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Poverty 101: From Talk to Walk, pt. I

Poverty 101: From Walk to Talk

Part 1

1. How would you define poverty? 8:20 mins.
2. What is the scope of poverty? 14:20 mins.


Each of the four parts of this talk is subdivided into smaller sections. For a short preview check this link.

Part 2

3. What creates poverty? 15 mins.
4. Who is living in poverty? 13:30 mins.

Part 3

5. The poor you will always have with you? 10 mins.
6. Who is responsible for poverty? 8:30 mins.
7. What is the difference between charity and development? 15 mins.

Part 4

8. What has actually worked to alleviate poverty? 16 mins.
9. What should be our response to poverty? 19 mins.

Produced for the Christian Community Development Association (CCDA)

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