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Reconciling our Fragmented Selves by Alex Tang

Soul care or care of our inner spiritual life is a lifelong process. It is worthwhile during this Lenten season to reexamine it. Procrastination is one of our favorite habits, made worse by social media such as Facebook. Procrastination is what we do to avoid doing what we should be doing. Playing games in soul […]

There's Always Room for One More

My World Race so far has been more than I could have ever imagined. Before training camp, I was a lukewarm Christian. I had no idea what it meant to really let God in. I found Him at training camp. But not long after, I fell into old habits and fell back away from him. Then when it got closer and closer to launch, I kept thinking about saying no to the race.. but for some reason I never did. About 3 weeks before launch in January, I had a breakdown and convinced myself I was too broken to go o

my beautiful mess. (and the end all recap video!)

This blog and video has been a long time in the making. And I sincerely apologize to all of you out there wondering and waiting for some insight into my life from after the world. Basically just know, I think I’ve tried to write this about 10 times. And its not because I’ve had this ‘grandiose’ idea i've been struggling to portray, or the lack of time, its just because I don’t know what to,  -say. How are you supposed to describe being ejected from the

Exhausted for the Gospel

Many of you already know this, but I am privileged to be on tour with Compassion International. For the past two weeks, I have been a road representative on their Rock and Worship Roadshow tour, which continues until the end of March. Compassion works through the local church in communities of developing countries and helps children receive medical care, nutrition, proper hygiene, education, mentoring, and most important they will hear about Jesus Christ. And praise God, we have already seen alm

What the heck are you doing in India?

World Race: Month Seven. Location: Hyderabad, India Ministry: CWC – Covenant Worship Center Focus: Partnering with the worship center to make disciples of Christ in India!! This includes: going to prayer meetings, worship sessions, bible studies, and small groups, updating the ministries website, and visiting families and youth (youth is considered 15-35 here lolol, I’m a teen). Weird cultural things: Smiling = flirting and gender roles are way different. Oh and I’m covered

Women & bonker blizzard Car crashes

  Women.      Some would say they are bad drivers ... HOWEVER, They are pretty powerful creatures. There are many women who have helped shaped my life and each one of them have uniquely captured very special places in my heart. One woman in particular has literally been my backbone for the last 7 years and 4 months of my life. Just knowing her has prompted and ignited the fiery passion I today hold for Christ.        I believe that life allows for man

the beautiful hour

Thailand is such a cool country. My new team and I have spent the first week adjusting to one another, getting to know the culture, ministry and people we work with. Finally, I feel like I am experiencing authentic culture that is far removed from the western world. We eat delicious thai curry and pad thai each day and everything is in thai. I love it. Our day is typically broken up into hours. There are two schools we go to in groups for a few hours throughout the week. Each day after lunch th

The Body by Keren Dibbens-Wyatt

I am a heart, beating to the drum of creation, a percussive pounding in the chest of the church, jumping for joy. A leaping, living thing that softens with every break into deeper and lovelier ravines of gentleness and compassion, leading the dance of love where all believing begins. Will you join my rhythm? I […]

The C Word

Cancer. A word that has unfortunately been heavily present in my life.   When I was little my grandma passed away from cancer. It was my first and so far only, funeral.   It was one of my youngest and most detailed memories. My last memory of her was in my grandparents’ house. I know that I got to go to the hospital to see her before she passed away, but I don’t remember it.             My last memory of her is

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