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Welcome Back!

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Dear Younger Me

Dear Younger Me, If only you knew. If only you knew there is a whole world full of adventure waiting for you. The God you know is pursuing you. He is calling you to a relationship with Him. He is calling you to what He has planned for you. Every question, every doubt, every worry about your future and current career, everything is taken care off. Everything has a purpose, it is all part of God’s divine plan for you. Every moment brings you closer to who your meant to be. Your future is go

The Year in Bullet Points

I am about to return from almost a year away from home, and just like you, a lot has happened in that time. You are probably wondering what happened during my year, what living conditions were like, what ministry was like, how we got around. All valid questions, so I have compiled various things that happened/I’ve done over the past 11-months. I may not be able to answer every one of your questions with complete thoughts (processing takes a long time) or I may I struggle to pick a favorite

The One Where I Gave My Key Away

At the beginning of the World Race, each person on our squad was given a key necklace. After each individual key was prayed for, specific word(s) were assigned to every person. Many keys said things such as, “Peace” or “Hope” or “Anchor”. Mine said “Rise Up”. We were instructed to pray about what those words meant and once the Lord revealed the lesson, we were to give the key away to someone who could glean from the key as well. That leads me

Racing vs The Race

  As most of you know, mountain biking is a big part of my life. A quick scroll through my instagram, or casual chat with any of my friends will prove. I have been riding bikes since I was four years old. Be it just for fun in the neighborhood, in the mountains with my family, or at the bike park with my friends, it was always a great way for me to have fun and push myself. And for a long time, it was just that.   Come junior year of high school, I decided to join the mountain bikin

Little Hands

There's so much, and it's all such little things. I have struggled with how to put words to any of it. I wrote this this morning. It's not perfect, but neither have the experiences been that have lead me to this point. It's just a bit of chaotic processing. I hope you can make some sense out of it.   Little Hands The little hands reaching for me every dayI hear "Madi, come!" yelled from the other side of the wallSo many little childrenmost stopping by for a kiss and hugothers here just t


Hope.Something not seen. The unknown. A surprise, if you will. Hope is freedom. Hope is scary. Let me place all my hope in the one who knows me. You who know my heart. My inner most being. It is you I place my hope. Hope in you is not lost. Hope in you is gain. Hope is well placed truth in your name. Hope is knowing some things will come and some things will not. But hoping nonetheless. Hope. Teach me how to hope. Hope in You. “For I know the plans I have for you” — this is the

Starving Hearts

It seems these days I can only write poems to convey my thoughts....   These children grab my hand  They treat me as a sister; as a friend. Any chance they get they'll yell hi It’s a simple word  And yet just as powerful as goodbye they’re in awe we live in this village  Walking through the streets I feel their stare When they grab my hand and kiss my cheek I feel their care.  The eagerness they share is rare  and I’ve never experienced


Surrounded In the valley I stand encapsulated by beauty...Completely surrounded by their strength in beauty.While i should feel so small, I instead feel more alive than ever , That The Creator of it all is residing right inside me.

Memories from Moldova

My mind's been a little crazy the last couple of months, but we did in fact go to Moldova and had a great time there! We had really sweet and awesome hosts who were the most involved hosts I've had Larissa and Andrei. They really made us feel at home as we lived next door to them. The church Andrei pastors at welcomed us in as well and we had a great month doing kid and youth ministry almost every day. We also got to help expecting parents, Jane and Staus, as well meet little Darina. We were in
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