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Meditation Monday – Light Emerges Out Of Darkness

by Christine Sine

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Rapture Drill: Revealing Jesus (A Revelation to John) | S2 E3

1 Minute Read Subscribe via iTunes or Google Season 2 | Episode 3 Who was John? What world did he step into and why should that shape our understanding of Revelation? Many believe that he was John the disciple of Jesus. However, evidence seems to point in a different direction. What we do know, however, is ...

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Ask Me Questions!!

Ask me Questions!!! Hello all! I thought it would be fun to do a question and answer blog. Please comment down below or send me an email with any questions you have- about me deciding to do the Race, any part of my life, general life on the Race, or things about my time in Swaziland and Nepal. I look forward to answering your questions! Also, if you have any requests for blog posts, please let me know. I would like to know what stuff you are interested in hearing about. Thanks!!

19 You and Me

19 You and Me November 19, 1999 that's my birthday. The day my parents welcomed me into this world. I'm a Florida girl, born in Panama City, Florida. I was the first baby girl ( sorry Isabella I beat you to that one) Oh and Manning, I'm not sorry I wrecked your only child moment. We both know you wouldn't have been able to handle the only child life. Anyways coming into the World Race I wasn't looking forward to being away from home for my birthday. I wasn't going to get to eat whatever I want

Ministry in Nepal

Hello all!! It is Monday, and I have been in Nepal for a week now! My team (WOHC Tribe) and one other (To The Wind) are living together in the home of our ministry host Gresom. Our ministry started on Wednesday, and it has been so fun, exciting, and eye-opening already. Today, I am staying back with one of my teammates who does not feel well (because I am a newly raised up team leader!!), so I am sitting down to update everyone on what I am doing. We do something a little different each day, so

My Baby Queso

My Baby Queso Started writing 10-23-18 This is my Swazi baby, his name isn't really Queso. His real name I can't pronounce and have no idea how to spell so we nicknamed him Queso.  He is 3 years old.  This little boy is at my care point so I get to see him 4 days a week! The first week we went to our care point (maba 2) He was kind of scared of us and cried when we tried to pick him up or talk to him.  One day during our second week at Maba 2 he fell asleep, so obviously I had t

siem reap

  word: siem reap It is Christmas time and I am now in Cambodia! I arrived here on the 7th and we started our ministry work here on the 12th! This month will be a shorter one due to travel and Christmas, but I’m doing some cool things here that I wanted to update you all on! Here it goes Who am I with? Starting this month and for the next few months I am with a brand new team of 5 people! This is a very big deal. I will now be eating, sleeping, working and spending a lot of

Hondo P.

It’s month 5. currently sitting in my bed, nestled underneath a turquoise mosquito net, listening to the crickets outside, and the stillness of the Malawian night.    Rewind to month 4; Honduras. Current thoughts: Overall, how was it?  What did the Lord teach me? Missing Pastor, Pastora, and Roes, wondering how they are. It was the last month Mamacitas (my first team) were together; how did we grow and what did we learn from one another?    It was hundo p.

Adis! Chao! Hasta Luego!

Central America, I will miss you. I will miss your trees and mountains and beaches, and the beautiful weather that goes along with them. I will miss your language that I claimed to hate for the past 8 years and now I absolutely love. I will miss your food. Yes, I will ACTUALLY miss your beans and rice and plantains at every meal. But most of all, I will miss your people. Your incredible, kind, hospitable, loving, beautiful people. People who made me laugh. People who taught me to listen. Peo

Why I Went To One Of The Most Dangerous Streets In Colombia

I was recently reminded of a piece of advice from Seth Barnes, the founder of the World Race: "Live a good story, and tell a few things about it."   I have been blessed with such a unique opportunity over these past six and a half months (since training camp) to live a phenomenal story. And while it has been far from easy or comfortable, it has been such an incredible experience.  I now find myself having traveled to Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Spain, Ethiopia, Rwanda, and now U
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