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Pastry Blog (Part 2... and Counting)

This is a continuation of the Filipino pastries I've been eating (yes, I have been getting around... hopefully it doesn't also include me getting a-round-er belly! haha)   8. Round Dough Pastry with Powdered Sugar on top Flavor - 82 Moisture - 76 Creativity - 50 Other - 75 Overall - 83 Cost - N/A, gift from teammate This pastry was better than the sum of it's parts as shown by a higher overall score than any individual category. I would buy this pastry as it was a delicious po

mom time, praise Jesus.

Let's admit it. Whether you're 10, 17, or 27, you need a mom.  Personally, I think moms are what [and who] make the world go 'round. [Beyonce was close...but not quite there. Moms run the world.]  When I was in college, I called my mom nearly every day on my morning walk to class:  "Morning, Moms.  Just checking in. I only slept 3 hours last night so I'm headed to grab coffee before my biochemistry test..."  When I had my internship at the zoo, I texted my mom nearl

Flipping The Switch On Expectations

Frustration.  Anger.  Exhaustion.  Misunderstanding.  Betrayal. Sometimes (oftentimes) things on the Race (and in life) are not what you expect.  You think life is going to provide adventure, you think ministry is going to involve saving dozens of souls, seeing miraculous healings, maybe even a few demons cast out of people.  You think that as you go to these other nations ministry will be miraculously different and God will magically move differently.  You th

Say Thank You It Will Suffice

This morning I sit in my sacred space gazing out at mountains with fresh snow on the Olympics. It is the first of the season and unlike the deluge that has covered much of the midwest and northeastern U.S. it is also a welcome sight. So I sit with gratitude for the changing of the seasons, […]

The Price Tag for a Night

An uneven, broken concrete boardwalk. On one side is a white beach and dark ocean, illuminated only by the occasional flash of lightning. On the other side is a brightly lit medley of bars, restaurants, and tattoo shops. The night is full of the music blaring from bars, tourists chatting with locals, and roaming vendors peddling their wares. Then, at exactly 8:30 pm, the atmosphere changes. The music switches beats as fire dancers begin to line the beach. They light up the sky with spinning fa


Sanibonani! Hello from Swaziland, everyone! It has been over 3 weeks since I have written ya’ll, for that I am sorry. We have our most limited internet access on the race this month here in Swazi, so please bear with me as I catch ya’ll up on my latest happenings on the race! J At the end of October we made the 3 day journey from Phenom Phen, Cambodia all the way over to the continent of Africa in the bush village of Nsoko, Swaziland. Our 3 days of travel was fun, relaxing, and yet

This is for the Birds

Since my last blog I have spent the month of October in Guatemala, got placed on a team of all new people, had a layover in DC and was able to see my family & now I have lived the last month in Zambia, Africa. Almost six months into the race and I am still in awe of this crazy adventure God has lead me to. The only way to describe this month so far is Freedom. To be completely honest, it has taken this long, but I am finally "buying in" to the World Race and totally surrendering to what God

Silence and Solitude

“Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for Him.” Psalm 37:7   I’m good at sitting. I’m not prone to rambling. I’ve been told I have an affinity for listening.   This verse should be my sweet spot. Key phrase: “should be.”   I could tell you my struggle is because traveling/living with 42 people doesn’t offer the time or space to quietly reflect on the Lord, but that excuse is worn out.  The ugly truth of it is: &


My team has been in Zambia, enjoying our time here in Livingstone. We have been renting out a 3 bedroom, 2-bathroom home with electricity and running water in the mornings and at night. Because of the cooler nights many of us have been tenting and hammocking in the backyard under the mango’s. It’s great to feel safe with our security guard and is helpful to have Veronica who helps out with laundry and is great company. My team and team Agape have been serving with Jzone, which is an

Soo, that squad leader thing...

  Konnichiwa!!! (Hello!)   That is one of the few phrases I have learned in Japanese so far! :) Month five has brought lots of change for F squad....a new continent, new culture, harder language, different spiritual atmosphere, team changes and new leadership have all become real the past few weeks. This month has definitely looked different for me.   As many of you know, I was approached by our alumni squad leaders, Wesley and Kesley, at the end of Colombia...they aske

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