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Priya Haji, 1970-2014

Priya Haji

How can we honor Priya Haji, a social entrepreneur, a mother, a friend, an inspiration to us all? She had such heart.

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Pulmonary Embolism & Advanced Directives

A friend of mine died this past week, suddenly, of a pulmonary embolism. After she died, I learned that a pulmonary embolism is caused by a blood clot, typically from the legs, blocks one of the pulmonary arteries in your lungs. Death is sudden. Be aware of potential causes: you should be cautious after surgery, if you have cancer, after flying on a plane, and if you have been immobilized for some time — when you are most likely to develop blood clots. On planes it is common to have swelling in both ankles, but you should be on guard if one of your ankles, or feet, has more swelling than the other. Call a doctor immediately! And do those plane exercises, and move your legs as much as you can during the flight.

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Breaking Barriers: Week 1 in the DR

My awesome team (En Fuego) and I, along with 4 other teams in my squad are serving through H.O.P.E. DR ( this month and couldn’t be any luckier! HOPE stands for Helping Others Pursue Eternity and their ministry is doing exactly that through planting churches and educating and feeding children in need all throughout the DR. ***200,000 children of this love land are orphaned and over 70,000 children live in the city of Santiago’s dump area. Roughly an hours

The Gospel in My Own Words

The Gospel is the Good News!God is Real! There is a creator; and He's not just a loving god, He is Love. He made everyone and everything. In fact, he made people after His own image. And He Loves us. He's absolutely wild about us.God is Real, but so is the devil. The devil hates God, and he doesn't want us to experience His Love. He does everything in His power to tempt us to give up God's love for a lie. This is sin, when we trade a beautiful gift that God has given us, for a shadow of that glo


Finish Your Race Sprinting!   Dear World Racers,   A long long time ago while in the land of Far Far Away. Sitting you were, living the 'normal' life, looking at the horizons and wondering if there's more beyond what the eyes can catch. Coffee mugs, desks, clocks, couches, pencils, exams, midterms, morning vehicles warm ups, traffic, bills, make-up, what should I wear, were part of the routine. Along a Man came by as you were staring at the horizons. You already knew Him but still

He Makes me Brave

This song is relatable to my life these days. He is the one who makes me brave. He is the one who called me out beyond the shores. He is the only one I will always say Yes to.      "You make me Brave" I stand before You nowThe greatness of Your renownI have heard of the majesty and wonder of YouKing of Heaven in humility, I bowAs Your loveIn wave after waveCrashes over me, crashes over meFor You are for us You are not against usChampion of HeavenYou've made a way 

My World Race Continues On This Fall!


My time is not done here. God has much more to teach me and I have much more to give. About four months ago I began to have some important people in my life ask me about my plans after the race. After mulling around a few ideas in my head, I sat down with some of the leadership I have been surrounded with this year and we all agreed that squad leading looked to be the greatest opportunity. What does that mean for me? I get to spend the next 11 months loving on J Squad! They just

Revolutionary Christianity

When the church first started they were fighting to spread the Gospel to the nations. For them, the fight was real. They were being truly persecuted. They were revolutionaries fighting against oppressive governments to spread a message of hope, grace, and mercy. Jesus himself started this movement. Jesus and the disciples were, quite literally, a band of rebels. He went against the Pharisees and the religious powers of the time because they were only out to get more power for themselves. He fo

Talita Cumi

This month in Bolivia, Sarah, Ash, Linda and I are working at the girls' rehabilitation home called Talita Cumi. A part of the Mision Adulam ministry, Talita Cumi is a safe haven for girls ages 14 through 26 who are struggling with addiction, living on the street, or are involved in gang activity. This ministry is doing an incredible job of providing much-needed counseling, love, food, shelter, education and a solid Christian foundation. These girls aren't just street kids to the staff working h

Do Something

Why I want to do the World Race: Well, there are several reasons. Ever feel like you were created for something more than the standard 9-5 job? I don’t know about you, but I do. One reason is because I feel like I am most alive and my life has purpose when I am serving and helping others because I feel like I am being the “hands and feet of God”. Another reason is because I don’t really know what I want to do for a career. I went to college and graduated with a B.S. in Ma

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