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Half Way Through the Race Newsletter

        Thank you again for all your support! Much love from Cambodia!

The Month I Fell In Love

The Month I fell in Love When I signed up for the race I never thought I could fall in love. For me love was a super weird thing and I never knew how I was going to be able to accept it. Or even how to fully love someone in return. Even just letting people give me a hug was weird and awkward for me. I also thought that I wasn't worthy of anyone's love. Everyone dreams of the day the fall in love with someone. It's a very special moment. This month in Cambodia I found true love. I'm not writing

Time flies when you're having fun!!!

DUDE!!!!! I have been committed to the World Race for ONE MONTH ALREADY!!!  whhhaatttt! Where has the time gone!!  I have to say I am super encouraged, by all the love and support each of you have shown during this preparation time! From those who have believed in me and have given from support letters, to our envelope fundraiser, to my $27 for 27! THANK YOU!!!  Saying thank you just doesn't do it justice! There have been moments when I just want to simply bawl my eye

My Heart's Desires Confirmed

Yesterday was absolutely precious to me, and I will cherish it deeply in my heart.  I absolutely love how God is such a God of unique creativity. Working in such a close community has revealed to me that each individual person can have an absolutely different passion for and from God.  I know He has created each one of our hearts to burn passionately about something unique. I can see it. I have seen some of my teammates come alive this month working in the bars - and I've seen myself

More Than You Realize...

Let me preface this entry added below by saying that this is not at all a picture of what life is like on the race all the time. I debated back and forth with myself if I should post this, because I know it’s not such a pretty picture. Some of these words aren't the sort of thing you would see in a World Race promotional video or in a support letter. It's just a slice of real life and a shout out to all my fellow racers out there persevering and going strong. The race is hard, but it&rsqu


Before leaving Malaysia, I was asked to be team leader and was placed on a brand new team for the last few months of the race.  When we got to Africa, I found out that we were not going to have any set ministry schedule, but that we would have to create our own. I put a ton of pressure on myself and felt as though I needed to have it all together to lead my new team well. I was so worried that we weren't motivated  or doing enough while being here. We were told that the last team

Total Celebration Time!

This story actually begins several years ago. The first time I decided I wanted to go on the world race I had applied for the January 2013 route. Clearly that did not happen. Funding was coming in slowly and my parents advised that I transfer to a later route and have most of my funds before leaving the country. Three years later and a bit more funding I finally launched on the January 2016 route. Our final due date for the full $16,562 was at the end of April. My twenty-fifth birthday was just

Monday’s List

In which I gather random, unrelated things in short list form.

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Meditation Monday – Five Tips for Paying Attention to Your Life.

by Christine Sine What does it mean to pay attention to your life? I am contemplating that question as I sit in my quiet place listening to the birds sing and watching the mountains glow in the early morning light.  Paying attention is about taking notice to ourselves, God, our neighbours and the earth on […]

Where Are All My Brothers & Sisters??

Below is some of what God has been revealing to me since last year! I hope it blesses and encourages you. Thank you again for your prayers and love! God bless!   Romans 5:18-21: “Therefore, as one trespass led to condemnation for all men, so one act of righteousness leads to justification and life for all men. For as by the one man’s disobedience the many were made sinners, so by one man’s obedience the many will be made righteous. Now the law came in to increase the tr
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