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World Race

Hello! I am so excited to be launching for the World Race. I will be leaving in September 2018 for nine months! I will be traveling to Costa Rica, South Africa, Thailand and Myanmar! I had the chance to go to Ghana for a month in June 2017 and I fell in love with all of the people and I knew I wanted to keep traveling abroad to spread God's love. I will be keeping you all updated so stay tuned :)

Entering the World.

Clara,  I did not think I would cry as much as I did when your mom told me she was pregnant. My mind immediately went to your birth and how I was not going to be able to hold you, help your momma, or help with all the preparation. I was sad. We prayed for you. We talked about you and discussed your name for moooonths. You were dreamed about, talked about and waited for.  As I woke up in Chile to a text from your mom saying “it is happening, going to the hospital” my hear

Cake for Breakfast

The Father loves blessing His children, and I’m in the process of learning to accept the gifts He ever so sweetly gives.   When our squad arrived in Chile, we had something called Leadership Development Weekend. It was a two-day event of worship, hearing our leadership pour our their wisdom, and listening to what our fellow squad mates had to share from the Lord. The Squad Leaders from my squad never cease to blow my mind with all they have to say; they are always mindful with the

My Wandering Mind...

How can we expect to feel when all that we are is empty?   Fond Feelings... The feeling one gets when the sun strikes the face at just the right moment... its rays gently caressing the soul and delivering it to comfort.    Each time I'm touched by the sun, an indescribable feeling bursts from my soul.    I am lost without the presence of the sun; and but a mere prisoner to the darkness that washes over me long after the sun's hues have faded.    I flo

From Chile to Argentina

What a full and busy 2 weeks it has been. We left Los Andes, Chile on Nov. 8th and went to debrief in Vina Del Mar. It was very beautiful there. We were right by the beach. Debrief was a time to meet with the rest of our squad and spend time talking about how our month was. It was supposed to be a time of rest but I didn’t really get to rest. There was always something we had to do. I think I had 2-3 hours of rest and quietness the whole 4 days we were there. We went to Valparaiso which wa

No Wifi in Argentina!

HELLO MONTH 2!! It's been a week since I arrived in Argentina and just wanted to quickly update y'all!

The start of my World Race Youtube Series (video)

Hey again! I took a leap of courage today. I created my first vlog for my world race youtube series! I was so nervous to upload this. Check it out here:  


I was working on my fitness yesterday at the gym. Listening to worship music because everyone knows that's the best choice of music to pump you up..... (being sarcastic). Recently, I was reminded of the faithfulness of our heavenly father, realizing that He has been writing my story from the beginning, and I am in awe of the journey so far. As I was in my zone, doing my 99th pull up... (kidding), while listening to Reckless love (favorite song from training camp) God reminded me of His goodne
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