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Learning about the danger of an oil terminal in Vancouver. One America organizing the community.

Los Hijos de la Tierra at One America gathering.

from Instagram:

Los Hijos de la Tierra at One America gathering.

from Instagram:

Winter Seed

Andy Wade – A reflection on day one of our Advent Photo Challenge Advent has begun. As I listened to our pastor introduce our church’s theme for Advent, “A Light Has Dawned”, and heard about our ever-shortening days, I thought about our friends in the southern hemisphere experiencing a lengthening of days leading up to Christmas. […]

Meditation Monday – Which Light Will You Head For?

by Christine Sine As I read through my Saturday post I was struck by Bailey’s comment They came not to the city of Jerusalem where the Jews thought God’s glory would shine, but to the child born in a manager around whom there is already a great light. We all have our preconceived ideas about […]

Be faithful in the little, and I will be faithful in much

Tonight I was caught completely off guard by God.  I went to college ministry tonight, like I always do on a regular Sunday night, and currently I am doing Threads for Hope and hand-crafted my own Christmas ornaments as a fundraiser. I brought a few with me because I had a few friends who wanted to buy some. So I knew I was going to leave with about 20$ support... but I had NO IDEA what else God had in mind. Recently, God told me "be faithful in the little and I will continue to be faithf

Left a Piece of My Heart in Cambodia

I may have only gotten to spend a month of my life here, but Cambodia has captured my heart. Living at an orphanage with 22 orphans has brought my heart so much joy and has filled up my life with sunshine. Each morning I wake up to kids playing outside my window eager for us to come and join them. We have a beautiful little piece of land here with a dirt field out back where I play soccer with the kids during the week, one of my most favorite things. The kids always come hang out with us and g
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