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Why Was Early Christianity So Diverse? – “Orthodoxy,” “Gnosticism” & Mexican Food Title: Thank God For Mexican Food Year: 2010 Source: Flickr Source URL: License: Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs License License Url: License Shorthand: CC-BY-ND" src="" alt="Author: Milan Author URL: Title: Thank God For Mexican Food Year: 2010 Source: Flickr Source URL: License: Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs License License Url:</div></body></html>" />

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Have We Forgotten About All Saint’s Day?

November 1st is All Saints’ Day, and to be honest I almost forgot. There is so much happening at the moment that All Saints Day hardly registered for me. Which is a shame as remembering those who gone before, and those who continue to impact our lives is very important. The Episcopal Church website explains:(...)

What are we remembering?

I believe our memory is one of the greatest gifts God gifts us. He has wired it so that every single sense we have is tied to our memory. 

For parents, you still remember the moment you first heard your child utter the words, "mama" and "da-da."

For children, you still remember the smell of grandma's famous spaghetti.  

For daddy's, you still remember that moment you first saw your daughter in the wedding dress of her dreams. 

For women, you


Intrepidus: Latin; lack of fear in dealing with something new or unknown.  This word has been  unknowingly a theme to strive for on the world race but even more so as of today. These last four months, I have dealt with a lot of new people, places of things and just about as many unknowns. It was something I knew would be "a thing" coming into the race so I had been relying on the one tangible thing that remained constant this far: my team.  This morning, that all changed. Our sq

Monk Chatting

This is a story of a girl who decided to take a risk and chat with a monk and see what The Lord had in store.One day a lovely squad leader challenged a girl to talk to a monk. It wasn't that the girl was flat out refusing to speak to monks. She had asked a question here and there. But the girl was definitely more comfortable letting someone else take the lead in that kind of conversation.So one day this past week was THE DAY. It happened. The girl carried on a conversation with a monk, with the

Romania in Pictures

This month was jam packed full of variety. I'm at a loss of words for what to say, so since a picture is apparently worth a thousand words, I will let these pixels speak to you (with a bit of explanation from me).

We started the month in the cute ski town of Brasov, Romania for a time of debrief (when the whole squad comes together to reflect on their past month, evaluate how the team is doing, and to spend time encouraging one another before preparing to launch into the next month of ministr

81% of people are Hindu

Did you know in Nepal approximately 7% of the population are Christian and 81% are Hindu? Well this past week has been the Hindu festival it's like Christmas for us back home. There is lots of lights, music playing all the time, dancing and singing out in the front yards of peoples homes. Oh and lots of baked goods! I got to try some new treats the majority of them are different types of breads like: buns, deep fried things, donuts etc.  This holiday is 5 days long (although they had a hol

With a Little Help from my Friends

I am still $8,343 away from being fully funded.  I'm almost halfway there! It's all been God and God alone.   I need to have $11,000 in my World Race account by December 1st. That actually is not that far away. That's $3,100 that I need to have in my account by the end of Vietnam. $3,100. That seems like a lot of money to me. But, to God, it's nothing. A drip in the bucket. Not even. It's like a millionth of a drip in the bucket. I am not confident that God is going to bring the mon

Happy Break Fast

For the last 7 days I have been doing the Daniel Fast. The Daniel Fast when you eat only fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts/legumes, and whole grains. You are not allowed to have anything that has additives or preservatives and you can drink only water. Romania has been the prefect country for this. Lipovia is a town full of fresh local produce. Fasting is a discipline that I have been wanting to grow in. So far on the Race The Lord has presented me with several opportunities to fast. Each time I h

DANG, I'm Hungry!

       I’ve been home from training camp for 10 days and I am starving… for intimacy with God. While I was at camp I went through various challenges including:

Foods that my body wasn’t accustomed to eating Food portions much lesser than my body was used to consuming Less sleep than usual Experiencing different sleep, as in I would pass out because of my body’s exhaustion from the day’s activities My head aching due to lack of caffeine M

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