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Desperate for Love (Part 1-Nikki)

We had helped with VBS the first week we were in Haiti. It was crazy! Close to 500 children grabbing on to you trying to take your bracelets. I was overwhelmed by all the kids and never made a connection with any of them. Monday in Turpin was no different. I helped pass out food to the children, but did not play with any kid in particular. On Tuesday, as soon as I got off the truck this girl who is probably 6 came running up to me. She grabbed at my bracel

Awesome video

hey everyone, check out this awesome video that shows some of the places ill be going to during my 11 months. Also my first deadline for fundraising is only a few weeks away and it takes about 2 weeks for checks to get processed. So if you want to donate please don't wait! now is the best time!

Coleraine, Ireland

Welcome to Ireland the flight attendant said as we disembarked the plane. Culture shock came quickly as my squad and I walked onto clean sidewalks, passed white people, and felt the fall weather on our faces. After five months in Asia, I felt like I was entering Heaven. We jumped into a bus and then a train to our new city for the month, a small coastal town called Coleraine. The cobblestone streets were lined with cute thrift stores and coffee shops calling my name. We marched from the train st

Overwhelmed with His Blessings!

I was given the chance to talk with 3rd, 4th and 5th graders this morning in Sunday School about missions.  We talked about Jesus, the great commission, the gospel, the 10/40 window, missions and being missionaries.  The students were very attentive and had great questions!  It was such a blessing to get to share with them some of the ways the Lord has used me in the past and about The World Race.  I'll be reporting for LAUNCH of the World Race in only 5 days!  5 days, y

I'm Moving!

In light of my return to the United States and the transition into a new season of life, I am moving my blog to my own wordpress site. I would love for you to continue to join me on my journey. It has been a blessing to be loved and supported by you all the last 11 months; I can't express in words how much it has meant to me to have walked out this last year with you all by my side!

The Paw Paw Patch

I can definitely say that I have been in a “paw paw patch” for the past year and a half.  It hasn’t been the most fun.  It has been ugly. It has been barren. It has been challenging. It has had great moments sparsely thrown into the mix. Yes, I did mentally choose to be unhappy during this season several times. Can you relate?  This is a popular simple Southernism to insinuate that someone is way out in the “middle-of-nowhere”.  I forgot about

Stepping Out of the Boat

I felt like I was going to be sick. I was so nervous about what I was going to go do. I'd heard the stories. I'd received about an hour of training, and now it was time. I walked from our home for the month, to Coleraine's town square, with a few of my squad-mates. It was very cold, and it began to rain as we walked. We met Scott, an evangelist who works at Causeway Coast Vineyard Church, who was waiting for us. He talked with us for a few minutes, prayed, and then we all spread out to evangeliz

Peru!! The first MONTH!

Peru is the first place as of right now I will be flying into in January 2015 and my journey will begin! You have no idea how pumped I am about that. I love everything about that. I love that its got a wonderful different language, beautiful children, gorgeous mountain ranges, and there is actually a place about 1hr away from me named Peru (obviously it is not the country). Oh and I know a peruvian that is from Peru. Now I can tell him I have been to Peru and we can talk all about that! I have

What I'm Taking

People have been asking what I'm planning on packing for the next year, and I've put off this post because I didn't know myself.  I've never had to pack for 11 months, so that made this difficult. Seeing as I have to be in Altlanta THIS Friday though, there isn't much time left so with no further ado, here is my packing list with pictures!!   First we have the EQUIPMENT:

1. 62 L Osprey Ariel backpack 2. Daypack 3. Purse 4. Tent, rainfly, and footprint 5. 45 degr


Okay, I doubt this blog post will equate the book of Genesis as far as incredible stories goes. But it's the beginning, like Genesis. Haven't heard of it? Let me know and I'll be happy to mail you your first Bible so you can meet the guy responsible for all the Earth-stuff in front of you. Yea, Jesus. The guy who died on the cross for every sin we've ever done and ever will do.  No, not the one you [may have] already dismissed. Not the God who judges/condemns/punishes/demands/demeans/hurts

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