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Spirituality for The New Parish

Tom and I have just taken a walk around our neighbourhood. It is wonderful to see vegetable gardens springing up all over, and to have a chance to say hi to the early morning dog walkers. Last Friday I got together with other members of the steering committee for Seattle Tilth’s Food and Faith Initiative(...)

My Friend Eric Bryant Wrote a New Book

The Village War Cry

Often we see all those "Save the Children" commercials and we think "those poor kids". Then we switch the channel and carry on with our lives. It isn't until when you are actually here, in Africa, with those children that it becomes real. Upon commencing our ministry in Malawi, my team and I went into a village in Lilongwe. As we approached, kids appeared from everywhere and came to greet us. They are always so excited to see us and chant the now very familiar call we are all used to. As we dri

I play the harlot.......

I have a wandering heart. I just don't understand why my heart and affections wont stay consistently faithful to the Lord.  Check out my new blog at as I talk about my wayward heart and how God is teaching me to love Him.   Remember to subscribe to my blog.   At the end of this month I will no longer be posting on this site.   Love you all!

Que es World Race?

World Race es un viaje a 11 países en 11 meses.  Y como 11 es últimamente mi número favorito.. aquí les dejo 11 definiciones de World Race: 1) Es un viaje misionero organizado por Adventures in Missions, una organización cristiana sin fines de lucro que envía a personas de toda edad a distintas partes del mundo para compartir el evangelio.

2) Es la oportunidad perfecta para amar, abrazar, consolar, animar, alimentar a personas desconocidas por

The Story of Narcolepsy & Me (part 1)

Narcolepsy. It may just be a long, meaningless word to you, But it has been a constant shadow over my life for the past nine years. What is Narcolepsy? Well, it is a sleep disorder, a chemical imbalance in the brain, causing your body to no longer be able to regulate its sleep cycles. Basically, REM is the deepest sleep, causing you to feel most rested, and normal people fall into REM after about, 90 minutes. People with narcolepsy, it happens almost instantly, but then we wake up quickly too

2 years wasted

In 3 years I        moved 7 times            lived with a total of 13 people            and 6 pets                worked at 5 jobs.  And then I did the World Race.   Between graduating from college and applying for the World Race was a span of two years. When I look back on that period of time I feel guilty because

Rest, Run, Release Pt. 2 {Snimki--Photos}

In starting where my last blog left off, The Lord has been teaching me about rest, running, and release. Through spending time with Him in His presence, I realized that I was wasting my time here, sleeping the day away. So we (Apotolmao) asked for ministry oppurtunities.  It all began when some young girls came and knocked on our door, wanting to show us their dances that they had choreographed to what we were told was Christian music (its was not christian music!! haha). Then they begun t

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