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Life's A Dance Part 1

Wow! What a whirlwind of a month it has been for us. In a good way of course! Let me just give you a brief show of what all the Lord did for us this month. Also, I was not looking forward to this month AT ALL when I found out it was ASK THE LORD. But, it has turned out to be on of my FAVORITES!!  We all gathered in the kitchen area of our hotel during debrief at the beginning of July. My team of 7 plus 1 of the squad leaders. The first 10 minutes we just sat in a circle and prayed out loud

Am I a Missionary, or do I Live My Ministry?

               These past three months doing street evangelism I have learned that everyone evangelizes and does ministry differently. I evangelize best through relationships. I’m not one to walk up to someone, stick out my hand and say “Do you know Jesus?” That’s not how I work best. But I am someone to walk up to a front porch and say “Hi, my name’s Joey. You have a beautiful baby. How old is she? How are you? How is

It's All of These Little Things

It’s every home that we go to during door-to-door evangelism whose number one prayer request is that they come up with school fees to allow their children to attend school.  It’s the fact that many believers don’t have Bibles, because in order to buy a Bible, their family would go without food for at least a week. It’s the times of fellowship and worship. Hearing where other people are at. Worshiping the Lord together for the good, and coming together in prayer ove

Crushed Dreams

Religion and spirituality aside, has anyone reading this post ever had a dream? Is there something you've longed to see, to do, or maybe to be for more years than you can count, perhaps since childhood? I have many, one of which has the potential to be fulfilled next month. I've had malaria, typhoid, stomach viruses, weird boils on my legs, a bazillion mosquito bites, the worst sunburn I've ever experienced in my life, and yet somehow this journey that I'm on has truly been the best time of my

Black Girl Magic

One of a few things I thought of while applying for the World Race was my hair! Yes, after I got over the bucket showers, I then shifted my thinking to how was I going to maintain my natural hair with limited hair products for 11 months.  Back home in the United States, I go to a natural hairstylist. I use a lot of different natural hair products and I get sew-ins regularly. I knew that I would be giving up this luxury for 11 months. Products: First and for

Ask the Lord Update

In my last few blogs, I’ve mentioned that this month of the Race is called “Ask the Lord” month.  Instead of being connected with a ministry, our team prayed and asked God to send us where and to whom He wanted.  This month was full of freedom, possibilities, and gray outlines for the future- all things I love.   For future Racers who are curious as to what “Ask the Lord” month looks like, I can promise it will be unique to your team and where you&r

Bolivia, Month 10 Video

Here it is, almost the last video of this adventure. We had a month of growth, challenge, and victory in El Alto. Due to the nature of our mission this month, we could not film the face of those we were working with. However, we got to show a bit of what we did and what we experienced. Enjoy!  

Nobody Knows How to Say Goodbye

Two alarms simultaneously go off, dragging my mind into unwilling wakefulness. I hear Rashidat and Daiva both shuffling around for their phones to silence the ringing.  I open my eyes and stare out the window at the foot of my bed. In the light of five AM, I can only just see the outline of the mountain I love greeting me on my final morning here in Albania. I close my eyes, roll over, and listen to the all too familiar sounds of my sisters getting ready for the day. Though I fight it mome

ATL Around the World

Hello friends! Wherever you find yourself today, know that you are being prayed for and that you are so loved! This is our squad's (S Squad's) seventh month of the Race, and many of the Racers on S Squad are currently participating in something called ATL. ATL stands for "Ask The Lord," which is an opportunity to enter the presence of the Lord and ask Him what He wants you to do with the day/time that He's given you. For Racers, months that are devoted to ATL are a time to abandon expectations,

I Need an Inhaler

I have a story for you. It’s not as epic as I’d like it to be, and it definitely does not paint me in the heroine light that I wish it did. But it’s funny. So, even better. I spent a period of ten days in the heat of Gainesville, GA for training in preparation for World Race. If you’re going on/have been on World Race and you’re like most of my teammates, you’ve watched a copious amount of vlogs wisely preparing yourself for this time in your life. If you&rsq
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