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My BIG Lesson and How I Found the Next Step

First, let me tell you how grateful I am for the investments you have made in me through your encouragement, finances, and prayer! Thank you for your support on this journey!!   It has been an incredible year full of valuable lessons learned, many of which I did not expect. My time home this summer allowed me to reflect on those lessons the World Race taught me this past year. Early on, I saw this year would be about learning to love His bride well, both the people in the

Part 1: Do You Love Me More?

I am starting a blog series that will lead to a big announcement in the end! I have had a very hard time processing a lot of this journey so far and am finally at a place where I can write it all down! I hope this blog series gives you glimpse into my journey so far and how it has lead me to what is next!    In India I had to grieve the fact that I would be missing the pregnancy and birth of my sisters twin babies. I was torn at the thought of missing out on this celebration of lif

Bittersweet Goodbyes

Change can be a really great thing, but change can also have its challenges. Change pushes us in new ways and prevents us from getting comfortable. I remember moving to college (university as its called here) freshman year, what seemed like such a huge change. Each year, I moved into a new home with new people, each with their own chances for growth and each with their own challenges. Then four years later, the transition from college to the real world seemed like the biggest change of all. B

Love message

I just send this letter out to my family and was encouraged by one of my teammates to make it public.I suddenly experienced an extreme heavy burden for my family and them not knowing Jesus. So I knew it was time to change that.   To my amazing family, I am sitting here at a coffee shop in Thailand with tears in my eyes, trying to write you this email. It is crazy how God sometimes speaks to you in the weirdest ways but I know that I have to write you even though you might think I am com

Oh What My Eyes Have Seen

Its unbelievable what my eyes have seen in the past three weeks. I have to stop and make sure I'm not dreaming quite frequently.  Lets kick things off by recapping our first week we spent at the juvenile prison. Going in, I was extremely nervous and had no idea what to expect. My emotions could best be summed up in a mix of nervousness, fear, and excitement. I was told to prepare a message about 20 minutes long and that our translator would translate as we went along. I was super blessed t

The little I am able to put into words thus far

God has done more than just these. He has shown up in so many moments, big and small, some of which i'm not even sure how to put into words. I’ve noticed there are a lot of things that i’ve always known about God. Some that are nothing new to hear, but to live out daily has brought a new dimension to the reality of His truths, who He is and who I am in Him and the life He has called me to live. The few listed are but a glimpse of what He has shown me, challenged me with, and what He

It's Silent, but Good

Ministry here looks different everyday. We teach four days out of the week. When we aren’t teaching we are farming, or cleaning the church. This does not include our off days, which we get every Monday. Over the past month teaching has definitely had its ups and downs. I am trying to learn what God is teaching me by placing me in different situations. One day I feel qualified and the next I’m far from it. Feeling unqualified to the point where I can hear Satan rejoicing because he k

Little Blessings

Little blessings from God show up all the time if we open our eyes and notice them everyday. In Romania my little blessing was the family we lived with. By this time I had been away from my family for almost 9 months so it was so refreshing to be with a host that was just like family. While every host and contact brings different excitement, joys, and memories the Curescu family brought all of that and more. They simply brought the love and comfort of having a true family when I haven’t be

One Hundred Paintings of Jesus [PHOTOS]

Petrova approached us after church one Sunday in her canary yellow dress and furry purple jacket. We’d heard of the woman in the church with all the paintings, but I didn’t think to prepare myself for the little elderly lady who arrived in a cloud of color and fabric throwing out rapid-fire demands in Bulgarian. She wanted “the Americans” to come see her artwork. Shorty afterwards, our new friend ushered us into her home wearing a traditional Bulgarian dress and a small

You asked. I answered.

World Race life isn't really something that can be explained easily. Each month is different  in many aspects. From ministry to host life. Culture to etiquette. Team dynamics to sleeping situations. Temperature to climate. Buddy system verses being able to venture alone. So I created the space for you to ask questions and try to give you good answers. Heeerrreee weeee goooo!!! 1. What's the most important thing you have learned while abroad that isn't related to religion? I think the
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