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by Ana Lisa de Jong As I write this I am standing, not sitting.  Six days past, working in the garden, I pulled a lower back muscle and have found myself confined to the bed and couch.  I cannot sit down without pain.  There is slow and consistent recovery, aided by a great physio and […]

a letter to my supporters

Hi friends and family, So many exciting things have been happening over the last few months as I prepare for my World Race! I wanted to share some of them with you. First thank you so much for your prayers and financial support. I wouldn't have the courage or means to take this adventure without you. So far with working full time at chickfila and with the help of so many generous souls who have contributed, I have raised $10,100 towards my trip so far. With the total of $14,806 needed to be ful

breezing through.

Here is your warning... It is just past midnight and I am tired. But I have these thoughts swimming in my head and I needed to get them out. This might not be a perfectly structured or thought out blog, but these are my thoughts at the end of month one. Yesterday I stood on our roof and just allowed the breeze the swirl around me. I tuned in to my senses. I felt the soft wind, I could hear dogs barking, children playing, and a soccer game where my entire team was cheering for our towns soccer t

World News Once Sparked my Interest : now : Life Stories are Sparking the Flame

#prayforTurkey   #prayforSyria   #prayforGreece   #prayforFrance These are just a few hashtags I have noticed through the past months and year as tragedy and acts of violence are highlighted in the news and broadcast to the world.   Since January, I have not kept up with the major news of what is going on in the world, the United States, or even the country in which we are living or about to travel to next.   In high school, I remember becoming interested in

I AM FULLY FUNDED! No more donations needed through this site only Paypal

Praise the Lord it's been a very long journey and also beyond humbling but I can declare with gratitude and the upmost amount of joy humanly possible. The Lord is FAITHFUL to His promises! My goal amount raised will be updated in the next 3-7 days! If you make any further donations on this site it will go directly to the organization as a general donation.  However, you can still support me directly with personal funds through paypal online as I finish my last month on the field to help a

Why I Am Dreading the Race Ending

I am sitting on the beach, dripping sweat, listening to worship music, staring out at the ocean. I just finished my morning run and workout along the boardwalk of the beach. I have to bike a couple miles to ministry in an hour and a half, but for now I am watching the sun finish rising.  My prayers for a restful and rejuvenating last month seem to have been answered. I've been able to run every morning since we've been here, read my bible daily, play guitar every afternoon, and journal e

I am Giving Up the Pepsi

No, you read that right. It's true. I'm as shocked as you are, but it's true. I'm giving up Pepsi. For those who don't know me as well as the folks who just died of shock, some context: I love Pepsi. I call it the nectar of the gods, and I stand by that assessment. At home, I was never long without it; if someone from work was running to the gas station, I got my XL Pepsi with ice. My team just knew. I miss my friend/supervisor Isaac, and all his Pepsi fetching ways. It became my beverage of

I Saw Jesus in a Leper Colony

I Saw Jesus in a Leper Colony ________________________________________ Is it contagious?  Could we get it?  Do we need to wear gloves?  These were all questions going through my mind as I pulled out my only leggings that cover my ankles and my beautiful jean dress that seals in humid heat perfectly.  In Nepal, we have to dress modestly covering our ankles and shoulders, so here we go!  Today, we are going to visit a leper colony to pray for the people there.  I&

Q and A

Hey hey hey! So I'm halfway through the race and I know people have questions! I will be making a video to answer those questions! So if you have anything you have been wondering feel free to comment, email, or message me! Anything your little heart desires! It can be random, about ministry, food, spiritual, anything people!! Can't wait to hear from you and answer! 

Listening in the Garden: The Backyard Metaphor for Life

By Andy Wade – The backyard is really a living metaphor for life. A quick look yields some obvious points: You reap what you sow… most of the time. Some things simply can’t be rushed. Planning and preparation yield the greatest results. There will always be pests. Many of the things you thought were pests […]
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