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On Screen/Off Screen Is It Hurting Our Sleep?

The discussion on Tuesday’s post What’s the Problem With Insomnia has made me realize that this is an extremely important issue for many of us. It is easy to make the excuse however that waking in the night is normal and then ignore the factors in our lifestyles that contribute to our sleeplessness. I wrote […]

We Got Caught

When men in uniform with guns on their hips tell you to pull over your motorbikes generally you oblige.  We did. Southeast Asia, recognized for its unbelievably chaotic and aggressive drivers has turned me into quite a proficient motorcycle operator.  Learning  how to simply maneuver in jam packed, everything goes traffic in Chiang Mai, Thailand and Cambodia really instills in you a very necessary, aggressive mindset that is then accompanied by confidence and competence on a moto

Go Bold or Go Home

So close yet so far... I am bankrupt... This the end of one season and the beginning of a new chapter... Why do I even follow Him? Am I nuts? I want to serve... But I need help! ... Every day we receive the greatest gift of all. Every day when we wake up, we are alive. Every day when you open your eyes, you have a choice to make. Every day you either choose to live like yesterday or to improve and evolve. Every day you have the opportunity to renew yourself. Every day I choose the

A Tremor Lullaby

A Tremor Lula-bye  Never in my life have I experienced something quite like the earthquake that hit on may 12, 2015 in Kathmandu, Nepal. It was life changing, thought altering, lifeline throwing and beautiful all at once. Being completely shaken to the core, having everything you once knew be moved (literally) and then being able to find perfect peace in our Father through it all. Who would have ever thought that a disaster like this one could end up glorifying God in ways beyond imagine

"When Jesus say yes, nobody can say no"

     God inspired me last summer as I read missionary autobiography after missionary autobiography. I was completely astounded by the power of God that manifested in each of their lives.I was blown away by their [spirit empowered] accomplishments for the kingdom. I was shocked and a little jealous at the immensity of their trust. Most of all I was excited and inspired by the stories God writes in the lives of people who simply say YES.      I signed up for the wo

Me, Myself and I

Wow, what a question. Who Am I?? As some of you know I've been struggling and searching to find the answer to this age old question. The answers have been fascinating! I'm like a child with a new toy. My eyes and ears are open wide. Ill say that it hasn't been easy. But I wanted to give you an idea. Just what is going on inside my head. Ill be brief! (sort of) I wouldn't scare you with everything that goes on in there ;) #1 Perfection. I've strived my whole life to be perfect. It may not seem

Not Your Average Model

Before the doors swung open at 10 am for breakfast, I snuck out to give her a gift. Little did I know, this gift was going to mean more than a gift from Santa on Christmas morning. Like every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning, TiTi and her husband Abbu were often two of the first people there waiting for the doors to open. As we stood there buttering bread, TiTi poked her head through the window bars to great us each by name, as usual. As I yelled “good morning” back and I stood


That's right.  I AM FULLY FUNDED, Y'ALL.Sorry if I say it a million times, but I can still hardly believe it myself.I AM FULLY FUNDED!!!I am speechless, except that my heart is BURSTING with the same two words over and over again, though not always directed to the same Person or persons - thank You, thank you, thank You.Thank You first and foremost to the Lord - the One who has made all of this possible; the same One who has made "this" more beautiful and wonderful and challenging and 

I am the Hypocrite

The market is packed, and the heat makes every part of my body feel heavy. I begin to feel a little dizzy, but my focus is straight ahead. Just a few more streets and I can crawl into bed for the night. Red lanterns hang from lines strung across the alley, and the smell of street food fills the air. Suddenly out of my peripheral vision I see a man-- a person, a human being-- crawling on his hands and knees with one scrawny leg slung over his back and a radio around his neck. On my left side I sa

Livin la vida Isla

It was a long month on San Andrés Island, and the hardest "see you later" yet. I feel like I have woken up from a dream. The past month was more than wonderful. It was hard, fun, stretching, and filled with blessing. From the moment we arrived, we were welcomed with loving arms. We were taken care of, and spoiled. Our island family, was just that; our family. Not only did they allow and encourage us to pour into them, but they invested in us. They love, and they love hard. And so did I.

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