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Start with Servanthood

When we're living life on mission, sometimes expectations don't meet reality. For me, washing dishes and sweeping the floor are necessary yet monotonous daily tasks. Living in a house with 30 kids can be frustrating. Speaking someone else's language is a long learning process. Maybe for you it's that you can't seem to find time to witness to someone at work, church has become boring, depression keeps you from leaving the house, or you're just simply too busy. Some days we ask ourselves why we

Recklessness, Rebellion, and Insanity

 We’ve all heard the stories. Whether you are religious or not- historical facts confirm that Jesus lived here on this earth, and that during his time here he performed miracles, healings, raised the dead, loved immensely, and so much more. Something that he said hit me hard a few days ago. In John 14, Jesus told his disciples that they not only would they do the same things he did, but they would also do things even greater than these.   Even greater than these. God t

My Team Experienced A Miracle

  I witnessed a miracle. It happened right before my eyes. It was beautiful. It was an answered prayer. I experienced a miracle on a church floor in India. Month 4 was a tough month for me. We were in India and not allowed to leave our house during the day (we were in a village where it was unsafe to leave by ourselves), our ministry didn’t start until 5:30 pm every day (meaning we had ALL day free), I got sick for the first time on the race (oh yeah, ED stands for Explosive Diar


              Africa has been full of ups and downs. In South Africa we were so blessed with many luxuries. We were only a 20 minute van ride to some great grocery stores full of popcorn, chocolate, and delicious sparkling water. Our rooms were so great; they had their own sinks and super nice bunk beds with the best fuzzy blankets that I have ever felt. We had a large campus where we could just relax and watch as the monkeys tried

And then they put jalapenos in my donuts.

I’m in India. This is the month I have waited for. This is the reason I picked this route. My squad met up for a few days before actually going into ministry because we were told that we were going to need an orientation before beginning this month. I thought the orientation was just going to be about what ministry would look like for us this month, but it was a bit more than that. We had to go over things I was pretty sure I already had down by the age of 25. Things like: how to dress,

I'm Not Looking Back

One of the blessings this month is that my team is getting poured into spiritually by our ministry host Pastor Thomas. This past week, he spoke to us on the Will of God.  This message spoke to me in many ways not only because there is life after the race that I have to plan for, but also because where I am at right now is not a coincidence.  We can have all the money and resources to do something, but that doesn't mean it is God's will for us to do it. We can have the desire to go mi

Month Three: Ministry

After 38 hours of traveling and two trains, M Squad made it to Padang Besar, Malaysia on December 1st. That same day my team took two taxis to Cheglun, Kedar Malaysia which was a 45 minute drive. I have to say that it was extremely weird to be back in an actual car that went the fastest I’ve gone since leaving the States (about 60 mph). Where we are staying is very nice. My team is staying in the school building and, once school is over, have the entire place to ourselves. It is a two sto

Grace: Redefined

If the World Race does anything, it teaches new meanings behind things you thought you understood. So I’ve decided to start a new series of blog posts called “redefined”, talking about these new meanings. Last week, I was sitting over at the school where we teach classes daily. It was a weekend, so no-one else was on campus, but Abigail and I had been sitting and using the wifi. On this specific day, Abigail had been fasting from speaking. She had been silent all day long
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