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Ministry Opportunities Brainstorming Tool

This worksheet offers a group exercise that is ideal for church leaders who are just beginning to develop an outreach or community ministry in their congregation.


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Profile of Tenth Presbyterian Church



Profile of Tenth Presbyterian Church


by Krista Petty (FASTEN, 2007)


Resource Type: Instructional profile.

It describes the development of Tenth’s ACTS ministry and discusses lessons learned regarding lay/leadership collaboration, training, and keeping outreach-ministry “owned” by lay people (rather than being staff driven)


Audience: Leaders at “downtown” urban churches; leaders wanting to learn how other congregations have shifted from internal to external focus



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South Asia Native Missionary Alliance (SANMA)

Child labor, poverty, maltreated families... we hear these terms every day on TV, on Youtube, from teachers, ANYWHERE. But what DO we do about it? What CAN we do about it? HOW do these things affect us?

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Jeremy Del Rio: Collective Action - Cooperative Outreach Among Christian Groups at NYU: Student Leadership Journal, Spring 2001

Have you ever felt like your best evangelism efforts resulted in wasted time and energy? I have. During my undergraduate days at New York University (Class of ’95), I served on InterVarsity’s executive leadership team for three and a half years in the capacities of outreach coordinator, small-group leader, vice-president and president. Early in that period, we experienced those feelings time and again, and we weren’t alone.

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