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Meditation Monday – The Subversive Walk of Holy Week

Jesus’ ride into Jerusalem was obviously headed for a collision with the powerful Roman empire – a collision that would cost him his life and change history forever. Jesus triumphal entry into Jerusalem may have begun with crowds shouting Hosanna but it ends with Good Friday and shouts of “crucify him”.  It doesn’t end with a gold […]

Glimpses of Swaziland

This country is one of the most beautiful I have seen, and to boot it reminds me of the great state of Texas. The coun

Thank God For Squatty Potties!

The following is a story about how I learned one of the most important lessons to be learned on the World Race. That lesson, was gratefulness.

  I spent the entire month of February, my eighth month on the race, living in Poipet, Cambodia. Poipet, conservatively speaking, was not the most ideal place one would hope to stay while in Cambodia. My team stayed at a small church that was converted from an old beer garden some time ago. It was situated on the side of the highway just a few ki

So long, Swaziland

I feel like I’ve been saying this with each passing country, but I truly mean it when I say Swaziland has been my favorite.  As soon as we got here my spirit felt settled and at home.  While Southeast Asia offered incredible experiences and ministry, I’ve been waiting for Africa.  I apologize for the lack of pictures in this blog but internet is tough to find in Swaziland.  Here are my top 11 thoughts and moments from this incredible month:

The month began with

A Rollercoaster Ride - Recap of Africa

How is it that I’m already recapping Africa?! Time flies by too quickly. Of course Africa would be the hump months of this trip.  Malawi seems like forever ago. I remember walking off the plane, getting checked for Ebola, going through immigration, and driving off with my new team to our ministry site, with expectations about what I believed Africa will be like. Expectations were the death of me that month. It was a season of frustration and confusion, but I learned what rubbed me t

This Time for Africa!

Hot African wind blew over my upturned face as my body shook with the movement of the truck. We turned off the paved road and drove further into the bush, corn stalks and mud huts dotting the endless, rolling blue sky. My hat blocked the sun's scorching rays from my eyes, but I could feel the heat burning my uncovered legs. I let my eyelids drift shut as our truck’s tires disturbed the orange dusty path that had replaced the typical gravel road. The path was becoming rockier. We were almos


The Lord placed us in Koinonia this month. We were living in fellowship with believers that we had never met before “but our hearts, they are the same”. Ma & Pa taught us what it looks like to really live like Jesus models in the gospel, to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and heal the sick. To let the little children come to Him. No matter the issue, if someone in the neighborhood is sick, they come to Ma & Pa for prayer, because they know their door is always open. We wou

What Children Taught Me in Swazi

So I'm a little behind on my blogging. My apologies. I will go back to what we did in Swaziland. Swaziland was a great, but also hard month. I'll start with my living conditions. We lived in a house. Which was very nice, because some of my squad mates had to live in a hut. We did not have a kitchen sink so had go outside and get water from a water barrel and wash our dishes outside with cold water. We took cold bucket showers, which I actually enjoyed for the first time on the race because it wa

password: chinapass

Hey folks. My blog will be password protected for the month of April. The password is chinapass. You probably wont hear from me online at all due to China blocking social media platforms like facebook. Please pray for me and my team as we go into this closed country. I also have until July 1st to raise an additional $5000 to be fully funded. Thank you to everyone who has already given. You are much appreciated! See you all on the flip side!

A Dance with Jesus

(Written at the end of Cambodia-Month 8 debrief.)The other night I danced with Jesus. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced. We were about four or five songs into our all squad worship and I craved His presence. So I asked Him for more, I asked Him for another divine encounter, bigger than any other that I felt. I asked to feel and go deeper in His magnificent love, to do something extraordinary. I remember a thought from the enemy rush into my head “you have already aske

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