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Your questions answered!!!   1. What is training camp like? Did you like it? Training camp. What a time. It is crazy, loud, fun, exciting, exhausting, hot, and full of Jesus. You learn so much about yourself, the Lord, and your new world race family. I overall liked training camp, but don't get me wrong it was hard.  I was stretched spiritually, physically, and mentally. I grew so much and growth can be hard, but hard is not bad. 2. What was your craziest mode of transportatio

I'm Scared to go Home

  Two weeks ago my brother wrote a guest blog for me and it touched my heart in so many ways. The first being, how amazing is my brother? I think it is obvious through his words that he is one of the kindest, most real and open hearted person I know. He truly is my best friend in life and I feel honored to have him in my life. The second way it touched me was realizing how emotional my re-entry might be for the people receiving me. This is honestly something I have not processed much. I h

He will make a way!

Hey friends! So I am now completely finished with my Freshmen year of college... WOOHOOO! (can I get an Hallelujah?) So now that school is done my main focus is THE WORLD RACE GAP YEAR! Time for another WOOHOOO!(for more information about the world race gap year check out the about section of my blog or go to I am so beyond excited to experience life so fully on this trip, serve others, share the good news of the gospel, and see all that God has in stor

What Is Success?

Wanna know a random fun fact about me? I taught myself balloon animals in middle school and was even a clown for a couple of birthday parties while growing up. I used to spend hours sitting in front of my parent’s TV in the basement watching my VHS tape about how to make balloon animals. I then continued to spend hours browsing and practicing how to make balloon animals from all of the books that I could get my hands on from the public library. Now, it’s easily been pushing 10-

With the Finish Line in Sight

I’ve participated in road races ever since I was in third grade.  For 17 years I’ve been a runner, albeit a slow one. A year ago I ran my second 25k.  Near the end, it was the people around me that kept me going—running while my knees felt like they might give way and the exhaustion began to sink in. They helped me persevere through the sweat and the tears.  While I haven’t gotten to physically run much this past year, I have been running a Race. And t

He Whispers

  You’re full of life nowAnd full of passionIt’s how He made youJust let it happen And He calls each one of usBy our names to come awayAnd He whispers to your heartTo let it go and be alive… I remember exactly where I was when He spoke it to me…seated on the floor - (always my spot of choice) - leaned back against the couch, in a living room worship kind of setting - (always my favorite). Crouched on the floor, knees to chest, eyes closed, hands open, heart post

let us draw near

Writing this because someone might need it. Because at one point, I needed it. And I might need it again someday. Have you ever felt like you’re stuck in a cycle? Maybe it’s a cycle of doubting yourself and getting so close to taking that big step and leap of faith and the backing out at the last second? Or maybe it’s a cycle of letting someone manipulate you into doing things you don’t really want to do, when you know you are the only one with the power to do anything a


Re-entry. It's a World Race term that was used in the past to describe our process back into the U.S. It has since been coined 'transition,' but whatever you want to call it, it's currently staring us in the face. In a little less than 5 weeks, we'll be boarding our final plane to head home to U.S. soil. And with that comes something all Racers are warned about from the time we start researching the World Race and announcing our applications: Reverse Culture Shock. But, you might say, America i

Life Interrupted Ch: 7 Wilson

On Thursday, Wilson accepted Christ into his heart and life.  Let’s back up to our first day of ministry here. Our team went out to talk to people in a village called Minoterie. We stopped at a few houses and talked with a few women and then continued down the rocky path. Our team stopped to speak to a woman sitting on a bucket in front of a row of cactuses (they grow cactuses here as fences). 4 teenage boys started talking to me and realized I spoke French. We moved away from the w

in whatever situation

This already sounds cliche in my head, but if you want to know one of the biggest things that I have learned over these past 9 months is contentment. But I guess it isn’t really cliche if Paul said the same thing in his letter to the church at Philippi— “10 I rejoiced in the Lord greatly that now at length you have revived your concern for me. You were indeed concerned for me, but you had no opportunity. 11 Not that I am speaking of being in need, for I ha
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