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Knitting As A Spiritual Practice

by Lisa Scandrette   I believe my busy hands can fix the world—or at the very least my world. When I begin to feel anxious about the events of life, I take out my knitting. The yarn, warm and soft, glides through my hands, rhythmically making one loop after another. I may not be able […]

The 4-1-1 (Details!)

This blog is dedicated to all of the details about what I’ll be doing in the next few days, my first month of ministry , and the best ways to reach me while I’m gone! First: What’s Next?? In just THREE DAYS (WHAT ) on Oct. 1, I will be driving to Atlanta with both of my parents to start Launch.  Launch is the start of my World Race experience. It is 4 days long and is the final preparation time before our squad heads to our first country, Costa Rica. Parents are also inv


I am so so excited to announce that I am now fully funded!!!!!! PTL!!!!!!Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me and helped me get here! I prayed that I could be fully funded before I left, and God brought it in almost a week early!! I feel so blessed in how God has provided this far and will keep providing throughout my trip!! I leave this Friday, and I would so appreciate your prayers as I embark on this crazy journey!!!! P.S. It may take a week for it show up on my blog, but know

#61PiesToTheFACE Fundraiser

  Yay for personal thoughts...  If I could boil down a take away from this experience it would be the ability to let things go, and work with what I have got. (Which should be a valuable lesson to learn before starting on this Adventure).  As soon as I sat down in the chair, and took my first pie to the face I was stuck. I could barely give artistic direction, aka 'get this angle', 'did you get that?', 'what number are we at?', 'make sure you hand out business cards?'.... To

Light the path

If you stare at the sunset long enough you will miss the sunrise! Here I am, on the adventure of a life time. Traveling on a train to Bucharest then off to see a castle! And what am I doing looking backwards.  Looking where the train has been where I have been and thinking about the last couple of sunrise. The last couple of weeks, first I have been in Romania and leave in less than a week time flys.  Second our Host is a man of God!  He is all of psalms 63, he heard from each o

A Tale of Topolino and A Little Prince Charming

A Tale of Topolino and A Little Prince Charming   Picture by: Heather J. Whitford       “Where is Tiffany?” Five-year-old Alen begins to ask our team as we each walk through the door of Topolino Kindergarten in Albania. This became a daily question he would ask anyone and everyone. Alen was my little buddy, but he was not the only one to win my heart in this kindergarten.            Today is the big day. The kids perform the

Syrian diaries

DAY 1 We made it to Mafraq, Jordan. I am currently looking out at the Syrian border and Zaatari refugee camp. The camp alone houses some 80,000 Syrian refugees. The town of Mafraq is home to over 70,000 refugees. We are working with a really cool ministry/church. This place is amazing. They offer relief to refugee families. Food, clothing, mattresses, stoves and gas tanks. They have several English teaching classes. They teach refugee women how to sew and they have bible studies. Last year they

In Three Days: Being Called Higher

“I could be safe here in Your arms and never leave home, never let these walls down. But You have called me Higher, You have called me Deeper, and I will go where you will lead me, Lord.” -All Sons and Daughters, “Called Me Higher”   The time has finally come. In only three days I leave on a journey that will take me to the ends of the Earth for the sake of the Gospel. In three days I leave Nebraska (and America in six days) for the entirety of nine months. In thr

Better Late than Never

This is a copy of my support letter! They went in the mail this week - after way too many hours writing on envelopes (anyone who knows me knows that my handwriting is so slow).  Read and enjoy! Hey there, Thankful for you! Today I share with you the most recent opportunity God has given me for this upcoming year. I get to join the interdenominational mission sending agency Adventures in Mission on an eleven month, eleven country journey called the World Race. From January 2017 to Decembe

These little feet

  This month for me had some really amazing moments at the care point me and my team worked at. One experience I wanted to share was our last day at the care point. When we first got to the care point it broke my heart to see how these little kids are so dirty. They had holes in their clothes, some had no panties, and they were covered in dust/dirt from head to toe. I have never seen such poverty before. Kids have always had a special place in my heart, specially preschool age. Even though
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