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Meditation on a Beach

by Christine Sine Tom and I are currently on vacation on Mayne Island British Columbia. One of my favourite activities is wandering the beach looking for rocks, shells sea glass and other things of interest. This week as I wandered I photographed a leaf that had just fallen from the tree. I picked up sea […]

To the Far River

It was Wednesday, August 17, 2016, and our 5th day in Palenque where we were doing ministry for the week. The only thing on my mind and on my teammates' minds was going to take our daily "shower" in the river that ran through the little town. It was one of our favorite parts of the day and the only thing that left us feeling clean and refreshed for all of about 5 minutes. The average temperature of the week was 100, the roads 100% dirt, and within just 100 seconds after bathing we felt sweaty

Cold Coffee

Most of my friends and family know that I like my coffee boiling lava hot. Think of hot coffee then add about 20 degrees. The key to drinking boiling lava hot coffee is the rate at which you drink it, the speed of light. I always enjoy my coffee but am quite sad when my cup is empty a few minutes later but I could never bring myself to drink  lukewarm coffee or even (shudder) cold coffee just to make it last a bit longer and enjoy the act of drinking coffee instead of just downing it. I&

Reality is startling.

Going into training camp I was young, impressionable and prissy, I left a wise and  hardened soldier....hahahahahaha none of that is true. However, I will say it was top five one of the hardest things I have ever done, but also one of the top five greatest and exciting things I have ever done. Here's a breakdown for you ,             Arriving was  awkwardly  meeting all the people I had been talking to online for the past eight months and huggi

What we aren't telling you

I was talking with Lucie, one of my squadmates, about how we had yet to write blogs this month. She mentioned that as a squad, we haven't written as much as we usually do. And that's probably because there is a lot of spiritual pressure in this country. And there is a lot that's hard to put into words. To give some context, Romania was under communist rule for 41 years, until 1989. During this time, the government did not allow the freedom of speech. People would line up and wait for hours to

When A Chapter Ends

I recently realized that I am about to fill up my prayer journal. I bought this journal on an impulse at the Dollar Store towards the end of my second year of college. I was tired; spiritually I felt like I was way past empty; I did not really have much joy or even happiness in life; I was struggling with physical pain which added to the mental and emotional numbness.  I remember looking at the journal thinking (with more than a little sass) that I was going to get a journal and pray in it.

Drunken Midnight Manistry

I’m lying down in my bed, it’s almost 11:00 PM shamelessly writing an Instagram post and talking to my teammate. I overheard a song wafting through the open window of our room on the 4th floor of the hostel. I sit up in bed as the lyrics register within my head. It’s Phil Wickham’s “You’re beautiful.” We bound down the four flights and out the front door to see not our squad mates playing and singing but new faces wearing Irish green “Jesus Loves


On Tuesday August 9th, two awesome friends and I started a road trip to Gainesville, Georgia with $150 deposited in my account. I wasn’t sure if I was going to meet my financial deadline to participate in the World Race training camp that next day. I woke up on Wednesday August 10th, $25 away from my financial deadline, ABLE to continue my journey on the World Race and then found $25 in my Bible two days later. My Father provided $5,045 in the 8 days I was accepted y’all!! I am bl

Cleaning Out The Junk

This week my teammate and I have been cleaning out the kids closets at the orphanage and really teaching them about priorities. On how to take care of yourself and your things. We spoke to the girls about how they were princesses because their Father...Jesus Christ...was the King. Little did I know, that in the process of physically cleaning out their things and tidying up their rooms, God would use it to start cleaning me out. Two years ago God laid on my heart to clean out all of my music an

Stop Asking God for Help, and Handle It.

"'The Lord will fight for you, you need only to be still.' Then the Lord said to Moses, 'Why are you crying out to me? Tell the people of Israel to move forward!'" Exodus 14:14-15. The title of this blog is probably a bit controversial. I'm prepared to explain. I'm sitting here in yesterday's makeup, stray hairs from my topknot tickling the sides of my face. I just spent the majority of my morning alternating between bending over a calculator and the pile of support letters I'm designing,
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