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The day I declared love for myself!

So last month in Vietnam I wrote this in a message to a friend about the day I shared in ministry with two teammates and by the end of the day was shocked bc I openly came to a point where I confessed the love that I have for myself and by how amazing God is! April 7 2015 … Josh Rick and I have been talking about how we all feel like this month will be a BIG month for growth and we are trying to SEE God in all that we do. So yesterday we got to see what growth looked like with gardenin

Get up and Run

During my time in the Army I did alot of running, you kind of had too. Especially in my job as a Infantry man. When other men's life's are in your hands you can't afford to not be in shape. When I got out of the Army I broke my leg and used that as a excuse  not to run after it healed, because I was starting back at square one and I was too lazy to start over. Then I came on The World Race and was blessed to have some amazing women on my squad that love to run and pushed me to run as well.

China: Month 11

China edit from Jessica Herzanek on Vimeo.

Let’s Get Creative With Pentecost.

How are you planning to celebrate Pentecost his year?   I mentioned yesterday that one of my concerns about this celebration is that often everything happens inside the church. As the Holy Spirit fell on the disciples, the barriers of language and culture were broken down – not so that everyone thought and looked the […]

I Am God's Mouthpiece

I have discovered something about myself. I love going to church in Spanish. I mean, obviously I have a passion for the language (Why else would I be on the All-Spanish Route?), but there's just something special about a Spanish-speaking church. It's like every time I walk through the doors for a service, God transcends the little English box I tend to keep Him in, and I get to see how His Church reaches further than I could ever imagine. This isn't exactly a new idea for me, though. I'd say it

I Won't Miss the Real Thing

I absolutely love weddings. No, I’ve got to be honest here: I cry during weddings. Like a blubbering babe. I love weddings so much because like invitations to another ceremony, they point so powerfully beyond themselves to eternity—to the marriage of Christ and His bride, the Church. One of the things I knew I’d be surrendering to the Lord as I committed to the Race was missing the weddings of three of my best friends—Taylor Klopatek (today), Tyler Weavers (June), and

Spend a Day With ME!

16,273.00. That is a lot of money right there. It is a staggering price for a mission trip. I know you are all thinking it. I was thinking it too, until I learned what all the money for this trip is going towards. This money covers most of my expenses for close to a year! It includes: 

Plane Tickets: Plane tickets to and from 3 different continents!  

Other Transportation costs: I can't tell you what that is going to be. But I am sure it will include tra

Month 11: China Update and Summary

  Here we go. This is it. The last update. It is so crazy that it is the last day of Month 11 and that tomorrow I will posting this update from the U.S. Like seriously I don’t even know if I believe it. It has been such a crazy adventure. Think about this. By the time I get back to Georgia, I’m taking a quick detour in Seattle to visit my family there, I will have literally circumnavigated the world. A full 360 degrees. That alone is mind boggling, not to mention all that has h

15 Years In The Making

  The thought process of the girl that left back in January went something like this: "Oh, yay! Panama is our month 5--it'll be kind of like America, so it'll be like a little refresher month before the second half of the Race, right!?"   I'm pretty sure the 7-year-old me wouldn't have approved of that girl.. 7-year-old me knew God gave me a desire for missions in Latin America, and she dreamed of a future me who would let nothing stand in the way of her relationship with God and

I Was Robbed... This is the Story

  Now, I guess this story actually starts in 2012 when I went to Kenya with my college group from my church in Oklahoma. I had never had spiritually significant dreams until that July. Little did I know, the dream God gave me influence my life 3 years later. Towards the end of this dream, there was a person in a cloak whom I was running past. They dropped something, so I went back to help them. I quickly realized this person intended harm so I ran to the vehicle I had been on my way to. I

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