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Count it all Joy

Heya! SOoo, I did not hit my first deadline.  Which means, I was unable to attend Training Camp; which means I will not be launching in January; which means that my race will now be pushed back to July 2015. Not gonna lie, I was really disappointed... in myself, in others, in God. Disappointed that I was not going to meet my squad-mates who have become my family; disappointed that I'd have to experience training camp at a later date; disappointed that "yet again" I was a failure at

Video from Month 1 (Cambodia)   Hey blog readers, The link above is a 7 minute video about our 1st month of ministry in Cambodia.   Additionally, it was made by my teammate Diane Kelly.  Diane is still in the support raising process so if you LOVE the video feel free to give a small free will gift to her. The link to her blog can be found on the left hand side of our blog.   Thanks!  

Atonement and Why it is Necessary

This blog is related to my above blog "Math, Art, and Why We Share the Gospel" and gives a brief explanation of atonement, what it is, and why it is necessary: To first learn about what atonement is it is helpful to start in Genesis when Adam and Eve eat fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  From this point on, every human on earth has known both good and evil and all have chosen evil on some level, whether it be a great amount of evil or just a small amount of evil. &nbs

WR Round 2: Squad Leading!

Friends, family, and loyal supporters… I am doing the World Race yet AGAIN! 1. But I thought you already did the World Race? Yes, I did! I launched September 2013, with 2nd generation W squad and have only been stateside since August. This time I won't be a racer, however I'll be Squad Leading. 2. So you're doing it again? Yes and No. As a Squad Leader, I'm leading the entire squad of 28 racers with three amazing co-leaders Ashley Francis, Lauren Argue, and Kathryn Law. We will be jo

"Stuck" in Colombia

So Colombia...      We have been in Bogota for two weeks now. It has been a challenging and stretching month. We are at a church on the side of the mountain overlooking Bogota and the view is outstanding. The problem is that we barely get to see it. We went to a school this week and would come right back. On our day off we went to a field on our hillside and played games with the youth. I would have liked some time to get away from everyone. However we cannot. We have to be with

A Sold Out Race

  Running a Sold Out Race “I have one desire now - to live a life of reckless abandon for the Lord, putting all my energy and strength into it.” ? Elisabeth Elliot, Through Gates of Splendor I showed up to training camp with my hiking pack and day packed stuffed with all the things I thought I would need,my tent tied onto the back, and my heart ready to dig in. "I'm about to spend 13 days with 300 people who are as crazy as I am for God."  What an understatement. This we


*This is my NSquad Family! We are doing this 11 month journey together, and I am so excited to have them all!* EMBRACE THE STANK! (First Training Camp blog post) So I was in Gainsville, GA for the week at training camp and when they told us "Embrace the stank," they were not kidding.  I think most of us took 2 showers or less for the entire week, those showers were bucket showers which meant that the weather being in the 40's and all when we wake up and go to bed that those showers wer

Am I qualified? Am I adequate?

Now that training camp has come and gone, I am taking a second shot at this blog. I had previously spent two hours in the airport writing a blog post about the fears and doubts that I was having about attending training camp. I was struggling with a lot of comparisons of myself and the preconceived ideas I had of the people I was about to surrounded by. Of course these preconceived ideas came from the highlight reel of their lives – their social media accounts. “But he’s been

meet monica & jaime.

Hello dear friends! In my last blog post I talked about a married couple, Monica and Jaime Arista, who are following the Lord in Nicaragua. God asked them to move to a small area outside of Granada where they are to start a discipleship school for men called Campo Gonia.  "Gonia" means cornerstone, and Christ is the cornerstone of everything these two do.  Monica and Jaime walk by faith. God has given them the vision to build the camp. He's given them the land. He's provid

Chronicles of a Lonely Man in Ministry

It’s palpable in a Bible study, a church congregation, or on a mission trip, but it’s proving to be less of a serendipity, and more of a foundational issue: the lack of men in ministry. While this topic may seem to depreciate the women who have given their lives to serving Christ in a vocational way, this is not the case. More than ever before, I see women stepping up into their strengths and gifts that the Lord has given them with an intention to utilize them fully. However, it see

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