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Pathways to Prevention: Guiding Youth to Wise Decisions


Pathways to Prevention: Guiding Youth to Wise Decisions


(by the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign, 2003)


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This curriculum was created by the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign for faith leaders who work with youth from middle-school to high-school ages.  It outlines the need for faith communities to be involved in preventative programs related to substance abuse (including illicit drugs, alcohol, and tobacco) because of their effectiveness in instilling values in youth and providing mentorship that counters the cultural standard.  This particular curriculum focuses on group activities and identifies the appropriate age groups for participating in the individual activities.  A typical “lesson plan” in this curriculum begins with the “Goals,” provides a “Focus,” including a checklist of necessary preparation by the youth leader, and follows with a “Connect to the Content” section, which helps the youth leader understand how to conduct the program and teach the students effectively.  After the activity, the curriculum provides outlines for follow-up discussions and applications.  Within this curriculum packet are other helpful sections such as “Tips for Facilitators” and intergenerational activities, which help connect the adults of a faith community in mentorship roles to the youth.  The appendix provides helpful resources for drug prevention programs, organizations, and publications.


Why does FASTEN recommend this resource?


This curriculum helps provide concrete examples and creative ideas in developing a drug prevention program within a religious context.  Its application is broad enough for any faith community. 

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