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How HE Loved: Jesus heals Peter's mother-in-law and many others

35. Jesus heals Peter’s mother-in-law and many others - Matthew 8:14-17; Mark 1:29-34; Luke 4:38-41 Matthew 8:15 “He touched her hand and the fever left her, and she got up and began to wait on him.” Immediately after Jesus heals Peter’s mother in law, she began serving Jesus. This was her way of showing gratitude to Jesus. God gives us strength so that we may serve others. How many times has God provided, protected, or healed you? Be like Peter’s mother-in-law a

Growing Pains

Life is weird. Sometimes you step back and you realize that you’re living in the middle of Cambodia, doing life with strangers (who are becoming family), covered in red mud, wearing pink stained clothes, eating bugs with CEOs, and wondering, “Papa, what are You doing?” Some days, that all sounds really appealing, and others, you cry a lot. I’ve been away from home for a short 21 days, that feel like a lifetime. Life isn’t always pretty, but it’s always beautif

Cultivating Pathways of Shalom – the Inward Journey

Andy Wade – “Cultivating Pathways of Shalom”. If there’s a theme God’s been working on in my life the past few years, this is it. This phrase first came to me when I redesigned our front yard with neighbors in mind. But as I’ve sat with this phrase it’s really blossomed in meaning for me. […]

Quick to Listen, Slow to Speak

   Yesterday my teammates and I were on one of our ice cream runs into San Ray, when we saw a man sitting in the middle of the road. As we drew closer to him, we realized that he looked awfully familiar. We came to a conclusion that this was the same man we had helped up a few weeks before in almost the exact same spot.    Now this old man was obviously intoxicated, and his many missing teeth made his Spanish extremely difficult to comprehend. After we got him situated on th

Coast to Coast

How can I be the one to change a life? How am I supposed to bring up the gospel if nobody can understand me? Who should I talk to? These questions have come up a lot in the past week. Most of the people on my squad have been able to connect with the people here in Ecuador even if it's someone on the street that speaks only Spanish. But most of my experiences have been me watching and observing others talking to the people here. Until I went to the coast of Ecuador. It was Tuesday night at 1

Take off your mask

My husband and I moved to New York City two weeks ago, we showed up with suitcases in hand and an Air B & B booked for our first month here. Two days into our new adventure Joey saw a post online for NYC jobs, and after a short interview we were hired to work at Comic Con, the BIGGEST comic book conference in the world. We worked maintenance, and on our first evening I was assigned to the floor where most of the action was happening. To say that it was overwhelming was an understatement.

Video Update

I've written a lot, so this time, please listen! XOXO Vin

The Meeting Place Cafe

During our last week of ministry in Cusco, Peru, a few of my teammates and I set off in search for a cute coffee shop with Wi-Fi. We told a taxi driver to take us to a plaza in the historic district of Cusco. As we drove there, we passed plenty of potential coffee shops we could have gone to.   Yet, instead of stopping we continued on to our destination. As we arrived, we spotted a cute little shop off to the side: The Meeting Place. It looked like a great place to spend the afternoon. Li

Walking as a Victim

Hey friends! It has been about 2 weeks since I left America and landed in Costa Rica. This trip has been an amazing experience so far and God has been moving in incredible ways. This month my team is working with a ministry called Transforma, which seeks to educate and empower women in high risk, low income communities. Through Transforma they receive vocational training, leadership classes, and discipleship. We are working to change communities by inspiring change in families with the belief

Beautiful Place, Beautiful People

Hola amigos! Disclaimer: I'd just like to apologize for not blogging much recently. The past two weeks were a blur of leaving Costa Rica, packing up all our things, bidding farewell to our sweet new friends, taking two quick trips to San Jose, Costa Rica and Granada, Nicaragua, unpacking all our things, and then settling into our new home in Palacaguina, Nicaragua. This past half-month has been busy, but so very, very good to me. So thank you for your patience, dear friends. "The Word became f
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