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FreerangeFriday: Art in Worship! Crayons are for Big People Too!

By Lilly Lewin So why is it that little kids get to have all the fun in church? This is a question I often ask in my experiential worship workshops. It’s rhetorical, but I really wonder why we think that kids are the only ones who need to have crayons and paper in a worship […]

A Prayer and My 8 Favorite Books for Earth Day .

by Christine Sine This is my favourite Earth Day prayer and one I like to reuse each year. I also have a few books I love to revisit at this time to remind myself of why I need to take my call to care for creation seriously. It is impossible for me to list all […]

The Stranger Portrait Project

Port Dickson, Malaysia. The name of this place doesn’t jump out at me. It doesn’t sound like a place of adventure or excitement. When I first heard the name of the destination my team decided to head to for our last handful of days in Malaysia, I shrugged my shoulders and hopped on a train with them, because it just seemed like one spur of the moment last stop for the Magnolias to make on our journey. We met some incredible people in Port Dickson, people who cared for us and loved u

Unsung Heroes: Second contact

This month has been really amazing. There were so much unknown and possibilities for things to go wrong but God always showed up. I had the opportunity to learn a little about Islam and the opportunity to see into the lives of full time missionaries. I was able to hear their struggle and I learned so much about the life of a missionary and what it looks like to do this full time.  Before I continue, I should tell you that this month looked very different than our usual months. Instead of p

People of Peace

Below are three interviews of three rockstar friends who are working for the peace and prosperity of San Jose, Costa Rica through fighting human trafficking and  job skill development opportunities for women. The organizations they partner with are Transforma ( and Face of Justice (    Meet Jenny, my close friend from Germany I lived with in Costa Rica. She spoke so much life into me. She truly has a calming presence and yo

Deeper Intimacy

When you are married, you share everything with one another. You have intimacy with one another. I'm not just speaking about physical intimacy, I am talking about all levels of intimacy. Conversation, emotions, understanding, sitting in silence together, all these ways of loving someone intimately. You completely trust one another and love each other on the good and bad days. That is what God has been stepping me into with Him these last few months. Intimacy. I remember the first time I realiz

Is the Power of Jesus not Grand Enough?

So imagine you're walking on the sidewalk/road. No, actually stop and think and imagine this entire thing happening. You're tired, stressed out, and ready to go to sleep so you can be done with the day. You hear a car coming up behind you so you move over to be completely out of the way. To your utter surprise, Jesus is in the passenger seat of the car. When he drives by he...? What does he do? Using what you know about Jesus and his character, which do you think Jesus would do if he drove by

it's not much, but it's something

  I have had alot of people ask me for more pictures.. here's one. I'll be uploading more to facebook because with slow wifi it works better on there. So look on my facebook soon!!! Oh and check your emails!! I am really insecure about the pictures that I take because SO many people on my squad are legit photographers and I am not so have grace!! Thank you!!   loves, Linds

Why the World Race?

I cannot pinpoint an exact moment when my thoughts began to drift towards international service. Perhaps it is a collection of experiences and memories that have landed me here. This desire did not come from a cosmic epiphany but a series of repetitive and obedient steps. I followed logic reasoning and ended up here with a life changing result; go and serve, go and teach, go and learn. Service to me does not mean that I step off a plane into a fully accommodated hotel room and once a month visit

Countdown to Coffee Dates (with you)

Time is clicking. Although my days have been slow, the weeks are going by fast. I know the countdown to walking off the plane in Minnesota is getting closer and closer. It's beginning to feel more real, more crazy, more freighting, but I am thankful for the peace that God is giving me about going home. Without a doubt there will be reverse cultural shock, hard immersion, and overwhelming truth that you won't understand what I've been though- physically, emotionally, spiritually in each of the 1
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