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Meditation Monday – Let Your Light Shine

Each one of us is like a stained glass window – beautiful, colourful and translucent said our rector Cherry Hairston in a recent sermon. We are all beautiful in ourselves but made even more beautiful by the light of God that shines through us revealing an inner translucence that is breathtaking. Part of the beauty of […]

Cambodia- Month 5 Video

Hey supporters/family/friends,  I am about 1,800 away from being fully funded please consider supporting me at the link to your left!

  Check out month 5 Video of what Cambodia looked like for me  

With Love, (GOD) there is no room for fear...

Ahhh.... There was a sigh of relief after I posted my first blog link to Facebook. I was nervous and exhausted...  I went to bed shortly after I posted it. THE NEXT MORNING- I woke up to over 100 likes and sooooo many comments encouraging me for my decision and commitment. OVER 100 LIKES! I am not typically the most popular person on social media. This blew. me. away. I didn't do anything. This post was not about me. Yes, I need funding and I want prayer support, but God is in con

Real Princesses Don't Saunter; We Run.

Caution: the content below may or may not be really cheesy. So, I’ve never really been a “princess.” Yes, I loved dressing up as Belle and Ariel, but I haven’t ever been a fan of tiaras, glitter, and the pizazz that goes into Disney royalty. However, I now consider myself a true princess. Not because I’ve suddenly adopted pink as my favorite color, have my own private butler, or have a prince charming that whisks me away and finds my glass slipper. No—my true

So You're Telling Me There's A Chance?!

There’s been a shift in my attitude and approach of everyday life since being back home from Nicaragua this past Fall.  I find that I’m enjoying each day more than I had the previous year and a half.  I realize I was in a position of holding onto and wishing things had happened…than I had hoped.  IF ONLY…thoughts.  For so long I've had the negative approach of just not wanting to be here.  In a way, I sort of put my own self and mind in the dry

Month Two in Photos: Guatemala

Praise God for Guatemala and what He's doing in this area!  Here's some highlights from our all squad month of ministry. 1.  School Feeding Program: this little girl (never got her name) got a hold of Brenna's camera and was taking crazy photos of everyone.  I convinced her that she had to take a photo with me.  Look at that smile!

2.  School Feeding Program: these precious girls were in line waiting for their arroz y frijoles; we visited their school for breakfast M

Summer Mission Trip and so much more...

Me and Fabrice at Chick-Fil-A before a Young Life all-nighter  Here is an article by Center for Student Missions (CSM). Last summer my church took a trip to Chicago to serve. That trip lead to a lot more. God’s call on human beings to love one another is a major part of what fuels the ministry of CSM. Each summer, we send groups into our respective cities to embody this love to the people they come into contact with. While it is a general call on all humans to love the p

Support Letter

Dear: Brothers and Sisters in Christ  I am so excited to have this opportunity to share with all of you what the Lord has been doing in my life. I am a recent graduate from Florida State University, where I majored in Criminology and International affairs but to be honest I cannot say that I played any part of my biggest life change during my time in college. What I could attest to is how God took ahold of me and completely transformed my life when I least expected it. Since then I have be

Fear Factor

Amidst days of ministry, adventure and Spanish, there have been many challenges team Dar Vida and M-squad have had to face since we started our race in January. These stories are hard to incorporate in a blog. They’re not the pretty parts of the race shown on Facebook or Instagram. They are parts of the race that help make it what it is: a race of perseverance through the good and bad, highs and lows.  This blog post is a vulnerable one. I haven’t 100% processed through it all


Remember those hungry fellows who promised not to eat until they ambushed Paul? We read about them in Acts 23:12, When it was day, the Jews made a plot and bound themselves by an oath neither to eat nor drink until they had killed Paul. It didn't work. Why? Because a string of unlikely events happened, events that they were not expecting.

A boy overheard the plot. The boy had the courage to go to the Roman centurion guarding Paul. The centurion took him seriously and brought him to the Trib

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