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Caution! Lent Can Be Habit Forming

Andy Wade —   The humble Lenten Rose – not a rose at all but a hellebore – among the earliest flowering plants in the northern garden, often bursting through the dirt and unfurling its petals as the season of Lent approaches.  As early as 1400 BCE the non-toxic varieties were used to “cleanse the […]

Importance of Blogging

     Adventures in Missions has been emphasizing the importance of blogging since we signed up for the race, but I didn’t realize how important it really was until this past week when they added a new member of our squad (shout out to Dani for being the greatest SCM). Dani is pioneering a new position for The World Race called Squad Content Manager. This position has been added to help us share our stories. She is here to help us blog/vlog/share the kingdom stories we are li

Kath man dog

Month 2 of this 11 month trip started two weeks ago. My squad, "S squad", arrived in Nepal on February 7 & 8. We stayed in a really hip part of Kathmandu called Thamel where a lot of backpackers and tourists hang out. Our squad of 55 people stayed in a hostel for about 5 days and debriefed our first month on the mission field. We had one-on-one meetings with our leaders and meetings with our team. If you forget or don't know, my team is made up of 5 girls and we named ourselves Themelios whi

Their Stories Are Real.

Taryn Kilpatrick worked in a refugee camp near the South Sudanese border. There she listened to their stories, and it awoke a new passion in her.   A nine-hour bus ride through the night started our journey to Northern Uganda. We headed out with two pastors, Uche, who has been working in South Sudan and, Joseph, who works in Northern Uganda. Because of war, their paths crossed, and they are now working together. Both have a deep love for people and a desire to bring hope to the suf

We're Going to Ta Prohm!

This is Part 2 of my two-part video series on Angkor Wat! My team and I went to Angkor Wat on separate days, but I filmed going to the Main Temple and the Tree Temple (Ta Prohm) with Team Arrow! This is my video about going to Ta Prohm. Featured in this video are my squadmates and friends: Bre Steele, Pat Jarratt, Jonathan Loudermilk, Cat Hartsell, and Mallory Morrison. This is my last video from Cambodia. Enjoy! We are in Thailand for our last few days of ministry, then we will leave to go t

The Heart of a Son

Ever since I was a young boy my father had a focus on raising my 2 brothers and I to become men. When we each turned 12 years old the birthday was very special. It was a time where we were each called into manhood, for ourselves, our future wives and most of all men of God. I can still recall my 12th birthday vividly, all the wisdom that I heard and empowering nature of it all. Most of all, I remember my father’s intentionality and desire to initiate me into manhood, a thing that rarely ha

The Power Of Grace

          In this day and age Christians are viewed as hypocritical, judgmental, and legalistic, and there is certainly a reason why. People fear walking into a Christian church building due to the daunting idea of being judged by its members. By attending church once a week numerous  “christians” have given themselves the entitlement to judge other people because they do not meet their standard of “holiness”. Humans mistakingly think they c

Update from Botswana!

Hello from Gaborone, Botswana! After spending 4 months in Asia it has been quite a different experience coming here to Africa. The life and people in Africa are SO different to those in Asia, and I want to fill you in on what my month has looked like.   The main religion in Botswana is Christianity, but only about 20% of the population is actually following and practicing those beliefs. Several of the people here will tell you that they are a Christian, but they don't believe that they ar


This month was amazing. It was more than I could have hoped for. I said in my previous blog that Africa has already stolen my heart and that is more true now than it even was then. These people are precious. Working with the Sandra Jones Center this month was awesome. It was also incredibly humbling to see how much love these women and children and staff poured out to us even while we were trying to pour into them. They have become family to me and it is extremely hard for me to say goodbye tod

Adventures in Evangelism: It's Not What I Thought

When I heard we would be doing a lot of evangelism on the Race, I was not happy. Evangelism is the weird guy on the street corners who yells at you about going to hell. Evangelism is the people who go door to door asking if you know Jesus and if you’re planning on going to heaven or to hell. Evangelism is angry and hate-filled and completely devoid of the grace that is the focal point of the very religion I’m supposed to represent. I was not going to be that person.   &nbs
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