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Yes, there’s a Saddleback Church in Aliso Viejo

Happy to share the good news of a new Saddleback Church worship venue in Aliso Viejo (launched on Easter 2015) hosted by Saddleback Church Rancho Capistrano campus. It’s great that it’s so close to where I live (Vantis) and the many other people that live in the neighborhoods nearby.

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Re-presenting Jesus in Malaysia


I have been without internet the last 2 months so it has been somewhat challenging to keep ya'll abreast of my life and all the beauty that God has been unfolding all around me, but here is an update on my days in Malaysia! As previously mentioned, I was on (what I thought was) a temporary team called The Golden Girls, which were all the gals over 30.  We taught English for the month to 6-12 year old, as well as 2 men in the evenings.  We had a ball teaching English, and bro

Loving You is Easy

I never believed in love at first sight. I didn’t think it was real, until now. In my opinion, love at first site sounded silly, it sounded like a Hollywood manufactured idea, something to dream of but something that’s not really experienced. Well, it’s been a little over a week and I was proven wrong in every way. It’s been a little over a week I am in love! My heart has made room to love 15 boys within a matter of days, minutes even, from meeting them. Yes, that’


Rant:  Why the heck am I going on this mission trip anyway?! As I try to find out how to raise money, everyone seems to say the same thing: 'Just share your heart with people. Tell them why you are going.' This advice somehow implying that if I just share the deep desires of my heart with people, my personal mission for this trip, that they will just line up to support me.  Well I have one first-and-foremost problem with that: I HAVE NO FRICKIN IDEA WHY I'M GOING! Seriously. I mean

A Memoir of a Recovering Addict

Hello, my name is Casey and I’m an approval, achiever, and accomplishment addict.  To-do lists are one of my favorite things. Here’s my story. Hello, Casey. ******************************************************************* Well, I’ve realized that many of the lessons we learn in life typically resurface later because there is more to learn.  I think it’s all part of the learning process in that we scratch the surface at first and then dive deeper as we gain

How to Pee in a Hole

My house and I have had the privilege of spending a couple weekends in Makumba village outside of Livingstone. Our host once told us that it’s the “real Africa” experience. I have to agree. It’s very simple and hard working lifestyle. Very different from America, I have had to adjust a couple of my ideas on what normal life looks like.   

It’s ok to go to the bathroom in a 8 inch square hole in the ground. I would recommend not going in the middle of


So where do I start? We'll first off I am completely overwhelmed by everything that has been happening over the past few weeks. You ever feel like you are stuck behind a brick wall & suddenly God comes with a gigantic hammer to knock that wall down? Man how great is our God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok sorry, I had to take a praise break, back to the story now!  So this time of fundraising money for the race has been so stressful for me, which I didn't think it would be this hard in the beginni

I Dream of a Ministry

      This is a journal entry from the 12th of this month that I wanted to share:   Today I am reading the book the Circle Maker and I just realized that I have never fully been able to vocalize this dream that the Lord has been brewing in my heart.   When I went to college I was seeking to escape and recreate who I was, but instead God called me to His feet and completely recreate who I was, but instead God called me to is feet and completely recreated me. As I d

Meeting A Secret Angel

You know how sometimes in the movies there's that one person who is incredibly loveable and who's character is nearly flawless and everyone loves? That person who when after meeting them they seem to disappear and when you ask people about them they say they have no idea who are you talking about. That person who ends up being a secret angel and you had no idea. I'm convinced I have met one of those people; her name is Flora and she is 79 years old going on 80. I met Flora on my first offici

How I got to Africa!

As many of you know, I have another role on my squad known as LOGISTICS Leader. My partner and I are responsible for getting the squad from point A to point B like moving from Thailand to Cambodia. This role, as you’ll see, has taught me MUCH about trusting God and depending on Him, but also seeing how much BIGGER He is than me and because of that how CAPABLE He is at providing for our squad!!!   Being month 8 I have become pretty comfortable with arranging our travel day transporta

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