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A Box of Fun!

Hey guys! I have a game board with numbers 1-100 that I will be using where you can "buy" a square as a means of supporting my WORLD RACE mission trip. If you comment, fb message, or e-mail ( me the number you want you can donate through my blog by selecting the "support me" tab and I will remove that number from the box game board. 5 numbers have been randomly select to be prize boxes. If you "buy" one of these boxes you will win the prize associated with that box.The&n

Blessed, Grateful But Living In the Tension

The church year, which sets the rhythm for life here at Godspace is almost over. Officially it ends next week, but last year, I started messing with tradition and began Advent early with a week of gratitude and thanksgiving. It was so good that we decided to continue the tradition this year. Wow, what a year […]

Meet My Teammate: Alyssa Boyles

During month 4 debrief in Guatemala we had team changes. I am so blessed to be leading this group of girls and can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for all of us. Please pray that the Audacity women would continue to bond together, become unified in Christ, and be a powerful force for God's Kingdom. I would like to start my series of "Meet My Teammate" by introducing you to my new team, Team Audacity!  Alyssa was raised in Lockport, NY. She is currently 25 years old. Alyssa grew u

It Happened.

Ladies and Gentlemen, drum roll please......................... I am fully funded. I officially became fully funded on November 15th.   I am still in a state of amazement and wonder.  For over a year and a half, I've been fundraising for this incredible, life changing trip.  The lessons I learned from this entire experience have been SO much more valuable than being fully funded by when I wanted to be fully funded.    Throughout this year, God built my fait

Singing my Song

“So give me a song to sing, and I will sing it for you.”  - Will Reagan and United Pursuit A few evenings ago, I was sitting on a giant rock that overlooks a beautiful valley.  This rock is a prime quiet time spot.  We live in the middle of the mountains, and the view is spectacular.  The sun was setting in from of me, painting the skyline a brilliant pink.  I was typing up a report that team leaders have to turn in every week, but I kept getting distracted

In Memory of You

"Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted." -Matthew 5:4   Dear Daddy, I miss you. I never thought for a second that forever would come to an end. I just knew that there would always be another conversation or another chance to say "I love you." I was for sure that tomorrow would always come; I never pictured life without you & it hurts to realize another memory won't be created & another laugh won't be shared. It's like how do I say goodbye to yesterday when ever

The importance of suffering...

Suffering and the way we choose to suffer speaks a lot about our trust in the Lord. The race isn't easy emotionally or physically. We are faced with tragic situations, heartbreaking stories, and people who are so sick they are lucky to wake up in the morning. These people become our friends, our brothers, sisters, and our kids. We are faced with sickness to which we have never been exposed. When we get a cold, its much more than a cold. It's days of fever and sleeping in a hot and humid room jus

Saying YES to adventure

Bob Goff talks about saying YES more often, because when you say YES amazing things happen.During one of our weekends in Swaziland, I gave a big YES to adventure, opting to forgo the lazy Sunday afternoon plans and instead jump in on a quest for a burger and some wifi.Have you ever hiked four hours for a burger? I am not the type of person who eats burgers on a regular basis, but the prospect of a hike down the beautiful Swaziland countryside mountains seemed appealing enough. I was in for the a

A Thanksgiving Liturgy for 2014

American Thanksgiving is only a week away. People are zipping across the country (or at least trying to plough through the record snowfalls to get together) to spend the day with family and friends. This is the holiday that I have most relished adopting since I have lived in the U.S. but I find that in […]

It's Month Three

It’s month three. There’s 2 different ways you can read that statement. It can be like, “Is it really only month three? I feel like I’ve been away from home forever.” Or it’s “How is it already month three? Wasn’t it just a few weeks ago that we were getting on a plane and saying our goodbyes?” So which one is it for me? Truthfully, I don’t know. Sometimes month one seems like a lifetime ago. I can look back at pictures of my team, a

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