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Left Foot. Right Foot.

“You can’t be remade until you first allow yourself to be unmade: Abandon your comfort zone. Embrace your brokenness. Depend on God.”   Just three steps. Easy, right? I mean, it sounds so simple. Bring it on. I’ll do it. I’ll be remade. In Guatemala, I learned a lot about the first step. I learned how to abandon home and my worldly desires. I learned what it meant to not be entitled to anything. I learned how to leave behind my old self and step into this

The Cons of Being a Christian

I've really been enjoying the words from God's word. Taking it one step further, I've been studying how simple prefixes and suffixes are so important to a word's meaning. Read below to learn the true meaning of the prefix "con". Through this study, I've learned that the 'cons' of being a Christian aren't so bad after all. 

  The prefix 'con'  means: to be together with. When we confess, consider, and confide, Jesus is giving us specific instructions how to

Thailand Update!

It has been two weeks since my team and I arrived at our new ministry site in Kanchanaburi, Thailand.  My squad and I overtook the YWAM base in Bangkok, Thailand on December 4.  After two days of exploring markets and very foreign food, my team headed off in a van for our ministry site five hours away. The longer we drove, the more beautiful the scenery became with bluffs shooting skyward and mountains covered in jungle and palm trees. As our van pulled onto a gravel road, parking in

Prayers for the Fourth Sunday Of Advent – John Birch

Today’s prayers come from John Birch’s new book The Act of Prayer Scripture: 2 Samuel 7:1-11, 16: Psalm 89:1-4, 19-26; Luke 1:46-55; Romans 16:25-27; Opening Prayer: Through our worship today, bring us nearer, in our Advent journeying, to Bethlehem’s stable, expectation and celebration. Adoration We will sing of your love for ever, and proclaim your faithfulness […]

Bringing my whole self to the manger by Lynne Baab

Today’s post in the series Welcome to the Manger Who Will You Invite? is contributed by Lynne Baab who has written many books and articles on Christian spiritual practices. Her latest book is The Power of Listening. Visit Lynne’s website and blog for numerous articles she’s written on spiritual practices. Who do I want to bring to […]

living in a coffee shop?

For the past three weeks since my team and I arrived in Thailand, I keep starting blogs, but end up not feeling inspired to write much at all. As I write this, it is 10 at night in Thailand, and my team and I are half way through our 4 hour drive back from today's ministry which was in a small village in Northeast Thailand.  We are in the back of a truck, which they call a taxi... So this is the perfect time to attempt a blog! My team and I live in Korat, Thailand, at the Tamar Center whi

Staying True

So I have been listening to Rend Collective's album Campfire for awhile now and I have to say it is literally one of my favorite albums to listen to. With the album came a video called the Campfire Story, where they talk about the reason for how they recorded the album. It really touched me because there is so much truth in it and something that over these past months I have really taken to heart and helped me.  Growing up, I have always been the weird or awkward kid compared to those arou

Gods Perfect Timing!

Wow where does the time go? How did I not accept God as my Lord and Savior sooner? What should I do with my life? Where should my next chapter begin to be written? What is going on around me in the lives of others?   Jesus saved me with His utmost perfect timing. I was one of the people who had to touch rock bottom and throw my hands up surrendering to His forgiving and gracious love. His presence is like a wildfire within my soul. Still a baby in my Christianity, by my faith sees beyond

An Unrestful Debrief

We began this month with what’s called a “debrief.” This is a time when the whole squad comes together for a couple of days to rest and revamp for the next month. This was my first debrief as a Squad Leader. For the squad, this couple of days is a wonderful time of rest and relaxation, but for the Squad Leaders, Field Mentor and Coaches, this time is a beautifully hectic time of individual team debrief meetings, one on ones with Racers, leadership meetings, and nightly

Nepali Update!

I cannot even begin to express how amazing it is to be here in Nepal. I am awestruck everyday by how incredibly beautiful this country is. Driving to our ministry site took nine hours, but it was absolutely breathtaking. Nepal is covered in rolling hills, scattered with terraced gardens and little villages, and set at the feet of the awesome, white-capped Himalayan mountains. It is a majestic site to behold. This month I am staying with Team Luna, an all-girls team of seven amazing women. We are

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