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Poverty 101: From Talk to Walk, pt. IV

Poverty 101: From Walk to Talk

Part 4

8. What has actually worked to alleviate poverty? 16 mins.
9. What should be our response to poverty? 19 mins.

Each of the four parts of this talk is subdivided into smaller sections. For a short preview check this link.

Part 1

1. How would you define poverty? 8:20 mins.
2. What is the scope of poverty? 14:20 mins.

Part 2

3. What creates poverty? 15 mins.
4. Who is living in poverty? 13:30 mins.

Part 3

5. The poor you will always have with you? 10 mins.
6. Who is responsible for poverty? 8:30 mins.
7. What is the difference between charity and development? 15 mins.

Produced for the Christian Community Development Association (CCDA)

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