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What are we DOING?

Parent blog:   We are 4 weeks out until we leave for our Parent Vision Trip (PVT) and it’s starting to look real. We’re tacking a couple of days in Delhi before our PVT to Hyderabad so we’ll be gone from home 10 days. Ten days with just carry on luggage! Before this point, a trip to India was not on our radar, and now suddenly we’re getting malaria meds, typhoid shots and worrying about getting “Delhi belly”. The process to get a visa for our trip while

Until Next Time Mate

   Wow 3.5 weeks is gone and we are saying goodbye to Australia. It was a great first month of this journey. The whole squad of 40 was together most of the time this month which made for some fun times getting to know each other on a deeper level. This also created some chaos, controlled chaos I will call it. Over 30 girls sleeping in one room is bound to form some sort of chaos :)     I feel like this month was a month of development. Development of community among us as a

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T-shirts, t-shirts, t-shirts!

Hi pals!  Here are some exciting things: 1. Jesus is alive 2. Today is rainy and there are lots of puddles 3. My roommates are lovely and beautiful and fun 4. August 2018 World Race routes launch in less than 6 months 5. I'm selling t-shirts Y'all, I am endlessly grateful for your support - prayerful, relational, and financial. You are so good to me, and I could not thank you enough for joining me in this adventure.  Another way you can join me is by purchasing t-shirts! The sh

Jesus did WHAT?!

A long ole time ago, before Jesus, we couldn't have a relationship with God. We couldn't be near him because he is just sooo holy and we are just sooo not. Okay, get your little panties out of a knot because good news, God loves us SO much and he wants to have a relationship with us, but hmm.. HOW could we possibly be near God if we aren't holy? We tend to think it's about our behavior. We think that If we're really good God will love us, but when we mess up were going to be punished. Aka our re

How I Was Called to Missions

I'm gonna make long story long and share today the faithfulness of my God.  I myself need to be encouraged today to keep seeking and trusting Him.  What better way to do that than to look back on His trustworthy nature and give Him glory?! While not going too in depth with my testimony and past (so as to not get caught on myself), I will say this...  I was raised in a loving Christian home with amazing parents and a younger sister.  I have a long testimony of God bringing me

Indo Pics

I think that pictures can tell a story more than words sometimes so here are a few of my favorite pictures from the last month. The lovely house we were so blessed to get to stay in with the most peaceful balcony. One of the breath taking views from on the walk to school.  This country is soooo green! Some of the friends we made at the Center where we got to spend time and speak English together.  These people are fun and friendly. A few of the bright and beautiful students

Adventure Awaits

As the reality of this adventure begins to sink in, I feel great anticipation and some apprehension. There are things about this trip that are going to be really hard. However, I am facing my fears so that God can use me for his glory. I understand that I am going to be challenged--physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually--every day for a year. I'll be living in close proximity with my teammates almost every minute of the year. I already know that will be a challenge for me, and I anticip
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