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Red Brown Yellow Black White Who’s More Precious In God’s Sight? by Leroy Barber

Staff and leaders of mission organizations in the U.S. are overwhelmingly white. Mission conferences, though advertising ethnic diversity do not always represent multicultural or multiethnic expression because the style of the conferences is still monocultural and presented in an Anglo context. This lack of racial diversity and sensitivity hurts the cause of Christ. So says Leroy(...)


Last weekend, myself and eight other squad mates got to road trip to the opposite side of Guatemala to Tikal! Wait, where? Tikal is the name of the ruins of an ancient Mayan civilization that is hidden in a rainforest in northern Guatemala, and was inhabited from 6th century B.C. to 10th century A.D. That place was captivating. These structures were extremely intricate, and all constructed by the hands of men. Everything was incredibly advanced, from their aqueduct systems, to buildings that c

Training Camp, Pt 3 - Preparations of the Body

Aside from the lack of sweat and heat, I left Georgia with feelings similar to my return from Africa 6 years ago. I was dazed, and everything felt fresh and clean. I didn't understand why we needed so much water to flush toilets. Having a machine in front of me--this laptop--felt foreign.   While I certainly don't miss using port-a-potties at the most inopportune time, it was a good week reminding me what it's like to live simply again. During the race, I might have the comforts of home b


LOVE LIKE JESUS’ LOVES. How is a mere human being supposed to do this? Jesus’ love is unconditional! It’s so easy to only love people who love us back, or who intentionally do nice things for us, or at the very least- are thankful for our love. But, what about when we don’t receive anything back from them? When we shower them with love, and still they reject us, or hurt us, or don’t even notice. In the last 2 months, this has been a constant theme on my mind. I ma

Looking at the Angles

Today I prayed to see what God wants to teach me. I have really been pressing into the spiritual world and want to continue to press in and dive deeper into a relationship with myself, my spirit, and God. God has been teaching me to look at the angles. I need to look at the things in my life that I don’t think are going well in a different way. I also need to look at the angle in which my life is pointed. But, what does it mean to look at life from all angles? Is it even possible? I know

Crash: Part I

Crash. It’s strange that the word doesn’t really emphasize the enormity of what it describes. I’m entirely convinced that the ‘shhh’ sound that ends the word deflates its immensity. In actuality a crash occurs with such speed and violence of force that the noise is overwhelming and all encompassing. That’s something I had the unfortunate fate of discovering firsthand. I was driving with a friend, headed home from purchasing those few last minute items I need

Training Camp Top Eleven

11. Discovering that my tent really is waterproof: It monsooned for half of training camp. I have never experienced so much rain outside of a hurricane. It was wonderful to be able to go to sleep with the peace mind that came from knowing I would not drown in the middle of the night. 10. Accepting the mud: Thanks to the aforementioned monsoon, all that red Georgia clay turned into red Georgia mud. At some point, I gave up on my grand delusions of being clean and embraced the fact that my belong

What's happenin'?

There are big things coming up! If you are in the Cincinnati area, I would love to see you in the upcoming weeks! Thank you all so much for your constant prayer and support!                            

God Didn't Meet Me At Training Camp

            The worship was passionate and the speakers were powerful. People were dropping to the floor, crying tears of pain, tears of joy…people were being healed…and people were encountering the Holy Spirit for the first time. The presence of the almighty God was in the room. But I felt numb.             God if you are in this place, moving all of these people to dance


We drink a lot of water, yes we do!  We drink a lot of water, how about you? Water is not as easy to get in our area as it has been the last three months. We do not have a kitchen at the youth center, so we can’t boil it. We can’t walk to the store and just buy it whenever we want, because we have to make sure we have one of the locals with us to walk anywhere. Some days we will go to three different local stores to buy water and they are all out. The local grocery store usuall

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