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The Price of Love

by Mary Harwell Sayler Genesis 29:20: “ Jacob worked for Rachel for seven years, but it seemed like a few days because he loved her,” CEB. Prayer: Lord God, I want to know Your word on love, but these first instances in the Bible have to do with sacrifice. That wasn’t what I had in mind! […]

in Vietnam; a poem. [PLUS VIDEO TOUR]

Vietnam ended up being among my favorite countries so far. It was my first country on a new team and we focused a lot on building relationships with the locals by teaching English and just hanging out!   I’m feeling pretty poetic, so I’m throwing my recap at ya in the form of a poem!   In Vietnam In Vietnam, we stayed in Da Lat. In Vietnam, I learned a lot. In Vietnam, I learned to play ping-pong. In Vietnam, you pay in dong. In Vietnam, I made friends with the la

Month 1

So I’m sad that there have been so few blogs this month. The internet was extremely spotty and unfortunately my computer has decided to give me the black screen of death. Month one was hard, but good. We worked alongside Jesus for Africa and had the most amazing ministry host. We basically have Mozambique parents. The month was hard and had many obstacles. There were long travel days, learning how to cook outside, camping, and how to do this whole World Race thing. Our ministry was amazin

Note to Self: You're Taking This Month Off.

Dear Kayla Elizabeth, I miss you. It's been five full months of traveling and I'm so proud of you for every last bizarre, joyful, messy, tear-filled moment. The girl who spent 12 hours a day up a tree or wandering alone through state recreational parks took a chance with what she believed herself to be capable of, and is doing the World Race. Thank you for believing in yourself. Thank you for taking a shot at this whole blogging thing back in October 2014, when you got an email asking you to

I Went White Water Rafting and Nearly Drowned

“Forward! Harder! Keep paddling!” “I CAN’T REACH THE WATER!” Nathan yelled out as we hit wave after wave of our first rapid of the day.  Sometimes our paddles cut straight through the water, launching us forward into our next blow from the waves, sometimes we were lifted so high up in the boat, we went through the motion of rowing without actually coming in contact with the river, and sometimes we’d dig our paddles in, only for it to stay there as if we

Nepal. The Most Adventurous Month

I’m currently laying in my hammock under the stars in a little town somewhere in Cambodia. I’m sitting here reflecting on last month and trying to think of what to say about it. My month in Nepal was definitely my most adventurous month on the race so far. We started the month in the main city of Kathmandu and stayed together as a whole squad for a few days. Our leadership from the states flew in and they poured into us so well while they were with us. We had team changes while lead

Devine Appointment

I want to use this blog to update you all on the amazing things the Lord is doing in my life and the steps he is establishing for a fruitful, life-bringing future. #1 The organization in Cambodia I feel the Lord is calling me back to no longer has a position available for me. So with that said, my options are open until something opens up with them. #2 I am currently working in Swaziland at an Adventures in Missions base (the organization that the World Race is from) as the Nurses Assistant. I

I'm building an altar

On Sunday night I had the pleasure of going to a service at Hillsong, Century City in Cape Town. We got there a little late and missed part of the worship but I am very glad we went. The pastor who spoke was visiting from Australia and he was speaking about altars and the significance of them in the Old Testament, and what they should signify for the church of today. For the Old Testament church, the altar was a place where they would give offerings to ask the Lord for things; as well as a pla

Welcome to Month 1

First and for most, Thank you to all who've have prayed and supported me. Right now I'm currently in Beira, Mozambique. On Jan 27 it was be day 16. I wake up in the morning reminding myself, "You're sweaty because there in no a/c", "Your bed in on the floor", "That roaster is crowing and it's only 04:30" "Do I need to go get water?" "Hey the itching bug bites have stopped" All this makes me smile. We took a shuttle bus for 8 hrs to shortly get on a"bed bus" for 21 hrs to our ministry site.

Disarming Someone Using A Smile

After few weeks in Beira, Mozambique two things were very obvious. We stood out and people made it a point to let us know. The other was that they didn't feel comfortable having us around. Most of the time we spent our time inside our ministry. Within the walls of Kedesh we ate, worked, played, and poured our hearts out. The kids made it easy to be contempt with staying inside. But like most times with traveling, we found the need to explore a little. We were advised in advan
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