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Meditation Monday – I Walk This Path of Life

Find a comfortable place in which to sit. Cut out as many distractions as possible. Focus on your breathing. Take a deep slow breath in from the depths of your abdomen and hold it for a moment. Then breathe out slowly. Relax your body and your mind. Read the prayer above imagining the presence of […]

Holy Spirit?

     Our time in Cambodia is coming to an end as we move on to Vietnam tomorrow. It was a short month, only about 3 weeks of ministry, but a lot happened. We started the month with 7 team members and are finishing with 6. Brian who I had been with for 4 months did not feel a peace in his heart about being here and decided it would be best to go back home. A definite loss for team Fusion.      I’ve been thinking about the holy spirit lately. Overall team Fusio

Homes of Hope

Scott, Megan, and I helped Pastor Jo Jo with his visitation ministry at a nearby village. Our first stop was a blacksmith's home. We got to see his shop where he hand-makes swords and daggers out of scrap iron from vehicles left over from WWII. A tree had fallen on the family's house last year and they had the materials to finally start building another. Satan had come to destroy, but I prayed over them that they would be reminded that God has come to restore and rebuild. I prayed that the new h

A God of Surprises

 A piece of my heart came to Malaysia! Let me back up a little...Uganda stole my heart three years ago and forever changed my life. My trip to Uganda challenged me to look beyond the American Dream of financial security and playing it safe. Jesus flipped my plans for the future upside down. I had a plan. I knew exactly what my future should hold. I would graduate with my bachelors from Spring Arbor University, go to grad school for physical therapy, and then graduate and live a safe and sec

For Whom the Rooster Crows

            The rooster urged me to wake up with his guttural crow, “Arise! Get out of bed sleepyhead!” I stepped out onto the ledge outside of my room and was greeted by echoes of the rooster’s song. Hundreds of crows beckoned the sleepy-eyed mountains to begin the day. My ears were filled with the morning concert while my eyes danced across the blushing clouds and the tired grey mountains unfolding into their tantalizing blue.     &nb

Hidden Beauty

There is so much beauty here in San Mateo. I wake up in my hammock every morning with a beautiful and breathtaking view of the mountain we live in. I can’t believe God created such a beautiful place that is surrounded by beautiful and loving people. We live at the camp with our Host Rhayan and Michelle and their four kids Titus, Elisha, Gabriel, and Marga. There are three guys that live there also who help out with the work that needs to be done around the camp. Emil, Noy, and Ehman have

Why I left the United States for a year.

Why God took me out of my state and country to serve for His glory.     I could go on and on about this topic, but for your sake I will try to keep this to a reasonable length. When I first got accepted to the race, I had a few people ask me, “why are you going around the world to serve? it’s dangerous. haven’t you seen what’s going on in such and such country?” or “why are you leaving the country when there are places in your own country and ow

Butterfly in the warm heart of Africa

Malawi's country statement is The warm heart of Africa. Team Eden spent the month of December in Nkhata Bay, Malawi at Butterfly Space.  Butterfly Space is a hostel that serves as a backpacker’s lodge and offers many different service projects for volunteering while getting to know the community.  Lake Malawi was beautiful and where we were located there are no dangerous animals to be wary of.  As you can imagine there was much swimming after work and at night.  What a

Dependent hearts vs. Material Possessions: Heart wins.

"In America they throw away food? I cant say a word, but I stare back into her searching deep brown eyes as she continues. Here in the Philippines if we burn food, we eat it. Because people are starving. But you Americans just throw it away.  When we were asked to come and talk to a group of young Filipino scholars at the local college, I had not prepared myself for this. I wasnt prepared for a lot of things when I came to the Philippines.  A few days ago, I stood on thin slats of

Eyes on the Prize

  Since month 1 Sam and I have had quite diverse experiences with ministry. Typically we partner with existing churches or organizations to support them in any way they need. We’ve trekked to villages, taught in school, preached in churches, done landscaping and interior design- you name it and we’ve probably done it. This month ministry looks a little bit different. We have been given the amazing opportunity to spend our time in Thailand seeking out Unsung Heroes.   Uns

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