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Jeremy Del Rio: Let's Talk about Sex: Tri-State Voice, April 2004

A sixteen year old boy ogles internet porn on his bedroom PC. His fourteen year old sister listens to Jessica Simpson's "Sweetest Sin" while text messaging gossip about her fantasy with green eyes. Their twelve year old brother lost his virginity last week.

And mom and dad are still irate about Janet Jackson's sunburst nipple ring.

It's time for a little perspective.

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Definitions for topics in Wikinomics

I think that we could gather definitions as a resource for those how are not technology minded to understand the Volunteer Coordinator's training through reading of the book Wikinomics. Do to the fact there are some web and computer programs that are being discussed in the book that not all of the Volunteer Coordinators might understand.

Media Sobriety Covenant

We recommend that all adults that wish to keep their family safe online and with media consider making the following commitment.  While we do not believe it is helpful to be legalistic or too rigid, we do believe that there is power to making and signing covenants.  The goal of this covenant is to establish boundaries to help keep a family safe in the information age.


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Jeremy Del Rio: From Irrelevant to Revolutionary - A 21st Century Continental Congress: Tri-State Voice, November 2003

It's all about relationships. So said fifty youth workers from around the country who convened at the National Leadership Forum in New York City last month to explore why evangelical Christianity is increasingly irrelevant to urban youth culture.

Teens don't just think we're out of touch and condescending (although those are very real issues). They don't just find us corny or passé, with music, movies, and literature that lack production value (more real issues). More fundamentally, they've concluded that we simply don't care, at least not enough to meet them on their terms.

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Jeremy Del Rio: Beyond Passion - Living a Crucified Life

Two years ago, the evangelical world eagerly awaited the release of what was being lauded as "the greatest evangelistic tool of our time." The anticipation built as a brilliant marketing campaign invited pastors and church leaders to pre-screen Mel Gibson's Passion of the Christ movie, and its trailer spread virally online. The supposed anti-Semitism controversy notwithstanding, evangelicals and Catholics worldwide pre-purchased tickets for opening night.

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Jeremy Del Rio: WWJD (What Would Jay-Z Do?) - Engaging Youth Culture

"So everybody, just follow me 'Cause we need a little, controversy" - Eminem, "Without Me"
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