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Pssst... I'm Coming Home Soon

In approximately 4 weeks I will be boarding a plane to come back to America. FOUR WEEKS. I don't even know what to think of that, I feel like just last month I was leaving Chicago for Belgrade and now I have to think about coming home. Questions continue to run through my mind like "am I ready to come home?" I want to come home, but am I ready? I thought leaving for the race was hard, but honestly I think coming home will be even more difficult. I am excited to see my friends and family, but th

Training Camp

As most of you know I recently graduated and headed to a 10 day training camp. In those 10 days I learned more about myself, my faith, and the kingdom than I ever thought I would. So in this post I'm just going to share with you some of the many things I learned at training.  Live Simply to Simply Live: Obviously on the race we live out of backpacks meaning pack the necessities and and very little clothes. By very little clothes I mean I wore the same outfit for at the very least two or th

Project Search Light

My week of prospective. My week to look back on the past 3 weeks and be the judge of my actions and behavior. This week is 6 days of race community, awesome worship, new opportunities, and Great reminders. It's called project search light. The last leg on my World Race Journey. I didn't want to come. I had already gotten back into "normal life." I had already had my gym routine down and I had made a schedule for myself. The thing is I signed up month 7 for PSL booked my tickets month 8, and

Dear Future Racers and Supporters: The World Race is Not My Instagram Feed

Last week I had one of those beautifully disastrous moments that eloquently describes the World Race... Not what you expected.  Dear Future Racers, and Supporters: The World Race is NOT my Instagram feed.  Yes, I am doing incredible things in picturesque places - but that is maybe 1% of the Race.  Doing those things help glue back together my broken heart, while sticking what little sanity I have left onto something.  Here is the issue... As Racers, we don't want t

Blog Challenge Day 5

Sometimes, you just have to buck up and eat spiders.

Blog Challenge Day 6

Rosie, this introduction is for you! My name is Molly and I am a 4th generation Home Economics teacher (or Family and Consumer Sciences- FACS). I have proven it a fact that teaching is in my blood. I love that I was a teacher back in the states. I sometimes wear it like a police badge. I'm proud that I have gone through college, got my degree, and began to teach. I'm even more proud in the fact that I am the 4th generation teacher. My mom taught Home Ec before she had my older brother, my gra

Sonship. Sickness. Surrender.

It has been an incredible month in Botswana. It is crazy to think that this country was not a part of my original route because I cannot imagine my race without it. The people of this country make me feel like I am at home. We have gotten to work in the school as well as get a taste of operations within the organization where I have had the opportunity to utilize my design background. It has been a deep month of growth and I hope to unpack some of that here with you. The first area of depth has

The Little Girl in the Brown Dress

I can’t do this today. Or at least that’s what I thought when we started to walking to what I can only describe is the most magical ministry site yet. Think wooded forest with sunlight streaming through the trees and perfectly circle-shaped clearing to host a VBS, which is exactly what we were doing. I couldn’t do this. I didn’t want to walk. I couldn’t breathe; my lungs decided that coughing was a better option. To whoever said that the world race is more a like

Cambodian Recap Video

One of my favorite months and ministries on the race. This is my month 10 (TEN!!) recap video!!

Cambodia - A Month of Memories

Month Ten - Cambodia What a month. Nearing the end of the Race it would have been easy to check out, to go through the motions, to be here but not be present. But the Lord had such different plans for how He wanted me to end, and He used Cambodia to bring them to light. This month was a month where the Lord called me deeper and I wholeheartedly wanted to follow. And even though I stumbled plenty along the way, He brought me insight and joy in facing frustrations and in when an end is comi
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