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By Tom Sine — this was first published on V3 blog. CHURCHES REACHING OUT TO NEIGHBORS IN CRISIS IN TEXAS AND FLORIDA Recently Rev. Walter August Jr. let service out early so Bethel’s Family Church in Texas so members could take food and supplies to help neighbors hammered by Hurricane Harvey. Bethel is only one […]

Make Music Day

By Paul Neely — Music is a great way to build community … and more and more communities are finding creative ways for music events to be freely open to all participants. Make Music is a free celebration of music around the world on June 21st. Launched in 1982 in France as the Fête de la Musique, […]

Does Eddie Huang Represent Asian Americans?   Recently updated !

So there’s this guy Eddie Huang getting a lot of buzz in mainstream media, a part of the machinery to promote the new ABC television show, Fresh Off the Boat, coming on air in Feburary 2015. Eddie Huang authored his memoirs in Fresh Off the Boat, a national bestselling book.Read more

Halfway Through But Not Halfway There.

Our kickstarter campaign is off to a good start. We have crossed the 20% mark, but still need $4,000 to reach our goal. It is a tense and exciting time and we hope that you will help this happen. The campaign will launch our new venture into e-courses, this first one based on my popular(...)

Grass: A Nation’s Battle for Life

.I have just been chatting to my friends and have spent almost an hour looking for this phenomenal 1920s video about the forgotten nomadic people of Iran – must be exactly as they were thousands of years ago, probably even Abraham travelled like this.  This is well worth a watch: Trailer on YouTube Or you can(...)

What Is Advent All About Anyway?

The beginning of Advent is only three weeks away but many of us are unfamiliar with the season and its relevance to our faith.

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Maya Angelou, Barack Obama, and Eric Metaxas

I have a question. It’s one I think I know the answer to already, but I’m still reckless enough to “go there” anyway. See, there’s this author whom I like and respect who tweeted something earlier today that, after giving it some thought, I decided was (among other things) insensitive. Another word that came to mind for his tweet was “offensive,” but I didn’t want to overreact. That’s partly why I’d like to solicit some opinions from others out here in Social Media Land.Read more

The Sad State of Illinois Prisons

WBEZ, the local public radio station here in Chicago, has been doing some noteworthy investigative reporting on the pathetic state of Illinois prisons — overcrowded facilities, broken windows, insect infestations. Worst of all, hundreds upon hundreds of men sitting in their cells, doing nothing productive (or rehabilitative) with their time.

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Protest and Invest: Statement on the NYC School/Church Eviction Controversy

January 12, 2012
Contact: Jeremy Del Rio
(347) 921-4426

20/20 Vision for Schools stands in solidarity with the sixty-eight congregations scheduled for eviction from New York City public schools a month from today, February 12, 2012.

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Media Reports on the School Eviction Controversy

Following 20/20 Vision for Schools’ Statement on the School/Church Eviction Controversy on January 12th, here are links to various media reports, as well as several embedded videos.

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