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What We Gain From What He Gave

What We Gain From What He Gave Imagine yourself waiting in a doctor's office. Back home when I have to wait more than one hour or so I begin to grow impatient. Now put yourself in the mindset of an African mama. You get to the clinic at 7 in the morning and you wait amongst 700 or so other mothers, your baby on your back or side. There is no seating, no waiting room, you are outside and there is limited shade. It is hot and there is no water, not even from the bathroom faucet. You wait 2 hours,

More Squad Leading in 2017!?! :D

Hello family and friends!  I want to announce what God has called me to do in my life next! I am squad leading another World Race route starting January 2017!! I will lead the Fusion 3 squad and am very excited for the new vision for this route! Fusion 3 will not follow the normal routine the other World Race squads follow.  What will be different about the Fusion 3 route? Normally, a World Race squad receives daily instructions from the host organization in each country; manual lab

Check Ins

Well I had this long elaborate blog all typed up...I've been working on it since this afternoon, but then my computer froze and I lost it and it's about to be midnight and we start our days relatively early. So lucky you I will keep this short because I really want to go to bed  The World Race is not exactly what I expected, but then again I really didn't have too many expectations other than it will be life changing, so everyone keeps on telling me. 3 weeks in and it's not life changi

it's not always glamorous.

i think people get the wrong idea of the world race. they look at social media and see all the fun things we post and bring to the conclusion that we are on vacation for a year. selfishly, i kinda wish that were true. there have been countless days where we have arrived in a foreign country not knowing where we were going to sleep that night. we are constantly on the move. i.e. i've been in five countries in three months, with all of them speaking different languages. not sure when we will be ab


recognized, familiar, or within the scope of knowledge.   This past Saturday morning I was sitting on a bench looking over the Black Sea. There I was sitting, listening to worship music, wearing my favorite flannel and KC baseball cap, and watching the waves crash into the rocks and beach below. Something that has become a regular occurrence while on the race is how differently I'm looking at people. People in the streets, at the market, cafes, grocery stores, second hand shops, and t

Month 11, you snuck up on me

Month 11 It's here. It's 25 October.I just spent 10 days walking on the Camino de Santiago.I walked about 200 kilometres. My feet are swollen & fat. My Achilles heels are swollen & need rest. We just got to our destination of Burgos, Spain, about about an hour ago & I literally broke down & cried. It hurt to put my shoes on the past several mornings. I'm thankful we have the remainder of today to rest & nearly all of tomorrow. I'm thankful I don't have to walk 20+ km anymor

My Part in the Greatest Story Ever Told

A lot of people having been asking me, “Why the World Race?” And after some reflection on this question, my answer to this is “why not?” Since I was 13 years old, I have felt a call to missions. After a week-long mission trip to Honduras, I felt a familiarity and passion for overseas missions that was unmatched by anything else in my life, and to this day, nothing else compares to the heart I believe God has given me for His nations.  God loves the nations. He lon

Romanced in Romania.

Words on paper or words on the screen or even words that I would verbally say to describe my time in Romania would not fully describe all that God did there and continues to do there. As we crossed borders into Romania, God overwhelmed me with His love for me and for His people. He loves me. He loves me. He loves me. He loves you. He loves you. He loves you. It is so true. Just imagine how much you love your closest family and friends, God loves you unfathomably more. He loves you unconditi

The Body Blog

  I didn't want to do this, I don't like reading these. I wish there wasn't a reason for people to have to have a realization about their bodies. But here it goes.There is a plan & purpose for me. I've been set apart. It's in the Bible (Jeremiah). I was born. I have a body. I believe that God has made each body's in the Bible too (Psalm 139). I've never had a great relationship with my body. I don't hate it. I've never been proud of it. I just accepted a long time ago

seeing the dead raised.

I was going to post a status on Facebook along these lines last night: We want to see the dead raised, yet we don't want to love the one in front of us.We want the blind to see, yet we are unwilling to take an honest look at our own hearts and depravity - our spiritual blindness. We want the lame to walk, yet many days we struggle to GO and love our neighbor and communities. I was going to write something along the lines of which of the two principles (the miraculous or the less flashy) are gr
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