of town, which also makes it a bit dangerous. Joel and his ministry strive to bring light into the dark places! Her

Celebrate those around you

On this crazy adventure I have found myself in for the last 7 months, we have a thing called "Team Time."Every night we sit together and talk about the day, listen to each others hardships, celebrate each others victories, call each other higher when needed... and sometimes we just have fun. A few days ago Alyssa led us in a great activity called "introduce your teammate". What that entails is each person took a turn leaving the room. While the person was gone, the remaining 5 teammates cow

Cloudy With a Chance of Bread From Heaven

  The book of Exodus is an entire testimony of faith. Moses leads the Israelites out of Egypt and relies solely on the Lord to protect them This faith enabled him to part the Red Sea in half. After narrowly escaping the Pharisees, he leads his people into forty years of wandering around the desert. But here’s where my humanity comes into play. I’m thinking what animals are in the desert that are plentiful enough to feed that many people for so long? What about water? Well I&rsqu

Snippets From Summit

This year, I have the amazing opportunity to live with, learn from, and love five incredible women that I want to introduce to you today. The following blog is the result of our writing bios for each of our team. The person being written about left the room and had no say about her bio. This is Team Summit:   SARAH ASHLEY LANDSMAN: Sarah is 22 years old and from Texas. She has two chickens named Peggy and Angelica. She loves musicals, spicy food, and mojitos. She’s usually late

Why World Race?

When I first heard about World Race, I was in high school. I wanted to join, because I didn't want to go to college, and all I desired was to travel the world! Those were bad intentions.  Fast forward to where I am now; World Race has knocked on my heart 3 times in the last 4 months! Making this decision came after I went on my first missions trip to El Progresso, Honduras, with spring break missions for Victory Church. I had the opportunity to be a group lead with 6-8th graders. Like anyb

My Hands, His Heart

There was a lot of sadness today. Yes, we said goodbye to the kids that we’ve been loving on for the past three weeks, but that didn’t even come close to being the hardest part.   They flip each other off, steal each other’s food, circle around one kid and kick them repeatedly until they can hardly breathe, try to pull each others pants down and laugh at the embarrassment of the exposure. The boys treat girls like they’re something to be belittled and abused. The g


Every night, you climb in bed, close your eyes, and go to sleep. In the morning, you wake up again. And that’s normal. For all of us.    Many of us live in anxiety, impatience, and worry. Why?    When you need rest, you choose to climb in bed and close your eyes. You make those decisions with the knowledge and expectation that you will fall asleep and get the rest that you need. In order to rest, you need to sleep, which requires us to surrender control of ourselv


Going into Zim, I was wholly renewed by the revelation God had worked within me at the end of Nepal. I was so excited to enter a new continent and a new country with a new soul and a new joy found in the Lord. When we landed in Zimbabwe, filled with energy and a desperate desire to become closer to the Lord, I promised myself I would wake up early every morning to spend time with Him, to read my Bible, pray and journal alongside Him every single day. That I would wake up and immediately seek Hi

Just a Life Update

I am no longer in Asia. We spent two full days of trying to get from Kathmandu, Nepal to Grenada, Nicaragua. I had a marvelous experience in Nepal filled with touching ministries, thrilling adventures, and deepened wisdom and understanding of people. I cried leaving, I made so many wonderful friendships and relationships that I had to say goodbye to. Two months wasn’t long enough, I’m hoping to go back one day and rejoin with my awesome family/ministry contacts. I lived on the other
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